‘Keyforge’ Release Date, Everything We Know So Far

Keyforge: Call Of The Archons comes from the Fantasy Flight Games. Created by Richard Garfield, this unique deck game has registered users in billions since it ever came out. When you play Keyforge, you are in the world of crucibles. As a player you take a single deck of cards, it’s a one on one game. So using a single deck of cards you play a creature, an action, an artifact, and an upgrade. You are chasing for Æmber in the game. Player’s target is to grab enough of Æmber before his opponent. That way you can forge three keys! While you are doing all of that, there’s action that you use, and it gets discarded. Keyforge also lets you upgrade the abilities of your creatures and so on! The game gets you hooked till the end.

At Gen Con 2018, Keyforge: Call Of The Archons was announced. In this game, the world of crucibles is a world built from pieces of planets across the stars. Archons are super powered beings, almost like Demi-gods for whom the world was built. They know little to nothing about their origins. They are power and knowledge-hungry and can go to any extent to satisfy their thirst. Archons in Keyforge will clash constantly. They head various Motley companies. In the end, your quest for knowledge and power is all that as an Archon you desire for.

Keyforge: Release Date

After the Gen Con announcement on August 1, 2018, a trailer and an introductory article were unveiled. On the Fantasy Flight Games website, it was also announced that Keyforge would be released in the fourth quarter of 2018. First things first, watch the trailer below:

Since the August 1 announcement, Keyforge is available for pre-order at local retailers or online through and Fantasy Flight web store. Keyforge is scheduled to be released on November 15′ 2018.

Using the famous Unique Deck Game format, Keyforge has made a name for itself. In Archons, players will buy a premade 36-card deck with a unique set of cards. You even have the chance to alter and customize your deck. By unique I mean that no one who’s playing Keyforge will have access to such a card! As a part of your customization, you can have a unique format/ look of your card. You can design your own card-back and a unique name for it too!

You may ask, what does unique mean after all? In Keyforge there are a total of seven Houses each with a unique card and play style. So by each unique deck, it means that players will have a combination of cards from three of these houses. Players have no chance of knowing what kinda deck they are purchasing. As I mentioned, you keep upgrading, buying, etc. while playing out with your current set of cards! Fun, innit?

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