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Kim Broderick Net Worth: How Rich Is The Betty Broderick’s Daughter?

Kim Broderick
Kim Broderick

What is Kim Broderick Net Worth? Well, Kim Broderick is a social media influencer who is also known for her family member. Her mother, Betty, was a criminal, charged with second-degree murder, and was in prison for 32 years. The case of her mother killing his father was so controversial and received a lot of media attention. Kim is the eldest child of his father Dan and mother Betty. Kim also said that her mother was cruel and fickle in her behavior. She also mentioned that her mother said she wanted Kim never to be born and hates all her children.

Kim also met with her mother when her mother was behind the bars. But when Betty requested Kim for a letter to support Betty’s release from prison, then it was denied by Kim. Although Kim opposed the idea of releasing her mother, her two younger siblings wanted their mother to be released. Kim was born in the United States in January 1970. She was 51 years old in 2021. She celebrates her birthday in January. The exact date of her birth is not publicly known. Broderick is of medium height and weight. She looks pretty big when you will check her photos in relation to her surroundings. However, details of her actual height and other body measurements are not currently available to the public.

Kim Broderick Net Worth

What is Kim Broderick Net Worth? Kim’s wealth was not disclosed. We will update this section as the story progresses. Kim is from American. She is famously known for being the daughter of Betty Broderick. Betty was found immoral for annihilating her Ex-husband Daniel T. Broderick III along with his second wife, Linda (Kolkena) Broderick on November 5, 1989.

Kim Broderick

Kim Broderick

Kim Broderick Testimony:

Kim was testified on October 22, 1991, that her mother told her that she wanted to kill herself after shooting her ex-husband. But her bullet ran out of stock in her pistol. During cross-examination on the second day of the trial for her mother’s second shooting, the 21-year-old Kim said she remembered her mother’s concern. But did not cry in the phone conversation after the firing. Kim also confirmed that she is ’not able to recall the full details of what her mother described of what happened on November 5, 1989 shooting, in which three of the five gunshot bullets killed Daniel T. Broderick III, 44, and Linda Kolkena Broderick, 28, in the bedroom of their own home in situated in Marston Hills.

In 1990, during the first trial, which ended in a hung trial, Kim testified that her mother cried when she told her about the murders. And remarked that Daniel Broderick whimpering as his last words after the hit that Okay I’m dead, you shot me. In her testimony on October 22, Kim said in court that she could not remember her mother ever making such a comment. And only remembered her mother’s “shaking” voice and she didn’t cry on the phone calls”.

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Who is Betty Broderick?

The full name of Betty Broderick is Elisabeth Ann Broderick, who was born on November 7, 1947, in Eastchester, New York, USA. Betty Broderick is known to be the former housewife who is popular today for being sentenced to the murders of her ex-husband and his second wife. She was charged with two counts of second-degree murder and sentenced to 32 years in prison.

Kim Broderick’s Parents’ Marriage and Divorce:

You will get to know about the reason for divorce. Betty’s husband, to complete his medical and law degrees at Cornell University and Harvard Law School, took student loans in his name. To make ends meet, she must be the main supplier to the family and support them while he is still studying. Eventually, her husband caught the attention of a number of companies looking for someone with experience in medicine and law. After he landed his first job, his family moved to a nearby Reef, and they continued to work part-time until he made a name for himself.

Kim Broderick

Kim Broderick

Her husband specializes in harassment cases and earns a lot of money; then she acts as a stay-at-home mother and takes care of the children. In 1983 he hired former flight attendant Linda Kolkena as legal counsel but was suspected of having an affair with her a few months later. Betty accused her husband of cheating, although he denied it, ultimately caused their marriage to break up. In 1985 he moved out of the house and eventually took over custody of the children. It was later confirmed that he has an affair, leaving them both in a lengthy divorce case that ended four years later as he retained custody of the children.

Film Inspired From Event:

The famous story of murders and trials resulted in the making of a two-part television film in which Meredith Baxter represented Betty, who later also earned a nomination for her performance in Emmy Awards. The murder was also sequenced in an episode called as the Deadly Women. She received numerous interviews for magazines and television before and after her trial and appeared on Oprah, The Show, and Hard Copy. At least four books have been written about her, not the ones that have written about her in magazine articles. An episode of Law and Order was also inspired by the murder, and the case was also featured in an episode of My Favorite Murder.

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