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Spoilers & Preview: Kengan Omega Chapter 110

Kengan Omega

After Ref Shin Alisa calls for the man to separate Akoya and Nicolas, Lolong steps up. He managed to separate the two and told them that the fight is over. In the passage, Carlos Medel and Rihito are rushing to the Arena after realizing that Akoya and Nicolas will challenge Lolong.  Rihito asks Medel if they should have brought the Falcon to help them. Medel replies that the Falcon is more injured than them. Rihito comments that he should have known that Akoya will start rampaging.

He thinks that they have to stop Akoya, but Medel reveals that they have to stop Lolong. Inside the ring, Akoya told Lolong to move away from the way of justice.  Lolong told Akoya and Nicolas that they must not make him repeat what he said. Nicolas comments that he is not leaving the ring without killing Akoya. Lolong told Nicolas to back off, and it is his last words. Nicolas replies that if Lolong tries to stop him, he will kill him along with Akoya. They both attack lolong, who pins them down using his shoulder.

Kengan Omega Chapter 109 Highlights

Lolong punished Akoya and Nicolas with heavy blows. Ohma enters the ring, and Lolong asks if Ohma is here to stop him. Ohma replies that he can do that if he has to. Nicolas is knocked out cold and Rihito arives along with Medel. They grab Akoya, who still wants to fight. Rihito calls Akoya a stupid moron and told him to calm down. Medel attacks Akoya with barrage punches that put Akoya to sleep. Medel comments that Akoya will rest for a while. He told Lolong that the situation is under control.

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Medel also said they could focus on the next matches since they are pro fighters. Lolong left the ring saying that Purgatory will deal with those two idiots. Ohma, thanks, Medel, for helping. Medel pities the Kerngan team since they still have to fight Lolong. Shin Alisa announces the match between Akoya and Nicolas as a no contest. At the stand, Kazuo told other fighters that Akoya and Nicolas would be kept in custody until the competition is over. Okubo wonders who the hell is Lolong, and he seems to be in his class.

Three Demon Fists: Serpent Lui Dongcheng

Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega

Kazuo comments that Lolong is stronger than anyone can imagine. Ohma reveals that Lolong is a monster in human form. Kazuo said that Lolong might be the captain of the Pugatory’s team. He told his team that they have four matches left, including the match with Lolong. Kazuo also said that the remaining opponents are two of three Demon Fists and The King Lolong. But the last one is Terashi, who is unknown. Two Demon Fists are Lui DongCheng and Fei Wangfang.

Takeshi asks about the unknown, and Okubo replies that the unknown has no record they can talk about. Ohma comments it means that they are not all A-List Gladiators. Kazuo said that without counting Terashi, the trio is the worst nightmare, and to win the competitions, they need three wins.  He asks Nitoku if he can get a win for them. Nitoku replies that he is on the job while heading to the ring. From the other side, Three Demon Fists: Serpent  Lui DongCheng steps up to challenge his opponent.

Lolong told Lui to forget about Naidan and focus on his opponent. Lui replies that he is a pro and will get his revenge later. Fei Wangfang comments that  Three Demon Fists: Serpent is getting serious. The next battle is Toku Noo Toku Michi Vs. Three Demon Fists: Serpent Lui Dongcheng. The Kengan team wonders when Lolong will step up. Notoku waits for Lui, who is making his way to the ring. Let’s meet next time with the updates of the next match.

Kengan Omega Chapter 110 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 110 date will release on Thursday, 20 May 2021. You can also read Kengan Omega Chapter 109.

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