Kim Seon Ho And His Ex-Girlfriend Real Story Revealed By Dispatch

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Actor Kim Seon-Ho is going through a difficult phase in his life. Though he is literally in the headlines every single day, however, that is for all the wrong reasons. The actor recently embroiled himself in a controversy surrounding his ex-girlfriend, and now he is facing the wrath of it. Kim Seon Ho made his presence felt with his acting skills in the highly acclaimed drama Start-Up in 2020. That’s the start of his mass popularity. After Start-Up, he came back to the television screens in the drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha. This series was a massive hit, and the finale episode ended with one of the highest ratings. In this article, you will get to know all about the recent controversy, his ex-girlfriend, and other information regarding him.

However, the day when the final episode of his biggest hit drama, Hometown Cha Cha Cha got released, a post took the internet by storm. An anonymous woman allegedly posted a complaint against an upcoming actor. Though at first, she didn’t reveal the name, the complaint was made under the name of “Actor K”. From there, many went into the speculation that this was indicated to rising actor Kim Seon Ho.

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Kim Seon Ho’ Ex-girlfriend Turns Up With Allegation Against Him

The then anonymous woman wrote about the actor that they were in a relationship and apparently he promised his hand for marriage as well. However, after he got the taste of success, he denied all promises and even forced her for an abortion. She even termed him as a “piece of trash” for gaslighting her. In no time, the post got viral, and netizens were divided into two sections where one was in support of the accused actor and one sympathized with the victim. Till that time, no response from Kim Seon Ho was heard.

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Kim Seon Ho
Actor Kim Seon Ho

Well, this situation didn’t go well with the brands at all. Just within hours of the scandal, the brands which worked with Seon Ho pulled out all their advertisements or projects that featured him. The actor was supposed to make his big-screen debut with actress Go Ara in the film “Sad Tropics”. However, this didn’t manifest as after the controversy came up. He was removed from the film. Not only this, he was also removed from the reality show 2 Days and 1 Night. All the commercials or advertisements that Kim Seon Ho was a part of got taken down.

This is not the first time that a celebrity has been a part of the “cancel culture”. Whenever any news or speculation comes up against a celebrity people, make the quickest judgment to unfollow that person and boycott any of their work.

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Kim Seon Ho’s Response To The Ongoing Controversy Regarding His Ex-girlfriend

Three days after the news broke, finally, actor Kim Seon Ho gave a response. However, more than a response, it was an apology. The actor claimed that truly the woman was his ex-girlfriend, and he apologized for the troubles he had caused her. But he never mentioned anything regarding abortion.

Among all this news, again, it was reported that Seon Ho was hospitalized, and the outrage regarding the incident increased. People commented on the brands that pulling out the actor’s work just on the basis of rumors is not justified. How can someone be guilty until it’s proven? One interesting fact that sets aside Kim Seon Ho’s case is the attitude of the majority of the people. The actor not only gained massive support but also didn’t lose followers on his Instagram handle. Of course, there have been and will be people who make such haste decisions; however, this time, the majority were speaking for him and were urging others to wait until the truth is revealed.

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Actor Kim Seon Ho Ex-Girlfriend Name Revealed

The woman who made the controversial post is Choi Young Ah. She is mainly known for being an influencer. A few days after the news broke out, she posted an apology where she said that she was uninitiated with the damage that it had caused Kim Seon Ho, and she wanted no further damage for the actor. However, what’s done is done. Choi Young Ah reportedly filed a complaint as she was receiving a lot of hate and death threats.

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Kim Seon Ho and Ex- Girlfriend’s Chat Revealed By Dispatch

Soon after the turmoil started surrounding Kim Seon Ho and Choi Young Ah, Dispatch revealed a set of chats and information regarding the current, which came as a shock for many.

Kim Seon Ho

According to Dispatch, both of them first got acquainted with each other in 2019 at a social gathering. While they started dating each other in March 2020, Choi revealed to him that she was pregnant. Kim Seon Ho also got to know that she was previously married but currently divorced.

However, he still wanted to continue with his relationship as, according to him, he felt genuine feelings for her. It so happened, when Choi Young Ah was expecting during 2020, Kim Seon Ho fully supported her. He even consoled her and said that the baby would be a blessing for them. After giving it a lot of thought, the then couple decided on abortion. This was a mutual decision, not something forced as Choi Young Ah claimed it to be. In her posted letter, Young Ah mentioned that Seon Ho and her had to date secretly. However, according to the magazine, she and Seon Ho went on dates to many places, and they were even spotted at pet cafè in October 2020.

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Witnesses From Kim Seon Ho’s Friends and Choi Young Ah’s Friends

According to one of Seon Ho’s friends, after they decided on abortion, he even cooked seaweed soup for her though he couldn’t cook. The fact is, it’s not just Kim Seon Ho’s friend; it’s Choi Young Ah’s friends as well who took the actor’s side. They said that the truth had been misled. According to them, nothing really happened in a way as Young Ah has described in her post. They went on to say that it’s not Seon Ho who is obsessed with luxury brands. It is her. She’s the one who took a bag worth $6,008 from Seon Ho, and she also never paid. Her friends also said that Choi Young Ah ate with Seon Ho’s parents and also spent the night at his place, which is highly unlike what she preached. She mentioned in her post that the actor ghosted her and kept lying about the fact that one day he would meet her to his parents.

The matter doesn’t end here. Choi Young Ah also checked his phone and DMs as well. They once checked each other’s messages on KakaoTalk. There Seon-Ho found out that she recorded many of their private moments and audio recordings. Both of them officially ended their relationship in May.

Dispatch reportedly ended the lengthy post by mentioning another confession. It said that it’s true, Seon Ho did let go of the child. However, he didn’t want to bring the confidential natters of their private lives in front of the entire nation. That’s the reason he apologized to her. Kim Seon Ho’s agency SALT ENTERTAINMENT cited saying that they don’t want to reply on this matter.

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Kim Seon Ho Brand Value

At first, when the rumors spurred up, all the brands, reality shows gave up on him, and some brands even called him unprofessional. When asked if his contract would be terminated by his agency, SALT ENTERTAINMENT replied that they would stay by his side till the end.

Now, after the revelations, brands are taking him back, and he is getting his lost projects as well. He received massive support from all his supporters and other people as well.

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