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Kim Taehyung Girlfriend 2021: Who is the Popular K-Pop Singer Dating Now?

Kim Taehyung Girlfriend 2021

Who is Kim Taehyung’s Girlfriend in 2021? No one can deny that the popular K-Pop group BTS has taken the world by storm. Whether it’s singing, rapping, dancing, or even their style and fashion, members of the group Bangtan Sonyeondan, popularly known as BTS by the world, have got it all. Due to their popularity all over the globe, fans and the BTS Army are constantly interested in their love life. So to know about the singer and rapper of BTS, Kim Taehyung’s Girlfriend, in 2021 and who he is dating now, make sure to stay with us.

Kim Taehyung, popularly known as V, is a heartthrob not only all over South Korea but also all over the world. V’s vocals and his husky voice are acclaimed as a major contributor to the success of the songs of the boy band BTS. Taehyung has had a huge impact all over the world and has been hailed as a role model by various artists from the K-Pop world. BTS idols are shipped with many, even within their own group, but it is believed that their busy schedules often don’t allow them to date. For people who are unaware of how busy Taehyung and the whole BTS are with their performances and song releases due to their huge fame, read the whole article to know what the boy band is up to.

Kim Taehyung Girlfriend 2021

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Kim Taehyung’s Girlfriend in 2021: Know about V’s Love Life

While it is not often told to the public what is going on with the personal life, especially romantic relationships of members of BTS, but this doesn’t stop the Army from trying to know about their private life. Many people also believe that BTS idols like Kim Taehyung don’t have time to date, but this seems futile as with such global popularity, members of BTS like V have an inevitable number of girls, and boys, crushing on them. This makes the fans rather more interested in finding out who Kim Taehyung’s Girlfriend is in 2021, and some fans even go to the extent of editing V’s photos to spread rumors and keep the Army constantly interested.

Although V says in interviews that his main focus is on his work and music, there are some serious rumors and reasons. After all, there is no smoke without fire! Taehyung and the 22-year-old South Korean actress Kim Yoo Jung were reported to be dating when photos of V and the actress riding the subway surfaced on the same day! It is believed that both of them were riding the same subway car. These rumors were given rest to when no certain evidence came up, but the fans did notice that both of them have very much in common, including the rings and bracelets they wear, their sofas, and even their favorite color!

Taehyung was also linked to his fan called “Hi” back in 2015. V reportedly posted screenshots of Hi’s social media posts, wore rings that she gifted her, and even used an iPhone gifted by her for several live streams, but the label Big Hit Music, which manages the boy band BTS made a public statement that the fan ‘Hi’ was just trying to create a media frenzy to earn fame and redirected the discussion to the upcoming BTS album. Big Hit often denies such rumors, though, to protect the boys from dangerous fans.

Kim Taehyung Girlfriend 2021

Kim Yoo Jung was rumored to be dating V

Other than this, Kim Taehyung has often been linked to members of Blackpink, including Jisoo, Rose, Jennie, and Lisa. In fact, Lisa is also a fellow BTS Army. Although the Army is very eager to know who’s Kim Taehyung’s girlfriend is in 2021, but V has made several statements pertaining to his commitment issues. He has gone on record to state that he has never had a relationship for more than 20 days! Taehyung has also said in interviews that his ideal type is someone who has a warm heart, is respectful towards his parents, and can help him manage finances. He even named the actress Kaya Scodelario as being close to his ideal type. 

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What is BTS Upto? Song Releases, Performances, and More

BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan has had a huge impact all over the world. After Kim Taehyung invented the phrase, “I purple you,” purple has become a universal representative for BTS fans, and UNICEF used the phrase for their anti-bullying campaign while collaborating with BTS. Six of BTS Songs have made the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100, the most current being BTS and Coldplay’s song ‘My Universe‘. Earlier, songs like Dynamite, Savage Love, Permission to Dance, Butter, and Life Goes On have also made this spot! If you haven’t been living under a rock, you must’ve seen videos of the boys performing to Permission to Dance at the United Nations!

Kim Taehyung Girlfriend 2021

BTS performed on ‘Permission to Dance’ at the UN

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