Kim Jung Hyun’s Net Worth: A Look At Mr. Queen’s Actor’s Career!

Kim Jung Hyun's Net Worth
Kim Jung Hyun

It is no doubt that King Cheol Jong is one of the best kings we have seen in the ‘period’ k-drama history. Kim Jung Hyun aced his role and went on to pave his way into our hearts. His recent shows have been a hit. But with the controversies, Kim Jung Hyun had gotten into along with his work made people wonder about his net worth and career. Kim Jung Hyun knew from the start that he wanted to be an actor. Finding his own way, he went on to start a theater group in his high school. And even wrote the plays himself. With limited resources, the actor made things work and now shares the big screen with some other notable actors.

Starting his career with a 2015 independent film ‘Overman’ which showed a school love story. He went on to win two Best New Actor nominations for his acting at 25th Buil Film Awards and the 22nd Chunsa Film Art Awards. Getting the eyes of the industry people, Jung Hyun went on to star in a supporting role in the historical melodrama ‘The Rebel’. Which led him to bag his first lead role in the k-drama world. Starring alongside Kim Se Jeon in ‘School 2017’, the actor went on to win seven nominations, including the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards for his role as Hyun Tae Woon. But as things were going well, some things came up like a breaker on the smooth road.

Kim Jung Hyun Net Worth
Kim Jung Hyun

Kim Jung Hyun’s Drop Out Controversy: The Pause In Actor’s Career and The Comeback!

Starring in the 2018 k-drama ‘Time’ alongside Seohyun, the show was a hit. But Kim Jung Hyun’s mental health wasn’t so well at that time as he was suffering from eating and sleeping disorders. As things got too much, the actor had to drop out from the show in the middle of the production. Considering the story was about the lead actor on the verge of death, the show found a way to naturally remove Jung Hyun’s character from the story. His agency revealed that Jung Hyun is very heartbroken himself as he unintentionally caused trouble for the viewers who love the drama. And that the actor will be focusing on recovery so he can make a stronger comeback.

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And Jung Hyun did make an amazing comeback. starring in ‘Crash Landing On You’, the actor shot to fame globally. Talking about his role as Gu Seung Jun, he revealed that the show helped him to recuperate from his past physical and mental struggles. Now at a better place mentally, Jung Hyun realized his self-worth and is going out with family and friends and having a good life. Getting the lead in Mr. Queen, Jung Hyun put a lot of effort into his performance in the show. From his ad-libs to practice horse riding and martial arts. Wanting to make a lasting impact with his roles, he’s just getting better at his craft.

Kim Jung Hyun Net Worth
Kim Jung Hyun in Mr. Queen

What Is The Net Worth of Kim Jung Hyun?

Estimating the net worth of Kim Jung Hyun, it falls somewhere around $12 million. It took the actor a while to make millions in his career. The 2019 Netflix k-drama ‘Crash Landing On You’ came as a turning point for the actor. According to the sources, Kim Jung Hyun earns between $50K to $200k annually just from the k-dramas. Along with an average sum with local brand endorsements. With all the misunderstandings happening between him and his agency, Kim Jung Hyun parted ways with O& earlier this year. And currently has no project coming up. Fans are still watching ‘Mr. Queen’, hoping that the actor would announce a comeback soon. Now signing a new contract with a new agency, Kim Jung Hyun will be coming back to the TV screen soon.

‘Mr. Queen’ starring Kim Jung Hun, Shin Hae Sung, Bae Jong Ok, and Kim Tae Woo is available to watch on Rakuten Viki and Amazon Prime.

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