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Kevin Spacey Charged In England For Abuse Against Three Men

Kevin Spacey Charged in England
Kevin Spacey Charged in England

More bad news for disgraced actor Kevin Spacey charged in England for sexual abuse against three men. The sixty-two-year-old actor whose career suddenly came to a halt after allegations of sexual abuse in the wake of the Me Too movement sees —yet another— accusation against him. This time in England as three men filed complaints against him.

England’s Crown Prosecution Service made public four counts of sexual abuse filed by three different men against Academy Award-winner Kevin Spacey that date all the way back to 2005. Consequently, the actor must now answer to these charges. Now, let’s explore further what this entails for this actor.

Kevin Spacey Charged In England for Sexual Assault

British judicial authorities started a criminal inquiry against disgraced actor Kevin Spacey on four counts of sexual assault against three different men. Furthermore, the Crown Prosecution Service charged Spacey with causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent, in yet another scandal that tarnishes, even more, the reputation of the actor.

Kevin Spacey Charged in England

Spacey tends to appear on his YouTube channel for weird messages

A thorough review of the evidence recollected by the London police force led the Crown Prosecution Service to file the charges against Mr. Spacey. Though he can’t be prosecuted unless he enters England or Wales and the authorities are reluctant to disclose if they’re willing to engage in a costly extradition procedure. Why? Mr. Spacey has a team of lawyers that will defend him tooth and nail. And the prosecution has a limited budget to handle this case.

A Long History Of Scandals

Mr. Spacey’s history of scandals started in 2017 when Anthony Rapp accused him of making unwanted and unwarranted advances toward Rapp when he was just 14 years of age back in the 1980s. Later, a TV newscaster accused Spacey of going after her son. After that, twenty other people who worked for Kevin Spacey expressed complaints about his abusive behavior in the Old Vic Theater. Spacey worked there for over a decade as an artistic director.

In 2018, Spacey was slapped with sexual abuse charges in Nantucket for the case of the TV anchor’s son, but the prosecution tabled the case after Mr. Spacey decided to plead the Fifth Amendment and refused to testify. After that, a masseuse filed a charge against the Usual Suspects actor for groping and kissing.

What Are The Charges In England Against Kevin Spacey?

Kevin Spacey now faces a myriad of complaints against him in England. Let’s unpack those a bit so our readership can comprehend them. Firstly, an accuser claims that the American Beauty actor assaulted him in London in 2005. Secondly, another man claims that the Tony Award-winner groped him in August 2008. Third, another man claims that the House of Cards actor assaulted him in April 2013 in Gloucestershire.

The more damning case is the fourth one, compelling a person in consensual sexual activity appears to have occurred in London in 2008 to the same man who accused the two-time Oscar winner of abuse that month. Furthermore, the actor’s career was brought to a sudden stop in October 2017 after the allegations poured into the media.

Kevin Spacey Charged in England

The actor faces a tough legal battle now

What Can Spacey Do Now?

Authorities in England are unaware of Kevin Spacey’s true residence. So, he can either voluntarily go to England and face these accusations, be arraigned in front of a judge, or —as stated earlier— face an extradition process. On this last point, he could delay that process with the help of his legal counsel.

If Kevin Spacey is indeed extradited, he will be held in a police station cell. Then transferred to a court in custody and brought in front of a judge. If that would be the case, the actor couldn’t post bail. Consequently, he would be behind bars until his trial begins. Thus, he would remain in police custody for the procedure. After the charges are filed, Spacey can be named but not his accusers during the legal procedure. Why? Because crimes of this nature —under British Law— are anonymized.

With this information, we conclude our coverage of the latest news concerning Kevin Spacey. Thanks for your attention. And please check out our main page to see what else is new in the entertainment world.

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