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Kevin Durant Net Worth – His Early Life, Career, And Salary

What Is Kevin Durant's Net Worth In 2021? His Early Life, Career, And Salary
What Is Kevin Durant's Net Worth In 2021? His Early Life, Career, And Salary

Kevin Durant, the American professional basketball player who just completely changed the definition of winning and became one of the best basketball players of the National Basketball Association, is just ruling the game with all his efforts and techniques. This man has taken his game to a different league, that it is really difficult for anyone to get the ball from him or change the game. Once the basketball reached his hands, then it is sure that the next position of that basketball is going to be in the basketball net, and that’s why he is termed as a legend.

The basketball legend is one of the highest-paid basketball players in the world and day by day is reaching really close to the top and the time is not so far that he will become the number one basketball player globally in every aspect. He is also one of the most recruited players, and as of now, he is playing for Brooklyn Nets in NBA; and before that, he has also played for Seatle SuperSonics, Oklahoma City Thunders, and for Golden State Warriors and had made them win the NBA championship many times.

We know this man has a really huge fan-following throughout the globe, and so today, for his die-hard fans, we have come up with a lot of major updates about him that you should definitely know taking up from his early life, then career, and then finally his net worth in 2021 along with his salary and endorsements. Here are all the major details that you should know.

What Is Kevin Durant's Net Worth In 2021? His Early Life, Career, And Salary

Kevin Durant Scoring In A NBA Match

Early Life & Career

Durant was born on September 29, 1988, in Washington, D.C. He was born into a well-to-do family. His parents separated when he was just a kid, and then he was raised with the help of his grandmother. After some time, his father re-entered his life, and he was the man who supported him in his everything and used to visit every corner of the city for his basketball tournaments and all. From his school life only, he started playing basketball, and just at the age of 13-14, he touched 6 feet in height.

From starting only he was good at basketball and has played for different universities and all, and at last, he made his way to the NBA teams and became one of the highest recruited and highest demanded players of all time. He has won a lot of titles and has made his clubs win the NBA title many times. He is the man of his words, and recently he has started the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation (KDCF), which supports good and talented players from low-income backgrounds to come up with their skills and talent in all the sports and educational activities.

What Is Kevin Durant's Net Worth In 2021? His Early Life, Career, And Salary

Kevin Durant During A Match

Kevin Durant’s Net Worth In 2021

As of now, Kevin Durant’s worth is said to be around $170 million, making him one of the richest basketball players throughout the globe. Apart from his NBA salary, match fees, and winning amounts, he has a lot of other sources of income that are majorly contributing towards his net worth. His overall income from match fees and winnings is around $30 million in 2020. His overall earnings for the year 2020 were reported to be $67 million. Along with being a skillful player, he is also a smart investor who knows how to invest and grow his money respectively.

He also owns some shares in big giants like Google and Alaska Air Group, and along with that, he has recently invested a good amount in Nas-backed coinbase that can soon become a $100 billion company, as said by the reports. The amount he has invested is not revealed yet, but as soon as we got to know about it, then we will definitely share all the major updates with you all. Also, he is earning a good amount from the brand endorsements he is doing, and right now, his biggest brand deal is with Nike that pays him $25 million dollars yearly.

Along with all this, he also owns some small stakes in a lot of new investment companies and is also partnering with an accessories brand that is giving a good amount of returns to his net worth. From his smart investments and all, the time is not far that he can easily become a billionaire basketball player very soon. Gatorade and Degree are some other brands that he is endorsing, and as of now, these are the major details about his net worth and income sources and for more updates like these, just stay tuned.

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