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Kengan Omega Chapter 129: Release Date, Preview & Recap

Kengan Omega Chapter 229
Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega Chapter 129 reveals the outcome of double knockout since Fei landed a Divine Demon Output and Takeshi landed Blast Core, resulting in Double KO. The chapter begins with Takeshi lying on his back, and the doctors are treating him. One of the doctors comments that Takeshi is awake and wonders what had happened to the match. Kengan Omega is revealing the second last fight results to determine the winners of this competition. From the latest Kengan Omega Chapter, the doctors think that Takeshi needs a stretcher. The chapter title is ”Was It You.” Takeshi wonders if he has lost the match.

Rihito told him to relax, and Agito thought it was not a Double KO as per Pugatory’s rules. Rihito adds that he never thought that Takeshi would get smashed like this. But he is lucky to be alive. On the other side, they are taking care of Fei, and Ref Shina Alisa is ready to announce after everything is cleared on the ring. Agito told Takeshi not to blame himself. Carlos Medel told Fei that he was too young to die, and Liu Dongcheng told him to survive.

The doctors reveal that Fei is not in good condition and can’t help him, and they want someone related to Fei. He also adds that Fei has less time left for him. Carlos wonders what is happening, and Shina Alisa can’t believe what she is thinking. Liu Dongcheng wonders why this has to happen to Fei. Carlos, on his knees, holding on to Fei’s hands and asks him if he has last words. He adds that Fei can say anything to a relative or lover. Fei replies that he is passing it to them, but he has no one closer to him, and only Carlos is kind enough to support him.

Previously on Kengan Omega Chapter 128

He asks them to call Tokita Ohma, and Ohma realizes their first time talking face-to-face. Fei told Kazuo and Koga that he needed only Ohma, not the three of them. Feis asks Ohma if he is a worm and Koga reminds him not to joke with them. He adds that he can’t lift a single part of his body and is nearing death. Ohma asks Fei what he wants to tell him. Fei replies that he wants to congratulate him on being the sole practitioner of the Niko Style except for Niko himself.

Kengan Omega Chapter 229

Kengan Omega

Fei guarantees that Ohma is the new “Tiger’s Vessel.” Ohma realizes that he has heard Ranjo and Tokita Niko saying that word. He asks if Fei is the student of the other Niko. Fei reveals that Niko will bestow all his techniques and knowledge to a guy who is worthy of it as a Tiger’s Vessel. That refers to Tokita Niko’s Heir. Fei realizes that he would have acquired higher heights if he had been a Tiger’s Vessel. Kazuo can’t believe that Fei is powerful, and he still wants more.

Koga asks if Goah Ryuki is making his way to the throne as heir. Ohma realizes that Goah Ryuki doesn’t use Niko Style, and he is not qualified to be Tiger’s Vessel; Fei reveals how one can become a Tiger’s Vessel. Fei wanted to say something, but he began swearing and realized that they messed up with him. He reveals that Tokita Ohma had been the Tiger’s Vessel for the whole time. Ohman is on his knees watching Fei as he passes away. Fei closed his eye, and it was revealed that the ”Three Demon Fist Toad Fei Wang-Fang” had passed away.

Kengan Omega Chapter 229

Three Demon Fist Fei vs. Takeshi

Kengan Omega Chapter 129 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 129 will be released on Thursday, 7 October 2021. Keep in mind the latest chapter of Kengan Omega manga arrives late or a day after the exact release. The aftermath of Three Demon Fist Toad Fei Wang-Fang will be revealed in the upcoming latest chapter of Kengan Omega. The results of this duel will also get revealed and what causes Fei to meet his end. The spoilers of Kenga Omega chapters arrive a day before the latest release.

Read Kengan Omega Chapter 129 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Kengan Omega Chapter 129 online on various websites. Kengan Omega manga has not offered official platforms to read the latest chapter but is available every week on other websites. To access the latest chapter, you can type Kengan Omega online, and you will choose the site you prefer to read this manga. Let’s meet when Kengan Omega Chapter 129 releases.

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