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Kingdom Chapter 691: Release Date & Spoilers


Shin vs. GKHK begins with Kingdom Chapter 691, with Shin realizing that he will cut the enemy if he makes his way through using his sword. Kingdom has been hitting on Shin vs. GHKH for a while since Shin received his Master’s glaive. Shin realizes that he can cut through his defense with a single swing if he uses the glaive from the recent Kingdom chapter.  The HSUs are excited that Shin will slash GKHK. GKHK thinks that it will be fun when he kill Shin. Shin and GKHK exchange words and the soldiers begin to attack Shin. But HSU blocked their path from reaching Shin.

Garo saw the soldiers coming from the forest, and HSU heard a noise from different directions and spotted Kyoukai’s unit heading their way in considerable number. Kyoukai comments they will retreat after dealing with the enemies and told Rei to aid them. GKHK’s soldiers try to advance to get Shin’s head, but Rei managed to advance. Rei teased Shin, who told her to keep quiet. The captain decided that they can send them off the cliff using their strength. Kyoukai orders three soldiers to strengthen the center.

The soldiers agree, and they are excited to work with Kyoukai. At GKHK HQ., they receive a report revealing that their general has got slain. The backup is getting clashing with the HSU’s cavalry. The warriors ask the lieutenant what they must do, and the lieutenant wonders what happened to the general. He told them to regroup without spreading the news of the general’s death to other warriors. They decided to send the other men to Shin’s side while HSU vs. Zhao continues.

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Previously on Kingdom Chapter 690

At HSU HQ, they are celebrating, and Bihei told Shin that they would take Eikyuu someday. Shin is glad that GHU helped them dominate the enemy forces and Ouhon, who devised the plan for them. Kyoukai agrees and said they wouldn’t have won since they have no clues. Shin realizes that Ouhon’s report helped them get this victory, and it is for everyone. Rei adds that saving Ouhon hem them to become victorious. Karyoten’s crew is also celebrating, and Banyou wants to congratulate Ten. But Ten told them to stop celebrating and count the remaining soldiers and told Banyou to gathered  GHU.



She orders Naki to watch out on the GKHK army that retreated since they might try something. But the HSU can take a rest and then advance. Ten adds that they will stick to the plans and go past Eikyuu then attack Kochou’s HQ. Late at Kochou HQ, Kochou receives a message saying that Eikyuu got taken. He also heard that GKHK had got brutally killed, and the enemies are preparing to arrive here at the HQ. The Zhao center and left-wing got pushed far out, and they can’t get help from Zhao.

Kouchou asks his men to tell him the number of the enemies, and they told him that they are three to five thousand with solid units. Kouchou realizes that they are more robust and told the remaining five thousand soldiers to head to the North and get enough time. It is revealed that the goal was to send five thousand soldiers to encounter the HSU once they move out of the forest heading towards Kochou’s HQ. But with Kanki’s appearance, those five thousand soldiers sent by Kochou would have lead to Kochou’s greatest weakness.



Kingdom Chapter 691 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 691 will be released on Sunday, 12 April 2021. The manga will release Kingdom Chapter 691 this Sunday since it has returned from a weekly break. Kingdom has changed its weekly schedule, but there is no break this Sunday. The chapter got delayed and released during the week; we have cannot access the official sites of Kingdom manga, but the new chapter will be available every week. The celebration continues as the Qin is ready to launch another attack. The general’s death will get revealed soon; the manga has recently returned, and the chapters will release every Sunday; let’s meet after the next release.

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