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Kep1er – Marie Claire Interview: The Group On Their Rainbow-like Synergy & Future Ambitions

kep1er marie claire

The K-pop rookie girl-group Kep1er has just debuted but has already been raking up on the magazine features. This time, the Kep1er – Marie Claire post-photo-shoot interview for the April 2022 issue focused on their post-debut experiences and their future ambitions. The group Kep1er was formed with the winners of the 2021 Mnet survival program Girls Planet 999 consists of nine members: Bahiyyih, Chaehyun, Mashiro, Hikaru, Yujin, Xiao Ting, Dayeon, Young Eun, and Yeseo. Marie Claire interviewed on their current feelings and future aspirations.

The Kep1er girls showed off their beautiful spring-like visuals for the Marie Claire April 2022 photoshoot. The nine members of Kep1er were carefully styled in nine different ways so as to bring out their individual charms to light.  The Kep1er members were then asked about the various changes each of them went through, from their pressures during participation in Girls Planet 999 to their excitement after being selected as the final members of the created group.  Also included are the photos from the shoot released by Marie Claire and behind-the-scenes photos from the Official Kep1er Twitter account.

Kep1er Members On Their Thoughts After Debuting & Having Busy Schedules

Marie Claire commented on how their answers showed their ardent wishes of debuting and how much hard work they put in to make their dreams a reality.

Kep1er Seo Young Eun reveals, “For some reason, I was overwhelmed with emotions when I heard the announcement that our group would be named “Kep1er”. The fact that I was no longer a trainee, but “Kep1er’s Seo Young Eun” now was equal parts unbelievable and exciting.”

Sakamoto Mashiro says, “I have been an idol trainee for five years. Not only me but also my family members were earnestly waiting for my debut, so I wanted to let them know the good news as soon as possible.”

Kep1er – Marie Claire photoshoot.

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On being busier than usual after their debut, the Kep1er members said that they are happy because their numerous schedules allow them to use their time to their full potential.

When asked about what comes to their mind when they think of Kep1er, Kim Chae Yeon replies, “Kep1er reminds me of a rainbow; we are like a bunch of different colors assembled together; even looking at us altogether puts one in a good mood. And just like a rainbow appears after rain, we too could achieve our dream of becoming ‘Kep1er’ only after shedding our tears and sweat.”

kep1er marie claire

Kep1er – Marie Claire photoshoot.

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Kep1er on Their Future Ambitions

Shen Xiao Ting said on their global popularity and their hopes of future international activities, “When we check out the responses to our stages online, we can see comments in various languages. We want to visit the foreign countries those comments come from and show our energetic stages to them in person!”

kep1er marie claire

Kep1er – Marie Claire photoshoot.

The maknae Kang Ye Seo reveals her ambitions, “We don’t know what kind of activities we are going to pursue but what I am sure of is that we can do much better in the future. We are tirelessly working on our passions, and if we keep it up, we expect that we too will reach the positions of the musicians we look up to for inspiration.”

kep1er marie claire

Behind-The-Scenes of the Kep1er – Marie Claire photoshoot. [from Kep1er official Twitter]

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The Full Kep1er & Marie Claire Interview & Upcoming Activities

In order to access the full interview and more from the bright and energetic spring pictorial by Kep1er, you can purchase the April 2022 issue of Marie Claire. Kep1er’s 2022 Calender is jam-packed with activities, and their most recent appearance is going to be on the Mnet girl-group survival show Queendom Season 2, which is set to air soon. Mnet has already released the opening performance of Kep1er, which one can watch on YouTube. Furthermore, you can watch the video of their debut song, ‘WA DA DA’, which has recently crossed 90 million views on Youtube.

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