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Kingdom Chapter 694: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

Kingdom Chapter 694

Kanki and Kouchou’s rivalry begins with Kingdom Chapter 694, with the brawl between Kanki and Kouchou’s soldiers. Kingdom has been on this duel since Kanki planned to behead Kouchou. From the latest Kingdom Chapter, Kanki’s strategy of making ten thousand men run worked, and the two hundred and forty from Kochou’s warrior army would encounter eighty thousand from Kanki’s troop. He knew that it would end like that. Kanki started the war knowing that everything would go accordingly. This began when Kochou blocked his way while trying to advance to pass Ousen’s army. Kanki is after Kouchou’s head, using tactics ever since the battle starts.

Kouchou’s warriors told him to fall back after witnessing that they were getting dominated, and the enemies broke through the second line of defense. But the men at the HQ failed to escape in time, and if they didn’t, Kouchou’s victory would have been confirmed. They got confused, thinking they were against five thousand to the right, and running was their only option. But they realize that Kanki is aware of the right, and they choose to go left where they fall into the trap. Kouchou’s men got trapped with him, and  Kanki’s left blocked them.

Kochou called out one hundred troops and told them to follow him. Kanki came with two new hundred family members that have the same strength as the Zenou clan. Kanki thinks that his men are more than enough to overtake Kouchou’s soldiers. His troops managed to cut through Kouchou’s men, but one of them managed to make his way to Kanki. Kanki blocked the attack and dragged the soldier closer. He looked at the soldier’s face and told him that he was weakling. Kouchou’s soldiers comment that Kanki’s eyes never show real pain.

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Previously on Kingdom Chapter 693

The soldier wanted to see if it was true that Kanki’s eyes were scarier compared to Kochou. The soldier heard the rumors about the others and decided to take that risk. He believes that his eyes are not frightening and talks about killing Kanki. But Kanki’s men circle Kouchou, but they get confused since Kouchou’s reflection is different. Kouchou accepted death and spoke with Kanki about the troops he could sacrifice. But Kouchou wonders how he can do that and realizes that the one who kills a villain is a hero, and the one who offers his men is worse than a scumbag.



This has come to haunt him at the end, and Kanki asks, “so what”? and adds that Kouchou has shallow words like himself that send him to sleep. Kouchou denies that and says Kanki is shallow since he never climbs out of the depths of darkness. The two exchange words and Kanki insists that Kouchou is shallow due to the way he speaks. But “in the true depths of darkness, there is no rock bottom, and that shallowness is what makes him weak’.’ Kanki adds that those who don’t feel pain are weaklings who will never understand the balance of pain.

Kouchou laughs and replies that he thinks Kanki is like him. Kanki replies there is a considerable difference between them, and people like Kouchou are idiots. Kouchou responds that Kanki would always see it in that manner. He draws his blade, points it towards him, and says he will die first and drink with Raido waiting to welcome Kanki. Kanki got surprised with fear. The soldier wonders if Kouchou is ready to kill himself. The chapter ends with Kouchou preparing himself to face death since he can’t let Kanki beheads him.


Still from Kingdom

Kingdom Chapter 694 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 694 will be released on Sunday, 3 October 2021. The manga will not take a break, and Kouchou’s mystery will get revealed in the next chapter of Kingdom. Kingdom latest spoilers releases early before the upcoming chapter released on Sunday. The war between Kanki’s troop and Kochou’s troop will end if Kouchou pierced himself in the next chapter. Let’s meet when Kingdom manga releases this Sunday. Kingdom manga official website is inaccessible for now, but the latest chapters will release this weekend.

Read Kingdom Chapter 694 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Kingdom Chapter 694 online on other websites. This manga has not revealed its official websites. New chapters of Kingdom release every week.

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