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Spoilers & Recap: Kingdom Chapter 689


Kingdom manga battle continues with a young boy named Shin who wants to protect his people. The boy has clashed with many warriors who fall on their back before him. This manga releases a new chapter every seven days a week and continues with its weekly schedule. Let’s find more about Shin’s Battle in the recent chapter of Kingdom. Shin talks with Bihei, who asks why Shin is calling him, and Shin told him to hurry up. The other HSU warriors told Bihei to be quick and clear the path for him.

Shin fights the HSU soldiers while wondering why the enemies move like him. Shin tried to strike the enemy, but his blows missed, and he got sent flying. Fortunately, Bihei caught Shin, who was flying away. One of the Zhao soldiers comments that Shin barely misses GHK, but he didn’t get a clean hit. Shin reveals that his eyes follow him, but he can’t hit him with his glaive.

Bihei asks why Shin called him, and Shin replies that it is not essential.

Bihei replies that Sin must summon him over nothing. But Shin comments that it is essential for taking down the enemy and told Bihei to hold his glaive. Bihei gets furious since he receives General Ouki’s glaive and asks if he got hurt in the head. Shin replies that the glaive is fantastic, but it means nothing; he can’t use it during the battle. The glaive is too heavy, and he can’t keep up with the enemy’s technique and decided to leave it with Bihei. Bihei struggles to wield it up, and Shin said let’s go.

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Previously on Kingdom Chapter 688

Shin told Bihei not to lose the glaive since it is an essential item. Bihei replies that he will protect it with his life and asks Shin to fight with his bare hands. Shin comments that he has the sword that he received from Hyou. GHK thinks it is interesting. Meanwhile, at Akakin’s Unit: Akakin’s unit is advancing while fighting off the Zhao who pursued them. Akakin’s men comment that they need to keep advancing while they find about the HSU’s status.

Akakin saw something and decided to take a look. When he arrives, he saw the enemy’s rear army and realizes that HSU above the cliff will crumble with such a vast number. He orders his soldiers to gather his unit in his direction to attack the enemy and buy time for the HSU. However, Akakin realizes that it won’t take time, but he hopes Shin can get over his fight while his men are busy.
Back to Shin’s Battle: Shin begins massive landing blows on GHK.

Shin’s soldiers got surprised by witnessing a fierce battle and the new techniques. GHK orders his men to get him his weapon and told Shin he made the right decision about switching his sword. He reveals that he wields a sword that is an ideal weapon that brings out his technique’s full potential and asks if Shin can level up with him. Kanto felt a bad vibe from GHK’s sword while one of the ”Pig Brothers” questions if Shin can wield a sword.




Suugen told the ”Pig Brothers” that Shin uses a sword to fight in a different battle before using the glaive. Bihei comments that Shin has stopped using a sword after a long time. Denei believes that Shin using a sword in this brawl will be a good advantage for an opponent like this guy. Shin realizes he spent a long time without using a blade in the war and tries to think how he fights using it. While thinking, Shin received a massive hit simultaneously and commented that he is not moving correctly.

Shin realizes that he needs to get used to his body more without relying only on the sword. But he is using his body to strengthen his weapon while moving freely. Shin manages to get some grooves and begins to fire proper strikes to GHK. His men are amazed and realize that Shin is improving during the battle. Suugen comments that it’s an ideal movement better than he used to fight. Shin has gained overwhelming strength to wield General Ouki’s glaive.

Suugen believes that Shin learned new unique swordsmanship by himself and that the enemy will have difficulty keeping up with Shin. The soldiers from the enemy’s side wonder if Shin can stay busy like that for a long time, and Bihei comments that Shin can surpass that since he and Hyou fought endless battles. Bihei says their Shin is in the general level on his swordsmanship alone; Kou said it is not like that while Shin smashed GHK with another blow, and GHK makes that “hoh.”

Kingdom Chapter 689 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 689 release date is 14 August 2021. The manga continues meaning it will be available every week with the recent updates of the battle. We have not found official platforms to read the new chapters of the Kingdom. But the chapters will be available every Saturday unless they get delayed.

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