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Kengan Omega Chapter 126: Release Date & Preview

Kengan Omega
Kengan Omega

The second bout before the final battle begins with Kengan Omega Chapter 126. Takeshi vs. Fei continues as both fighters exchange back and forth. Kengan Omega reveals the MMA competition that determines the strongest fighter between Kengan Association and Purgatory. From the recent Kengan Omega chapter, Long Min appeared at Ganryu Island two years ago. He wields a huge blade asking the guy who came to assassinate him if he traveled a long journey for that. Long Min told the guy he was the one who would get killed instead of him. The chapter title is “The Third Secret Technique.”

The mysterious guy reminds Long Min that Ranjo is dead, and it is time for Long Min to follow Ranjo to hell. Long Min wonders if Xia Ji killed Ranjo. The unknown guy is Fei, who realizes that four guys were the candidate for the Tiger Vessel. But Long Min planned to kill everyone using Niko Style Secret Technique: God Possession. During his meeting with Fei, he unleashes that technique planning to eliminate Fei. Fei thinks that this guy is playing since he has unleashed a baby technique. He asks Long Min if he has that to show him.

Long Min wields his blade shaking in mid-air, and Fei asks him what he can do with only God within him. Long Min transformed and witnessed things beyond his imagination. Fei also transforms and reveals that he has surpassed God and Demon and showed Long Min the true Niko Style. That day he brutally punished Long Min for underestimating his abilities. Back to Fei vs. Takeshi, Takeshi is trying to get up after getting KO’d. The fans and the fighter are surprised to see Fei at another level walking towards Takeshi to land a killer blow.

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Previously on Kengan Omega Chapter 125

Fei unleashes Niko Style Third Secret Technique: Demon God. Ohma realizes that this is dangerous after witnessing a new fighter confronting Takeshi. Ohma wonders if Naidan and Lu were imposters since Kazuo never talked about it. Kazuo wonders if the technique is Advance, and Ohma disagrees and says it is closer to Removal. Takeshi gets up on his feet, and the commentators realize this fight will be entertaining. Fei comments that he will finish this, and Takeshi wonders what will happen since Fei has unleashed Demon God. The two clashed and charged at full speed.

Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega

Fei landed a blow that sent Takeshi out of the ring, and everyone thought the match was over. But Takeshi holds on to the ring to avoid losing the fight by a ring out. It was a closes call, and Takeshi tried to get back to the ring without touching the ground, or it will be over, and Fei will walk away with a victory. The commentators announce that Takeshi managed to avoid a ring out. The crowd and other fighters are impressed that Takeshi survived that blow and is back inside the ring.

Fei told Takeshi that he should have fallen since he is not a worthy opponent and has lost interest in fighting a guy who is not at his level. Fei adds that he is giving Takeshi a chance to dance with him a little more. Takeshi realizes that Fei has surpassed Removal, but he is still at his strength. He uses Blast Core against Fei, who landed a ranged attack and stopped Takeshi. Fei uses his blood as a bullet to cut Takeshi’s body. Kiryu saw something different about Fei.

Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega Chapter 126 Release Date

Kengan-Omega Chapter 126 will be released on Friday, 17 September 2021. Note that Kengan Omega is available every Friday, but sometimes the latest chapters release late on Saturday. This manga takes a weekly break once a month, but the new chapter will also get the latest updates if the manga delays it. Kengan Omega’s new chapter will be available every seven days; if the chapter arrives late, it will be updated the next day. Kengan Omega manga’s official website is not accessible, but we will release a new chapter every Friday.

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