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Kingdom Chapter 695: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

Kingdom Chapter 695

Kingdom Chapter 695 reveals Kochou’s resolve since he was about to behead himself. The chapter begins at Kochou HQ with Kochou ready to take his life. From the latest Kingdom Chapter, Shuma Clan arrives to stop Kochou from meeting his end. But Kochou swings his blade, preventing them from getting near him since he wants to die. The Shuma Leader suggests cutting Kochou’s arm since he won’t do anything. They were too later to do that since Kochou managed to pierce his neck and comments that a Great General can’t afford to be humiliated like that, but he had to take few with him in the name of Zhao.

The Shuma leader told his man to finish Kochou, and they struggled to deal with him. But they managed to cut Kouchou to death. The Shuma Clan talked about how painful it is and what Kouchou revealed about Raido. The Shuma Cla leader is not convinced that Raido is dead. Kanki comments that they will find out later, and they have to take Kouchou’s head and end everything. Kanki’s men begin to show Kochou’s head and head to the battlefields. This became the world’s most topic, and Kanki became famous, and his victory spread worldwide.

Kochou’s soldiers around the HQ saw his head, and they got shattered that their leader had been taken out. But they couldn’t accept that Kochou had died. On Kanki’s side, Marron receives the news that the Shuma Clan’s fast horse is spreading the news quickly. Morron realizes that he underestimated Kanki thinking that Kanki’s plans would fail, and he retreated to the center. But he was ready to take action after seeing how Kanki’s plan would play out. Kochou’s HQ soldiers assembled and told other troops about the death of their leader Kochou.

Previously on Kingdom Chapter 694

They also revealed that Kanki’s men dressed like Kochou’s men and that Ousen brought a hundred thousand with him that Kochou got left out of options. The other side had Kanki’s soldier saying Yotanwa brought a hundred thousand, and that brought confusion. But Marron spread the news about the hundred thousand that came with Ousen, which makes Yotanwa believe. Kochou’s soldiers wondered what they should do since Kanki’s soldiers were disguised as Ousen’s soldiers and tell them to surrender and that no one would get harmed.

Kingdom Chapter 695


The Kochou soldiers realize that if they surrender to Kanik’s men, they will suffer, and if they surrender to Ousen’s men, they will be shown mercy. After hearing the confusion new, Zhao also surrenders and sends the report to the others. The news continues to spread, and those who escaped also heard that Kanki had won and decided to join other soldiers as nothing had happened. That shows the quality of Kanki’s army.

Kanki’s men came back, and the amount of Zhao surrendering increases. Kohaku could have prevented this from happening, and Kohaku headed to the HQ since he didn’t believe it was true.  Choukei didn’t believe that and fought against the flow of surrender. Kokuou assembled the surrenders and told them that they better join her and blocked the enemies if they wanted to live.

The surrender began to appear in numbers, and five hundred appeared from the same direction, and three thousand appeared in the opposite direction. Marron begins to wonder and realizes that they won against the worst odds due to the number that surrendered, tens of thousands. This has never happened in history for Kanki’s men to gather a massive number of the surrendered soldiers.

Kingdom Chapter 695


Kingdom Chapter 695 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 695 will be released on Sunday, 10 October 2021. Kochou’s death is now confined, and Kanki got what he wanted even though Kouchou killed himself. Kanki is glad that he has Kouchou;’s head, and he has become the most muscular man who fooled Kochou and his man and took the victory on their hands. The new ears have begun as Kanki will rule with his new army combining it with the old one. Let’s look at the Kingdom official details below.

Read Kingdom Chapter 695 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Kingdom-Chapter 695 online on various websites. Kingdom manga has not revealed its official websites yet, but there are many ways you can read this manga online since it is available every week on Sunday. The latest spoilers of Kingdom manga release three to four days before the latest chapter releases. Let’s meet when Kingdom Chapter 695 releases.

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