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Kim Yeo Jin Talks About Her Villainous Role in Vincenzo

Kim Yeo Jin on her role in Vincenzo
South Korean actress Kim Yeo Jin

Kim Yeo Jin Talks About Her Villainous Role in Vincenzo much recently. One fact we all agree to is the whole drama wouldn’t have been such a hit if the Villans weren’t as strong as the Hero. Until the very end, she gave a touch fight to Vincenzo. Now that the entire drama has concluded, we do miss each and every character. The characters in the drama were all very developed and captivating. Especially of Choi Myung Hee. From the very beginning, it is she and Jang Jun Woo who have made us think about the role of villains in a different way. Usually, we see the characters of the villains have a background where they reveal when did they start turning evil. Or these Villans have a past of their own.

But in the case of Jang Jun Woo and Choi Myung Hee, both didn’t seem to have any background laid as such. Jang Jun Woo was a total psycho-turned villain who killed all those who came their way. And the character played by Kim Yeo Jin as Choi Myung Hee was another such character. She was just born that way and portrayed her character so well. That made the show entertaining as a whole. From her dialect to her dance moves and her crazy villain decisions, Kim Yeo Jin worked hard to develop a character like that. So, much recently she talked about her role in the drama Vincenzo lets dig deep into it.

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Kim Yeo Jin Talks About Her Villainous Role in Vincenzo

Kim Yeo Jin talks about her villaineous role in vincenzo

A Still of actress Kim Yeo Jin from the drama Vincenzo

Now that the super hit drama Vincenzo came to an end. Let’s put light on one of the characters that made the show so interesting. One of the amazing characters of the show is no doubt, Choi Myung Hee. The character was played by much-talented actress Kim Yeo Jin. Recently she opened about her role in an interview. She even stated that this character was the toughest of all to approach. Since the character required a lot of detailing and work on it. Her character breaks the stereotypical notion of having a man as a villain or the other kinds of villains who murders massively and brutally. She is in fact, a sophisticated Villan. Throughout the entire drama, she carries her role quite well. She further stated that her character is, in fact genderless.

She acts like a man from time to time and swaps to a woman in a fraction of a second. Her character is neither feminine nor masculine. And she worked hard to strike the maximum amount of evilness from the character. A few factors that contributed to enhancing the character even further were her Gyeongsang dialect and Zumba dancing. Her character makes us feel like pulling her hair out. And the devasted ending was given by Vincenzo to her actually makes us feel satisfied as well. Choi Myung hee was such a character that even after befalling death on others she continues on with her daily normal life making her character more and more wicked. When asked what was the ultimate goal of Choi Myung Hee, Kim Yeo Jin replied actually she didn’t have one. It is just how naturally she was and ”It was her way of Living”.

Actress Kim Yeo Jin talks about her role in vincenzo

A Still of actress Kim Yeo Jin from the drama Vincenzo

Kim Yeo Jin further stated that even she thinks this role of hers would be a turning point in her acting career. As now that people will be having more vast mindset. She also stated how relieved she was when people started accepting her character as a whole. Since the start, she had some insecurities about how people will react to a character like that. Or will they accept the whole concept of dark comedy or the legal and massive cases being solved in a witty manner?

But her worries are all now gone since the audience, according to her quickly accepted the new features and changes and became a fan of the same. With that, she also shared how even she is a big fan of the drama an equally sad about the ending. So, that was all about Kim Yeo Jin’s recent interview. We wish to see her soon again onscreen with a different character that again amazes us thoroughly.

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