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Kim Sungkyu (Infinite) Reveals 1st Album ‘Won’t Forget You’ Concept Photos

Kim Sungkyu (INFINITE) Reveals 1st Album 'Won't Forget You' Concept Photos.
Kim Sungkyu (Won't forget you)

Count down has begun as the Woollim Entertainment agency has revealed the single album of Kim Sungkyu ‘Won’t forget you’. Kim Sungkyu, a South Korean actor as well as a singer. Born in the year 1989 on 28th April. He was the main vocalist of the South Korean boy band named Infinite. He began his career in the year 2012. His first track, “Another Me,” was released on 19th November 2012, which was number one on the Gaon Album Chart.

Woollim Entertainment announced the single album of Sungkyu on 20th March 2021 by revealing new teaser images. “Won’t forget you,” the single album will be the last album of Sungkyu under Woollim. As the contract has expired, Sungkyu chose not to renew it and left Woollim entertainment on 6th March 2021. The title was given as “Hush” to the single album ‘Won’t forget you’. His most recent work was a mini-album “Inside you”. That was his third music video with the title ‘I’m cold. It was a track composed and written by BLSSD, which is under the genre hip-hop.

INFINITE The Korean Boy Band

Infinite is a South Korean boy band formed under Woollim entertainment in the year 2010. The band comes under the genre K-pop, dance-pop, electronic, and R&B. The group originally consisted of seven members but now changed to a six-membered band. Kim Sung-kyu, Jang Dong-woo, Nam Woo-hyun, Lee Sung-yeol, Kim Myung-soo, Lee Sung-jong, and Lee Ho-dong. Lee Ho-dong left the band in the year 2017. Sungkyu was the leader and the main vocalist of the group.

They performed their first concert in Seoul’s Olympic Stadium in the year 2012. “Second Invasion” was the title given. The latest track released by the group was “Clock” which was released on 13th February 2019. The group now consists of five members as Sungkyu has left Woollim Entertainments on 6th March 2021. The single album titled ‘Hush’ will be his last work with the Woollim Entertainments.

‘Won’t Forget You’

Kim Sungkyu (INFINITE) Reveals 1st Album'Won't Forget You' Concept Photos.

Hush  (Won’t forget you).

‘Won’t forget you’ is the single album by Sungkyu under the Woollim Entertainments. “Hush” is the title given to the album. The song is written, composed, and arranged by Jong-Wan Kim. The Woollim entertainments released the teaser of the album on Saturday 6th March. The company also announced its contract expiration with Sungkyu.

The trailer has released on YouTube on the official website of Woolllim Entertainments, which is wooliment on 25th March 2021. The channel has 1.88 million subscribers. The video is currently having 24,772 views, 503 comments, and 5,960 likes. With 9 dislikes and 5,960 likes, the upcoming release is getting positive support from the audience. Fans also mentioned their supports through positive comments. Some of the comments are very encouraging ones they also mentioned their curiosity. The trailer video consists of only photos of Sungkyu. Another topic of discussion by the fans was Sungkyu no aging and hid the handsome face, which flattered many of his fans. The video is only 43 seconds long. The title of the album, as well as the release date, are included in the video. The fans are enthusiastically waiting for the release of the album.

Concept Photos Of Sungkyu

Kim Sungkyu (INFINITE) Reveals 1st Album'Won't Forget You' Concept Photos.

Won’t forget you

The Woollim Entertainments agency released Kim Sungkyu’s ‘Won’t forget you’ concept photos on 20th March 2021 Saturday on social media. They also released the trailer on YouTube. The photos revealed the releasing date as well as the title “Hush”. The photos gained quite a positive response from the fans. The excitements and encouragements were given by the social media. They also praise him for his works and good looks, especially his handsome face.

Release Date Of ‘Won’t Forget You’

The Woollim Entertainment released Kim Sungkyu’s ‘Won’t forget you’ concept photos on 20th Saturday, March. The agency revealed the release date of Kim Sungkyu’s single album ‘Won’t forget you’ titled “Hush” as 29th March 2021. The agency also asks for the love and support of the audience to the album. The trailer released by the agency on 20th Saturday, March, also shows the release date and title on social media. The trailer resulted in positive support and encouragement from the viewers. This album will be the last album of Sungkyu under the Woollim Entertainment agency.