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Kerry Stokes Net Worth: How Rich is the Businessman?

Kerry Stokes Net Worth
Kerry Stokes Picture: Daniel Wilkins

Kerry Stokes, who holds business interest in the diversified range, is the top businessman today. But have you thought, what would be the net worth of this businessman who raised such a huge empire? In today’s article, we will cover all the things related to Kerry Stokes, his career, personal life, net worth, and much more.

Australia’s remarkable businessman Kerry Stokes is the chairman of Seven West Media, which includes the Seven TV network and The West Australia newspaper. Also, he is the chairman of Australian Capital Equity Pty Limited. Stokes’s fortune is of diversified origin as he has multiple interests in several industries ranging from mining, property, and construction equipment to print and electronic media. His success and rise have attracted the business for decades. Not only for Australians, but Kerry Stokes has also become a huge inspiration for every human being in the universe today.

Kerry is not only famous for his business skills but also for his charities. In Australia, Kerry has served as chairman for several years and has made donations in millions. Stokes has been awarded the Rotary Paul Harris Fellow Award by Rotary International. Also, he holds lifetime membership of the Australian Returned and Services League. It was only Stokes’s hard work and passion that made him so successful today. Let’s see how Kerry started his career and how he achieved so much success.

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Early Life & Career

Talking about the childhood of Kerry Stokes, his childhood has also been a struggle like his career. Born on 13 September 1940, Kerry Stokes’ real name is John Patrick Alford. Kerry was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, to an unmarried mother, Marie Jean Alford. Shortly after, Matthew and Rene Stokes, who lived in the slum housing area, adopted him. He then changed his name from John Patrick Alford to Kerry Stokes. In an interview, Stokes said that his childhood was very difficult. At the age of 14, he was dropped out of school. He had to struggle to get a job in one place. Stokes had to work in many different places, but because of this, he got many different job experiences. He also spent some time on the roads because getting a job in Australia at that time was not so easy.

Kerry Stokes Net Worth

Kerry Stokes

He got his first job during the 1960s. It was a job to install television entrances in Perth. With his partners, Kevin Merifield and Jack Bendat, Kerry Stokes also built many shopping centers in Western Australia and Perth. His private company, Australian Capital Equity ACE, is a company that handles Stokes’ interests in a variety of Australian and international businesses, property, construction, mining, and fuel exploration.

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Personal Life

Kerry has been married four times till now. His first wife was Dorothy, “Dot” Ebert. The couple together had two children. Later, he married a hostess, Denise, who had two sons with Kerry. Denise left the wedding and went overseas, while Stokes became a single father. His third marriage was to Australian television actor Peta Toppano in 1992. However, his marriage with Peta Toppano lasted three years. For the fourth time, Kerry married Christine Simpson Parker, who was a news correspondent for the opposition Channel 10 when they first met. Stokes and Parkar are still together. Kerry Stokes has three grandchildren.

Kerry Stokes net worth

Kerry Stokes and Christine Simpson Parker

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Kerry Stokes Net Worth

The total estimated net worth of Kerry Stokes is $4Billion, and he is a self-made Billionaire. He made such a fortune in his first job as an Entrepreneur. Kerry Stokes is one of the Thirteen Richest Australian and has been included in the Financial Review 2021 Rich List. Also, he is ranking in 117th place among the wealthiest person in the world.

Kerry Stokes net worth

Kerry Stokes Net Worth

Although Kerry struggled a lot during his twenties, he didn’t stop. Kerry Stokes built his business on his own. And today, he is the owner of Australian Capital Equity (ACE), where he holds interests in mining, petroleum exploration, construction, and property. His business is divided into different fields, which adds more amount to his net worth.

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