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Kengan Omega Chapter 109: Release Date & Spoilers

Kengan Omega
Kengan Omega

The intense battle between Akoya and Nicolas continues. Note that the Kengan Omega chapter gets delayed. The chapter is titled Uncontrollable. Akoya bit Nicolas’s neck when Nicolas was about to unleash his final move. At the stand, Kazuo comments that he knew Akoya would do that. Okubo comments that he told them they shouldn’t have allowed Akoya to step in. Cosmo realizes that when he was fighting with Akoya, he pulled that trick, and Akoya bites his neck. Nicolas sends Akoya away by landing a powerful uppercut.

He comments that Akoya wants to die easily without suffering. After receiving some beatings, Nicolas notice that Akoya has recovered from paralysis. Nicolas unleashes Execution Justice aiming to finish Akoya. But Akoya slams Nicolas with the ground. The commentator shouts that the Baton of Justice got knocked down, the Grim Reaper of Paris is smooching the ground. They wonder if it is over for Nicolas, who is not moving. But Nicolas taps Akoya leg attacking paralizyng techque.

Kengan Omega Chapter 108 Highlights

Akoya started to lose his balance, and he falls to the ground. The fighters and commentators are stunned that Akoya is knocked down again, and it is deja vu. A double knocked down again within a space of two minutes; no one knows when the brawl between the two ends. Akoya composes himself and calms down while he gets up. He asks Nicolas if he doesn’t know when to give up. The two stay on their knees and exchange body blows. Ref Shin Alisa notices that the two are attacking when she continues.

She told them to stop, but they continue on fighting. Nicolas landed a spear hand on Akoya’s throat, and he ignores the ref. The fighter realizes that if he keeps on attacking, he will be disqualified. Akoya manages to stand his ground, and Nicolas realizes that he has immobilized Akoya’s arms. He thinks that Akoya won’t land heavy blows, and it is time to finish Akoya and put him to sleep. When he is about to attack, Akoya begins to shower Nicolas with massive headbutts.

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Commentator Sayaka notices that Akoya is slamming his face against the crown, but he also receives the damage. Tyson wonders why Akoya’s hands are immobilized. Akoya got brutally beaten, and his face is hard to look at now. Akoya comments that it is good, and he unleashes a stance of suppression. Tokita Ohma realizes that the stance Akoya used when fighting with Imai.

Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega

Bloody Brawl

Nicolas told Akoya that there is no time for jocking, and he is pissed off. He also told Akoya that time is up and he has to die. Terashi realizes that Akoya is about to do something he has hiding ever since the battle begins. He also notices that Nicolas gets serious when he fights to kill. That makes Nicolas hold a poor record at Pugatoiry, where killing is against the rules. Nicolas swings and misses; Akoya cover Nicolas’s face with the palm of his hand. Akoya smashes Nicolas’s face who realizes that he can’t go down alone.

Nicolas attacks with a backheel when he is falling to the ground. They both went down on the knee, and Ref Shin Alisa begins counting. When she counted, they began to wrestle on the ground, and she told them to stop. Shin realizes that these two are going for a kill, and she warns them that they will get disqualified if they fight when she is counting. But they continue smashing each other, and no one can stop the bloody brawl.

Shin realizes that if she doesn’t do something, they will kill each other. She raises her hand, signaling for other fighters to come and separate the two. Lolong Donaire steps up and separates Nicolas and Akoya. He told them that the fight is over and asks if there is any objection. Ohma notices that Lolong is strong, and it was easy for him to separate the two.

Kengan Omega Chapter 109 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 109 will release on Thursday, 13 May 2021. Kenga Omega Chapters are released every Thursday. Also, read Kengan Omega chapter 108.

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