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Kengan Omega
Kengan Omega

Terashi vs. Okubo is about to conclude since Okubo pushed Terashi to his limits. Okubo is about to land the finishing blow, but Terashi refuses to get defeated. Le’s take a look at Kengan Omega Chapter 120. The chapter is titled ” Out Of Your League.” The chapter begins with the flashbacks of Terashi, who decide to join the Underground Martial Arts. The manager realizes that he wants to kill the target unharmed. He met with the guy who will get him to the Underground Martial Arts. Terashi told the guy that he misunderstood him because of his physic. But he specializes in using weapons.

Terashi told the guy that he can call the Wu Clan of China or the Kure Clan in Japan to look for an Assasin specializing in unarmed combat. The manager replies that Terashi is too humble. But the client has explicitly requested for him as he has succeeded in many assassinations the were impossible to complete. The two think of Nicolas Le Banner and believe that he is the right guy for the job. Terashi realizes that they are using him, but there is no losing. He promises the manager that he will never lose when he is using weapons.

Toyoda Idemitsu talked with his partner that the target is participating in an Underground Fighting Organization called Purgatory. Terashi’s manager told him that they must not mess up with Toyoda’s men, and they must make it look like that target died accidentally. Terashi realizes that he has to pull something to think that the target ”died” during the match out of injury. They paid him fifty percent of the amount that he required. The boss told him that he is leaving the rest of the job in his hands.

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Kengan Omega Chapter 119 Highlights

The battle continues after the Terashi survived a knock-out blow. Tereashsi wonders if he should surrender and realizes Toyoda will suspect him. Terashi realizes that he doesn’t want to kill, but he has to get the job done since he has received the amount. Okubo told him to fight him since he will never pull something cheap like a ring-out. Terashi wonders why this idiot is running his moth without knowing the truth and doing business.

When he entered the Underground Fighting Organization that got absorbed by Purgatory, Terashi thought it was easy to join from an Organization absorbed by Purgatory rather than joining directly. Terashi stressed the day he discovered that he got put in B-list fighters. But he begins his matches right there, and Toyoda recognizes him and chose him as A representative for the Tournament.

Kengan Omega
Kengan Omega

Professional Assassin

Terashi realizes that this is his opportunity, and he can’t let it go since he even got surgery to complete this job. Nicolas is recovering, but he failed to get the job done, and the guards are guarding him, waiting for him to recover. Terashi thinks that the security is not tight, and he can finish with Okubo and kill Nicolas. Terashi unleashes Emperor’s Eye during the battle: Shivering and realizes that the match is unimportant, but the mission is the priority.

He realizes that the fight’s outcome doesn’t bother him, but the plan will get ruined if he gets knocked out. Okubo realizes that Terashi;’s heart is not in this fight and decided to grapple him. Terashi vows that he won’t let Okubo have his way. Okubo creates a fake grappling and switches to a right hook. Terashi wonders why he can’t see using his enhanced visual abilities; Okubo landed another powerful jab that KO’d Terashi.

Okubo is showing the true strength of a man standing on top of the MMA world. Terashi is trying to survive that knock-out strike as the ref counts down. Okubo comments that he will quickly get Terashi from blindspot, and he won’t react. A true Martial Artist will feel the strike coming and block it. Terashi feels like he got hit by a truck, and that handsome face got smashed. Terashi stooped up and said he is a ”Professional Assassin.” But Okubo grappled him and defeated him via a neck choke.

Kengan Omega Chapter 120 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 120 release date is 6 August 2021.  The manga has no official website to read the latest chapters. Kengan Omega releases a new chapter every week, but sometimes the chapters delay or go to weekly break. Note that every week new chapter and update of Kengan Omega will get released.

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