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Spoilers & Highlights: Kengan Omega Chapter 114

Kengan Omega
Kengan Omega

The battle to determine which group is the best between Kengan Association and Purgatory continues. Earlier, before Liu got knocked out by Toku, Liu met with Naidan Monkhbat. Naidan questions Liu about Liu’s father’s burial, and Liu replies that it is not his father but his grandfather’s funeral. Kengan Omega Manga’s chapter title is ”It’s Not About Logic.” Liu told Naidan not to think about killing his father. Naidan got surprised that Liu’s father is still alive and wonders why Liu talked about his father’s will.

Liu comments that not what he meant, and his father is dead; he doesn’t want to see his father again. However, the two became good friends and talked about Liu’s father. Lui comments that he is more talented in Martial Arts than his father. Liu reveals that his father is one of the ”Big Shots” in the Taiwanese Martial Arts World. His father trained hi eight different Martial Arts at the same time. Liu wonders if there eight days in a week, but in the eight techniques, he masters five styles.

Liu talked about his mother and said she is from a family with ”Big Shots” in the Chinese Martial Arts World. Naidan asks Liu if he can access both Chinese and Taiwanese Martial Arts Spheres. Liu replies that it is hard for him to choose between his mom’s and father’s sides. Naidan realizes that Liu wants to mark his name in the book of history. Liu comments that he won’t allow himself to get used, and nothing good comes from choosing sides. Naidan discovered why Liu joined the Underground Martial Art World. Liu comments that it is the best option for him to make his path.

Kengan Omega Chapter 113 Highligts

Naidan told Lui that he is not accessible after everything he has pas through his life. In the present day, Lui heard ref Shin Alisa counting down to seven and the count of eight Lui comments Toku has never visited Taiwan. Toku got surprised after Liu gets up on the count of eight. Toku realizes that Lui contoured his blow, and that’s why Liu is back on his leg. Lui comments that he can’t lose now since he has known Naidan for a year. He realizes that the 365 days he spent with Naidan changed his life.

Liu talks about his friendship with Naidan and how terrible he speaks Japanese. Liu comment’s that ”friendship” isn’t about logic. The commentator and the crew wonders if Liu can do something that will turn the fight. Some fans wonder if Toku will take advantage and finished Liu once and for all. The fighters in the stand realize that this fight has entered its final stage.

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Whoever, between Liu and Toko, landed a clean hit will walk away with a victory. Unfortunately, Liu decided to counter with a devasting punch that almost caught Toku off guard. Toku returns with the right hook but Liu shower Toku with barrages. Both fighters take the fight in the middle of the ring, becoming a stand-up fight. Then, Liu pulled the super move that no one has ever seen in Japan. The crowd wonders what kinds of fighting styles is Liu using. The commentators think that Liu is using Chinese Martial Arts.

Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega

Russian Hook

Liu is rhyming with his striking, and Toku tries to blow the strikes buy they are breaking apart his defense. Finally, Toku managed to guard up and notice that he had to land something before Lui took over the dominance. So Toku unleashes a Russian Hook that bends along with Liu after landing. The Russian Hook sent Liu backward, but he managed to keep his ground. Toku wonders what kind of trick did Lui pull to survive Russian Hook.

Toku rushes in and tackles Liu, who uses elbow attacks. Kazu gets worried that Toku is losing his balance, and Agito wonders if Toki will return after those elbow attacks. Liu landed a flying kick. Tokita Ohma notices Toku entered his top ger without looking. Toku proves to be strong and survived all the killer moves that Liu landed. Liu’s striking force has increased after being knocked down three times. Toku notices that Liu’s strikes will trouble him if they keep on landing.

But Toki decided to eat some blow so that he could take Liu down. Liu hits Toku with The Shan Kao, and the chapter ends with Toku falling to the ground. The fans and the higher-ups wonder when will the brawl between the two will end. They feel like the battle between Toku and Liu is like a deathmatch.  Let’s find out what Toku will do after eating that powerful super combo blow in the next chapter. Take a look at this schedule below for you not to miss the next chapter.

Kengan Omega Chapter 114 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 114 release date is 17 June 2021. Also, read Kengan Omega Chapter 113: Spoilers And Recap.

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