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Spoilers & Highlights: Kengan Omega Chapter 111

Kengan Omega
Kengan Omega

The fight between Three Demon Fists: Seperpant Liu Dongcheng and Tokuno’o Tokumichi will begin soon. Toku weighs 86kg, 181cm, and Liu weighs 69 kg and 172cm. Tokito Ohma comments that Liu would have been an easy win if he didn’t improve. Kazuo realizes that they need this win no matter what. Toku has to get the job done. Liu notices that Toku has taken a composer, and it will be a tough one. Toku thinks that something is off about the Purgatory fighter since Naidan dies and Nicolas went crazy.

Lui realizes that Fei told him about the worms, and he wonders if the Kengan Association has something to do with the worms. Toku wonders why Liu is looking at him like that. He comments that he has to finish this without wasting any time. Liu told Toku to quit since he is a busy man. Toku told Lui to stop underestimating him since he is above his level. Liu realizes that the guy he wants to fight is Gaoh Ryuki. He comments that he wants to kill that brat. Lui told Toku that he is not interested in fighting him.

Kengan Omega Chapter 110 Highlights

Toku told Liu to stop focusing on Ryuki and get over the past. Liu replies that he will kill Toku, and he doesn’t like people who run their mouths. Toku hit Lui with some poem lines and rhymes. Lui realizes that Toku prefers Oscar Wilde, and he prefers Zakk Wylde. Liu quotes his favorite line: ”You and I really can’t see eye to eye.” Sayaka comments that the two are not done with the smack talk, but the match is about to start. Ref Shiina Alisa told the two to follow the instruction, and if they are ready, they can go.

The commentators reveal that the tenth match of the completion is about to begin. Liu made his fighting stance rolling one fist and a snake technique in his left hand. Katahara Metsudu comments that it is Shambo vs. Kung Fu, and it will be entertaining. He asks Ren if he was born in the same town as Liu, and Ren agrees while calling Kataraha his master. Katarahara also asks the two if they were both called Martial Arts Prodigies and asked Ren if he thinks he can beat Liu. Ren told his master to give him time to explain.

Liu Vs. Toku

Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega

Ren talked about the Heanvly Wolf Fist and explained the difference between his fighting stance and Liu’s fighting stance. Ren’s stance allows him to take down four opponents at the same time. Liu’s stance can take one opponent after another at a time. Cai reveals that Ren would never lose when he met with Liu at the battlefield, and Liu would be easy work for Ren. But in one-on-one combat, Liu would have the upper hand. Fei adds that Liu’s father was a big shot who put Liu through hell ever since Liu was a kid.

Fei reveals that he had one win and one loss against Liu. He also said Liu has lost while fighting with Lu Tian. Lolong Dinaire comments that Lui has slight chances of winning since he loses his cool and goes berserk in every fight. Inside the ring, Toku is glad to share the same ring with a guy who can go toe-on-toe with him. Lui realizes that if Toku tries to grapple with him, the fight is over. He decided to take the fight at a distance. Lui stands firm and thinks of four moves that he can use to tackle Toku’s grappling.

He realizes that he knows four moves, and nothing can take him by surprise. Toku attacks with FaJin. Liu managed to predict that and landed a powerful jab while commenting that this guy is an idiot. But Toku ate that punch on purpose and grabbed Liu’s hand before he takes it back. Toku remarks that he can take a single blow easily and landed a mighty blow that looks like KO.

Kengan Omega Chapter 111 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 111 date will release on Thursday, 27 May 2021. You can also read Kengan Omega Chapter 11o.

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