Aoki Questions His Relationship With Ida In ‘Kieta Hatsukoi’ Episode 9

Kieta Hatsukoi Episode 9

Kieta Hatsukoi Episode 9 is on its way! With each episode, Keita Hatsukoi or Vanishing My First Love has been getting better and better. Whether it may be the portrayal of the discrimination gays go through or the description of friendships, Kieta Hatsukoi has done each and everything beautifully. Fans can’t get enough of Aoki’s friendship with Hashimoto and Akkun. Hashimoto is a living example that angels are real. The audience has loved her caring and outgoing personality. They especially love how she is always there for Aoki no matter what. One of the fan’s all-time favorite scenes of the two is when they find out that they liked different guys. The audience could literally see the relief they got when they cleared the misunderstanding.

The same goes for Aoki and Akkun’s friendship. (Spoiler alert for those who haven’t read the manga) The manga revealed that Akkun didn’t remember the first time he met Hashimoto has a cute reason behind it. Coincidentally he met Aoki the same day he met Hashimoto. Akkun had taken care of Aoki when he was sick during the entrance exams. Also, Akkun was the one who urged told Aoki to take his chance and confess his feelings for Ida. At this point, fans have even joked that Akkun might secretly like Aoki. But we all know that Aoki and Akkun have a brotherly love for each other.
Don’t miss out on the fantastic characters in this drama, and check out the release date and streaming details of Kieta Hatsukoi Episode 9. You could also check out some highlights from the 8th episode.

Kieta Hatsukoi Episode 9 Release Date

Kieta Hatsukoi has been gaining a lot of attention for its light-hearted romance. Fans have been excitedly looking forward to every Saturday to watch Aoki, Ida, Hashimoto, and Akkun once again. So here is the release date of the newest upcoming episode of Kieta Hatsukoi. The release date of Kieta Hatsukoi Episode 9 is December 11, which is this Saturday. 

Kieta Hatsukoi Episode 9
Ida and Aoki cr: Rakuten Viki

Fans had to wait for an extra week to watch this episode as it was delayed. TV Asahi decided to air a special episode on the previous release date of Kieta Hatsukoi Episode 9. The special episode is full of fun ad lovely behind-the-scenes moments that will make you soft. Fans loved how the cast was very comfortable and chill with each other. The cast’s friendship is just the cherry on top of this drama!

Where To Watch Kieta Hatsukoi Ep 9?

Countless Japanese viewers have been tuning in on TV Asahi to watch Kieta Hatsukoi or My Love Mix-Up. If you are a Japanese viewer, don’t be a fool and watch the episodes of Kieta Hatsukoi on TV at Asahi at 11:30 PM every Saturday. Or you could opt to join the international audience of the TV series. Kieta Hatsukoi’s immense popularity made Rakuten Viki get a hold of this famous Japanese drama. And to make things better, Rakuten Viki lets you watch the episodes of Kieta Hatsukoi for free. It is pretty safe to say that Kieta Hatsukoi is one of the most popular BL dramas.

What Went Down In Kieta Hatsukoi Episode 8?

Aoki Starts Going For Extra Classes

Afraid that Aoki’s grades were too low, his teacher suggested that he start attending additional classes to improve his grades. His teacher Taniguchi even had someone in mind to help Aoki get better scores. The person in the teacher’s mind was Okano Ryouhei, who had been in the same situation as Aoki but managed to get into a prestigious university by working extremely hard. After Aoki confides about this in his friends, his protective squad Hashimoto and Akkun told him not to get easily influenced by anyone. But what they don’t realize till later on is that Aoki’s decision will be heavily affected by Ida.

Kieta Hatsukoi Episode 9
Aoki cr: Rakuten Viki

And soon enough, he was waiting enthusiastically to start his class. His new mentor Okano Ryouhei began the session by saying that today’s class will be about getting to know each other. While telling Aoki about himself, Okano Ryouhei sad that he started working hard to get good grades to impress his girlfriend. After this, Aoki also told him about his relationship, confessed to his crush, and more without telling the teacher that he likes Ida. Aoki felt like the teacher was a really nice one, but little did he know he was in for an unpleasant surprise.

Okano Sees Aoki And Ida Holding Hands

Later in the day, when Aoki and Ida were eating lunch together, Aoki started thinking about how Okano asked him why he hadn’t even held hands with his partner yet. Naturally, Aoki thinks that Ida wants to hold hands with him and just wants him to take the lead. However, when he does try to hold Ida’s hand, Ida looks taken aback and quickly removes his hand. Trying to forget this, Aoki tries to concentrate on solving mathematical sums. And surprisingly, he got good marks on his test. Happy with the excellent results, Aoki funnily keeps staring at his test paper on a bridge when Ida approaches him. 

Kieta Hatsukoi Episode 9
Aoki and Ida cr: Rakuten Viki

Ida said that he is relieved that Aoki isn’t down because Aoki has looked quite worried recently. Aoki es flustered and apologizes to Ida for trying to hold hands with him. This boy is too pure! But to his suppose, Ida grabs Aoki’s hand and puts it in his pocket. Ida explains that he didn’t remove his hand out of disgust but because Aoki’s hand had been strangely cold. But the couple didn’t notice Okano watching them from the street the whole time. 

The Change In Okano’s Behavior

Many people in the audience had been outraged by Okano’s behavior with Aoki after the incident. Guess Okano is too backward to understand Aoki and Ida’s beautiful relationship. And when Aoki was attending one of his additional classes with Okano, Okano acted very weirdly around him. Suppose if Aoki only got a bot nearer to him, Okano would get startled and jump back. And when Aoki reminded him that he was looking forward to the meal that Okano had promised to give only if he gets good marks, Okano said he couldn’t see a chance of having dinner with Aoki.

Kieta Hatsukoi Episode 9
Akkun and Hashimoto cr: Rakuten Viki

When Okano said this, Aoki gave him a playful punch, after which Okano became repulsive and admitted that he saw Aoki and Ida on the bridge the other day. Disgustingly, this was the reason he didn’t want to give Aoki a free meal. Unsurprisingly, Aoki’s friends found out about this the day after and had been immensely angered by what had happened. Ida gets up and says that he would like to have a word with his teacher, but Aoki stops him and says that he isn’t bothered by the teacher’s comment and only cares about what people he loves thinks about him.

Okano’s Learns His Lesson

Aoki had just been heading for the shop where he and Ida would meet up when he saw an old man struggling to find his hotel. Aoki doesn’t hesitate to help him out, but creepily Okano has been watching Aoki again. When the old man tries giving Aoki some money as a token of gratitude, Okano hastily grabs Aoki’s arm and drags him out of there. Okano really has an old-fashioned mindset! He thought that Aoki would do something terrible to the old man. Aoki had enough of this nonsense and yelled at Okano for being full of prejudice.

Kieta Hatsukoi Episode 9
Aoki and Ida cr: Rakuten Viki

He said that he thought of Okano as an older brother and had actually thought that Okano was a good person. While Aoki is talking, Ida suddenly comes up and says that Aoki will be happy to have a meal with his teacher. Over the dinner, Okano realizes his mistake and apologizes for thinking so poorly of Aoki. By the end of the episode, Okano understands that people must have the freedom to choose different things; they have the right to choose who they want to be in a relationship. This episode was indeed very philosophical!

What To Expect From The Upcoming Episode?

The trailer for the coming episode was like a roller coaster ride, from Aoki being the talk of his school to Ida getting protective of Aoki when some girls come and start surrounding him. Despite the lovely start of the teaser, Aoki starts feeling that Ida doesn’t like him, and Ida starts feeling that Aoki doesn’t like him. Maybe, in Kieta Hatsukoi Episode 9, these two will be able to clear the misunderstandings. Fans can’t wait to see what is in store for the characters!