KGF Chapter 2: Everything We Know So Far

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KGF Chapter 2 Release Date, Updates and Everything You Need To Know
From The Official Teaser Of KGF Chapter 2 Featuring Yash as Raja "Rocky" Krishnappa Bhairya

Talk about larger-than-life movies in India, well we have the likes of Bahubali, Padmaavat, and Bajirao Mastani, who have made their presence felt in the past decade. Another film coming from the state of Karnataka was KGF. Well, an unexpected blockbuster that is built hype for its intriguing characters. But the movie was not a one-off story and has a lot of tell in the form of KGF Chapter 2. When is the question as since the very time it completed its shoot, KGF Chapter 2 is jumping around for a proper release date.

KGF’s lead Yash defines what a superstar actor looks like when he fills in the action hero characters. This turned the film into an all-out blockbuster. Thus leading KGF to bring chapter two on a much grander scale. A huge star cast is brought in for the downright interesting characters, we have a much intriguing story folding up surrounding the Kolar Gold Fields. So to calm the hype, here we are addressing the rumors of a release date for KGF Chapter 2 and talking about how true, are they?

KGF Chapter 2 Release Date – Is The September Release Rumor True?

At the moment, the team of KGF Chapter 2 is still working on a release date for this year. There are rumors of a movie shifting to an OTT release. But, the creators don’t think a movie built on such a grand scale is up for it. KGF Chapter 2, which defines a franchise and the visuals the movie carries definitely deserves to have a cinematic environment. The one which everyone can be enjoyed on big screens with loud noises of cheering audience.

KGF Chapter 2 Release Date
From KGF Chapter 1 Featuring Yash as Raja “Rocky” Krishnappa Bhairya

Amidst this, rumors regarding KGF Chapter 2 having a release on September 9, 2021, began popping up on the internet. But bashing the rumors away, film critic Taran Adarsh addressed the rumors and addressed them as fake.  In a Tweet, Taran Adarsh quoted that the creators of KGF Chapter 2 are toying with the film’s release date. The September 9th release for the film is not at all final. The producers haven’t locked the date. So yes, KGF Chapter 2’s release date is subject to change and may have a shift.

KGF Chapter 2, at the moment, is in the post-production stage. The movie is planning to release in five different languages. First, the original in which it is shot, as in Kannada. Then dubbing versions of Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam languages. Furthermore, this is not the first time KGF Chapter 2 stumbled with a release date problem.

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The Covid-19 Pandemic has played a huge part in the film receiving a delay from its original release date, which was last year in October of 2020. The same problem is the big reason behind KGF Chapter 2 still suffering. The country of India is amidst the Covid-19’s second wave, and chances of a third are highly likely. So as mentioned above OTT is a viable option, but neither Yash Srinidhi the star of the film, nor the producers or the audience, wants a huge flick to miss such a shot. Waiting is a way better option than that.

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KGF Chapter 2 – The Plot And Story Update

KGF Chapter 2 has already revealed an official synopsis and a teaser for the film. While the teaser hypes the larger-than-life characters, we are about to see in the form of  Raja “Rocky” Krishnappa Bhairya and Adheera. The synopsis gave us more insight into where the film continues. Obviously, the film picks up traces from its previous outing. The first chapter of KGF, but a lot has changed especially for Rocky. Then for the Kolar Gold Fields on what’s going down and what’s about to come.

KGF Chapter 2 Plot
From The Official Teaser Of KGF Chapter 2 Featuring Sanjay Dutt as Adheera

Previously we saw Rocky working his way to be the King of Kolar Golf Fields by overthrowing and killing Garuda. Now KGF Chapter 2 sees him as the overlord. With that in the mind, new enemies are coming in for revenge who claim KGF to be theirs. Especially Garuda’s brother Adheera who is still alive and out there. Amidst this, the Government sees Rocky as a threat and has a death warrant over him. How will Rocky survive both the threat of Adheera and the Government at the same time? All in KGF Chapter 2. Until then, you can stream KGF Chapter 1 on Amazon Prime Video.

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KGF Chapter 2 will mark the return of Kannada Superstar Yash as Raja “Rocky” Krishnappa Bhairya. Joining Yash would be the Bollywood Superstar Sanjay Dutt helming the role of antagonist Adheera. Srinidhi Shetty joins the film as female lead Reena Desai. Another 90s Bollywood superstar Raveena Tandon joins in as Ramika Sen, Prime Minister of India who has a death warrant on Rocky. Lastly, Prakash Raj joins the film as Vijayendra Ingalag.

Check out The Teaser Trailer For KGF Chapter 2:

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