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Kengan Omega Chapter 113: Spoilers and Recap

Kengan Omega

The hit battle between Toku and Liu continues after Lui landed a double dropkick. Keep in mind that Kengan Omega chapters get delayed. Lets’ find who will dominate the battle between Liu and Toku. Toku counters the double dropkick, but his defense is too weak, and Liu attacks him with mixed martial arts strikes. Toku kneels, and Kazuo started to get worried, realizing that they need this victory. Koga shouts at Toku, trying to boost Toku’s fighting confidence.

The commentators announce that Toku is down after receiving massive blows from Liu. They realize that Liu has finally unleashed his Kung Fu skills, and it is normal for Liu since he is known as the Genius Kung Fu Master. Liu shows a new stance that is different from the Western Martial Arts that many people know, and commentators realize that the fighting stance is Oriental Mystery, The Secret of Asian Martial Arts. The crowd and the fighters at the stand realize that Chines Martial Arts are one of the strongest.

Kengan Omega Chapter 112 Highlights

After suffering heavy strikes, Toku went down, and ref Shin Alisa begins to count down. Lolong folds his hands and wonders if Toku survives those massive blows. Lolong notices that Toku is conscious and wonders if he will get up, he is a monster among humans. Carlos Medel walks towards Lolong, who is analyzing the fight. On his way, Medel recalls the time he met with Naidan Monkhbat. Naidain offers Medel a wine. Medel comments that he wanted to drink that stuff after a long time. Then, Naidan asks Medel to state his business.

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Medel replies that he is here to inquire about Liu Dongcheng. Naidan realizes that he once battled with Liu and got thrashed. Naidan wonders if Medel is Liu’s next opponent. Medel asks Nidan to tell him about Liu. Naidan replies that he has known Lui for a long time and asks Medel if he can share info about Liu and give them the advantage to beat Liu. Medel comments that he is unsure, but it will help if Naidan could tell him something.

Naidan told Medel to ask anything, but he will give a little detail about Liu. Medel comments that he got surprised after witnessing that Liu has defeated a stronger man like Naidan. Liu after the match. Medel wonders if Naidain is not lying. Finally, Naidan reveals that when he fights with Liu, his first match debut and 3D overall battle in Purgatory.


Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega

Naidan reveals how Liu fights and what makes Lui get stronger during the battle. Medel thinks that if he fights Liu, he will win, but Naidan can fight Lui ten times and win more than half. Back to the battle, Toku shocked the fighting arena and got up after a count of seven. The commentators announce that Toku is back on his feet on the count of seven. But Toku is different after getting knocked out. Toku decided to take the fight to a distance buying some time for him to recover.

Toku landed simultaneous barrages without giving Liu a chance to fight back. Liu comments that Toku is an idiot who is landing amateur strikes that won’t scare him. Toku begins to gain momentum and control the fight, but Liu is one step ahead of him. Liu started to read Toku’s move and landed a heavy jab and comments that Touku’s goal was to grab him. Liu shouts that Toku won’t touch him and he will send him flying.

Toku ate those blows and dodged Fan Jin. Liu realizes that he left an opening after unleashing Fa Jin. Toku told Liu not to underestimate him and counters Fa Jin with Hua Jin. A heavy hummer blow landed on Lui’s face, and Toku grabs Lui. Toku uses Sambo, and Lui got smashed with the ground. Toku thinks that he has defeated Lui. The winner will get announced in the next chapter.

Kengan Omega Chapter 113 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 11 release date is 12 June 2021. You can also read Highlights: Kengan Omega Chapter 112.

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