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Spoilers & Recap: Kengan Omega Chapter 119

Kengan Omega

Let’s find how Terashi got a new look in Kengan Omega Chapter 119. During the battle, Okubo manages to break Terashi’s mask using barrages. Terashi realizes that he never wanted anyone to see his face or damage his face since he paid a lot of money for surgery. The chapter title is ”The Other Ability.” Terashi recalls when he visits Dr. Hamafusa Hajime. Hajime asks Terashi why he wants to change his face since he looks handsome. Terashi said he had changed it because it got revealed. Terashis’s true identity is unknown, and he hides the truth behind his identity under the mask.

Hajime realizes that he understands what Terashi is saying and told him they could begin with the surgery. They start with the operation, and after the process gets finished, Hajime reveals that he uses Terashi’s former face as the base and tried to change his impression. Terashi praises the doctor that he is a great surgeon, and once he recovers, he will get another surgery. The doctor wonders what that will be, and Terashi comments that weapons are unreliable and need a new power.

Hajime went to other rooms and realized that he performed surgery on Terashi’s Brain, and it is on Hypothalamus. Liu Dongcheng talks with Yoshizawa Kokomi, asking if Hajime is crazy. Kokomi replies that the doctor is fine and Falcon is also at the hospital. Hajime realizes that Tearshi will use shivering as an attack. Back to the fighting Arena, Terashi thinks if he uses a combination of those eyes, it could effectively in fights. Let’s find how Terashi and Okubo’s battle continues below.

Kengan Omega Chapter 118 Highlights

Okuboko swings and misses while Terashi’s body reacts quickly. Terashi unleashes palm strikes and strikes Okubo. The blows pushed Okubo away from Terashi. Okubo realizes that Tearshi has come back stronger. The fighters at the stand are witnessing an intense fight that is hard to predict the winner. Okubo notices that Terashi’s attacks are fast, but he can read them. Terashi realizes that he can dodge Okubo’s fists even though he is not a pro.

He landed a palm that smashed Okubo’s face. Okubo tries to keep his ground, but Terashi’s blows are overwhelming. Terashi leans and dodges a powerful left hook while landing a strike that knocked down Okubo. Okubo smashed the floor, and the commentators announce that Okubo got knocked down. Terashi has become fearsome since he manages to dodge Okubo’s jabs, and his movement has become refined. They wonder how Terashi can avoid a World Champion MMA Fighter’s attack with ease.

Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega

World Champion MMA Fighter

Terashi received a gift through hypothalamus surgery: the overwhelming accelerated processing speed of visuals information: Emperor’s Eye. His ability make him dodge the hit before it even lands. Terashi has no MMA experience, but he can move faster to avoid Okubo’s jab easily. They explained how the Emperor’s Eye and how it worked during the fight. The maximum continues use of the Emperor’s Eye is limited to approximately 60 minutes exceeding.

Okubo manages to get back on his feet at the count of eight. Okubo has experience as a fighter, and he has composed himself. Tokita Ohma comments that Terashi is using kinetic vision. Konoha Agito wonders if Terashi’s restriction got lifted by removing the mask. Okubo told Terashi that they could switch things up. Terashi thinks that Okubo is tough to break and realizes that he has 60 minutes to defeat Okubo, and he exceeds that it means his defeat and suffers brain damage.

Okubo sticks to his jab, and Terashi wonders if he has learned his lesson that jobs will expose him. But Terashi got pushed to the edge of the rin. Terashi realized that Okubo has been planning that the whole time. Terashi wonders if Okubo aims for a ring out while preparing to take damages when he grapples with him. Okubo gets ready to unleash the final blow. Terashi uses shivering to counterattack Okubo, who ends up knocking Terashi with a powerful jab. Okubo told Terashi to prepare to get beaten for looking down on a real martial artist.

Kengan Omega Chapter 119 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 119 release date is 30 July 2021. You can look at what happened in Kengan Omega Chapter 117 to find out what truly happened in the previous chapter.

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