Will Winter Child Remain As The Masked Prince In ‘King Of The Masked Singer’ Episode 340?

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King Of The Masked Singer, also known as Mystery Music Show: Masked Singers King is a South Korean singing show which is soon about to release its episode 340. The contestants’ identities are hidden, and they win the show solely on the basis of their voice regardless of their popularity, age, and gender. The show has its episode 340 coming soon, with more exciting identity reveals. The King Of The Masked Singer begins with the contestants battling the present masked king.

In the process, they go through three rounds. In round one, they sing duets, and the panelists choose the winner of the duet among the two singers. The winners move on to Round Two, where they sing solo songs. The individual who wins the third round gets to challenge the masked prince. Only when someone is eliminated, the panelist get to see their identity.  The show is known for its creatively elaborated costumes and masks, which are designed to hide each and every part of the contestants. Two contestants are supposed to go against each other, which is covered in a span of 2 episodes.

In the latest episode, released on 9th January 2022, the eight contestants, all talented with their unique voices, have battled against each other to challenge the masked king. This had us all wondering if the eight new contestants could really defeat the present masked king, the “Winter Child”.

Unimaginable Reveals With The Elimination in Episode 339

The latest episode of The King of Masked Singer began with an all-out battle among the Eight contestants, which included Chrysanthemum Bread, Peanut Bread, Ice Prince, Ice Princess, Wake Up Call, Curtain Call, Four Dollars, and Lucky Two Dollar Bill. As was mentioned in the episode where Winter Child won the masked king title, he was to be careful of food, cold, time, and money, out of which all the contestants’ names were derived.

The duet starting in the first round included amazing songs performed by the contestants who showcased warmth, fluency, and amazing singing skills. The atmosphere of the battle between the competitors was tough and fierce. Regardless, it was made light-hearted and fun when one of the panelists participated in missions to get a hint about the eight contestants’ identities.

During the first round, Chrysanthemum and Peanut Bread went against each other, singing ‘Between Hidden Time’ by one of the panelists, Yoon Sang. The clash between the former’s charming and soothing voice and the latter’s husky voice had put the panelist in a dilemma. The Peanut Bread was eliminated, and the identity revealed left the panelist in a shock. It was Park Jae Jin from the group 45RPM.

Still from King of the Masked Singer

The second battle was between the cold. Even though Ice Prince and the Ice Princess both sang outstandingly, the panelists couldn’t disagree with the ice princess’s motion and calming voice. Therefore, ice prince was eliminated and found out to be Lee Jang Kun, an amazing South Korean Kabaddi player. The third battle was between wake-up call and curtain call, and it was the most difficult one as both the female contestants singing abilities were climbing up one after another. The panelist’s votes resulted in curtain call winning while wake-up call’s identity was revealed to be KOTA of Sunnyhill, which again left the panelist in shock.

Last but not least was a battle of the money, both Four Dollar and Lucky Two Dollar Bill were extremely confident in themselves, and you could see why when they both performed. But, Lucky Two Dollar Bill ended up getting eliminated and was revealed to be an idol singer Lee Dae Yol, Leader of Golden Child.

What To Expect In ‘King Of The Masked Singer Episode 340’?

One thing is for sure that the upcoming episode will bring forth more exciting performances by Chrysanthemum Bread, Ice Princess, Curtain Call, and Four Dollars. Not only that, but we’ll also find out new identity reveals. The battle between the four contestants and the Winter Child will continue and finally will see them compete against him. Since the contestants performed extremely well, the panelist will have a difficult time when it comes to a battle between the winter child and them.

King Of The Masked Singer Episode 340 Release Date

King of the Masked Singer Episode 340 will be released on 16th January 2022, at 6:05 pm KST on the MBC channel. The episode will reveal a battle between the vocal skills of the winter child and the other four contestants. This will definitely be a must-watch.

King Of The Masked Singer Episode 340
Still from King Of The Masked Singer

Where To Watch ‘King Of The Masked Singer’ Episode 340?

‘King Of The Masked Singer’ Episode 340 will be released on the MBC network at 6:05 pm KST. It will also be released on the same day at 2:35 pm in India, 8:05 pm in Australia, 9:05 am in the UK, and 4:05 am in the USA. International viewers can also watch it on Rakuten Viki.

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