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Spoilers & Recap: Kengan Omega Chapter 122

Kengan Omega
Kengan Omega

Let’s look at the recent update of the upcoming Kengan Omega Chapter 122. The last chapter has been released with new updates, and chapter 122 is on its way. Let’s find more about the remaining matches. Kengan has grabbed a huge victory and tie their fights with Purgatory. The next fight is The Wild Tigger vs. Three Demon Fists. Kazuho chose Takeshi over Ohma after realizing that he will face the remaining beast Lolong Donaire. Fei Wangfang step-ups from the other side to face Takeshi. Let’s find who will conquer between The Wild Tigger and Three Demon Fists on the latest chapter of Kengan Omega below.

The chapter title: “Let’s Wrap It Up.” Fei told Takeshi that he would show him the difference between ”Taichi” and ”Calisthenics” and change his mind after defeating him. Fei made his Taichi stance, and Takeshi told him that they are in the match he can talk later after getting beaten. The Karate vs. Taichi is about to begin, Fei: 184cm-83kg and Takeshi: 193cm-193 kg. The commentators wonder if ”the River will split the boulder or will the Boulder halt the river.”

At the stand, Misasa asks Agito if he has learned about the Ren Clan Tachi Chuan.Β Agito replies that it is his first time, and China has various Martial Atra and countless unknown styles. Agito adds that he feels like he is a new person, but he has learned all kinds of martial arts and never heard of the Ren Clan Tachi Chuan. Misasa thinks that it has developed because of the Worms. The two notice that Fei is making something new they have never seen inside a ring. Terashi steps forth, slowly taking his time and analyzing how he can take Fei down.

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Previously on Kengan Omega Chapter 121

Fei waists for the prey to come to him in a natural flowing stance. They both are pressuring each other before they engage. The commentators realize that Takeshi is a combat machine, and he is focusing on his target. Carlos Medel wonders if Takeshi is showing a full-contact Karate stance. Lolong Sonaire adds that Takeshi’s stance has one fist faster range than other Striking Martial Arts. The Tiger is about to go wild as he lands a straight punch, but Fei turns around while avoiding that colossal blow.

Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega

Takeshi begins to shower Fei with different combinations of barrages. Fei realizes that Takeshi is her to kill and not get killed. Terashi landed a brutal hook that stung Fei, who begin bleeding. The fight looks like Fei has received a beating for more than thirty minutes without landing a clean hit. Fei uses Tachi’s movement and gets out of Takeshi’s trap. People are impressed that Fei survived those hammer strikes and he is not that badly injured. They thought that Fei got KO’d, but ref Shin Alisa ruled it out as no-knockout and told the two to continue fighting. His Taichi saved him from getting finished without landing anything.

Takeshi changed his tactics and decided not to rush, but he is not letting his guard down. Fei realizes that the Tiger bites him and comments that Takeshi is insanely strong. He learns a rumor about Superman Syndrome, and the guy is ten times stronger than an ordinary human. Koga notices that Fei ate a huge blow, but he is still okay. Fei is glad that the combo strike hits his shoulder, and Kazuo realizes that if Fei can do only that, it means Takeshii’s victory is set in stone. Fei manages to get his groves and level up with Takeshi. Inside the monitor room, a mysterious guy arrives and killed everyone.

Kengan Omega Chapter 122 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 122 will be released on 20 August 2021. This manga will continue with its weekly schedule unless it gets interrupted by the weekly break. Kengan Omega will release a new chapter once every seven days. Every Friday new chapter will be available, and if it gets delayed, it will be available on the next day. Kengan Omega mang has not yet revealed official platforms to read the latest chapters.

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