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Competition Intensifies On King Of Mask Singer Episode 341

King of Masked Singer

King of Mask Singer will soon be airing its episode 341. King Of Mask Singer Episode 339 ended with four of the contestants moving forward with the battle and challenging the Winter Child. While there were four contestants who got eliminated, we got to hear some amazing solo voices and got some talented reveals such as the Lee Dae Yol, Leader of Golden Child, Lee Jang Kun, a South Korean Kabaddi player, KOTA of Sunnyhill, and Park Jae Jin from the group 45RPM. However, moving forward, King Of The Mask Singer Episode 340 would have been the episode that decided the future of the present Masked King, The Winter Child.

Not only that, but it could be the sole episode that could reveal the identity of the Winter Child. Being the most crucial episode in the competition, it turned out to be the most daunting challenge for the Winter Child as most of the remaining contestants had an amazing voice, and many of the panelists were rooting for some of them. Fans were excited about the performances by the remaining contestants in Episode 340. It was definitely a stressful one for the Winter Child. However, this just gets us more excited for the upcoming King Of Mask Singer Episode 341.

King Of Mask Singer Episode 340 Recap

King Of Mask Singer Episode 340 kicked off with the Chrysanthemum bread singing the song ‘Aria of Sad Soul’ by Kim Kyung Ho. The song beginning with a monologue, had all the panelists and the audience captivated by the voice of Chrysanthemum bread. He was able to depict the sadness of the song in his firm voice. And the contestant who was going to sing against him was the Ice Princess. The ice princess chose the song ‘A love only heaven permits’ by Um Jung Hwa.

She was able to win the hearts of the panelist with her charming and clear voice. The battle between the two was amazing as chrysanthemum bread had a rock and firm voice. Meanwhile, the ice princess had a quiet and soothing voice. The panelists were given a mission to guess the contestants’ identity, which they lost. The winner turned out to be Chrysanthemum bread, and the ice princess being eliminated was revealed as Kim Eun Jung, a member of a girl group, Jewelry, that represented the 2000s.

King of Masked Singer

Four Dollar Bill’s Voice Change

The other two contestants battling each other for round two were Curtain call and  Four Dollar. The competition started with Curtain call singing ‘Tears that didn’t fall’ by Lim Jeong Hee. She sang the slow-paced sad song with a delicate voice making the panelists and the audience go through the emotions of the song. She definitely won everyone’s hearts. Four Dollar Bill started his performance with the song ‘What If’ by Noel. He amazed the panelist by his voice and sounding almost like a completely different person. The panelists were given hints in English about the identities of the contestants. However, the winner turned out to be Curtain Call which meant that Four Dollar Bill was eliminated in the second round. The identity of the Four Dollar Bill was revealed as Lee Do Jin, a rising star in the Trot industry.

The Final Battle: Will Winter Child Be Defeated?

A competition between curtain call and chrysanthemum bread was seen on episode 340 of King Of Mask Singer. The chrysanthemum bread amazingly sang a rock song making the panelists dance with the melody of his voice. Everyone could see the heights his voice could reach and were in awe with his song performance while performing ‘the unknown world’. Curtain call was seen performing ‘snapping’ with a melodious voice. Her satisfying voice and fluency in singing the English lyrics almost made her look like an English song singer.

The contestant who was going to challenge the winter child was revealed the Curtain call, and The Chrysanthemum bread’s identity was revealed as Kang Joo Won, a former member of the group Pinokio. We see The Winter Child finally perform for his throne. He starts with the song ‘Love Poem’ by IU and delivers the song beautifully with a quiet and dram like voice. And just as he deserves, Winter Child defeats Curtain Call. He remains the King of Masked Singers because of his unique singing style. Curtain call was revealed as the original singer of Shiny Star, Hickee.

King Of The Mask Singer Episode 341 Release Date

King of the Mask Singer Episode 341 will be released on 23rd January 2022, at 6:05 pm KST on the MBC channel. The episode will reveal yet another battle, where Winter Child, the present Masked King, will be challenged for his throne.

King of Masked Singer Episode 341

Still from King of Masked Singer

Where To Watch ‘King Of The Mask Singer’ Episode 341?

‘King Of The Mask Singer’ Episode 341 will release on the MBC network at 6:05 pm KST. The show will also be released on the same day at 8:05 pm in Australia, 2:35 pm in India, 9:05 am in the UK, and 4:05 am in the USA. International viewers of ‘King Of The Masked Singer’ can also watch it on Rakuten Viki.

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