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Kengan Omega Chapter 108 Spoilers and Highlights

Kengan Omega

The battle continues after a double knockout out, and Nicolas seems to be an advantage. Kengan Omega had revisited Nicolas’s past before he got his first debut as an MMA fighter. The chapter is titled Apocalypse; in the past, Nicolas was a soldier working with Jean. The two were best friends, and they head out to battle with enemies. After coming back with a victory. Nicolas told Jean that they have survived for another day. Jean told Nicolas that they are meeting again. The two lived in the same together, and their unit has no name.

The unit was considered as the ghosts that don’t officially exist. But after they were deployed, their personal information was erased. Suppose they died nothing about the remains. No one was allowed to have relatives in each unit but except for Nicolas. Jean repeated Nicolas since Nicolas was the one who volunteered for the HellBound unit. He considered Nicolas as his hero. Nicola’s brother is a kickboxing hero, and he was the best hand-to-to-hand combat in the unit.  The was no one who can compete with him and use weapons as he does.

Kengan Omega Chapter 107 Highlights

Nicolas is not like any other guy; he gives up a military career for a path of hardship. The other day one of the soldiers told Jean that he knows that Nicolas must be the protagonist of this world. But it is a goodnight for Jean to die. That day the guy killed many soldiers and told Jean that he has been waiting for this moment. This is the day that the guy realizes that he could swing the Grim Reaper’s Scythe. Jean decided to fight with the guy. He told the guy to respect Nicolas since he was the true hero.

Jean reminds that guy how Nicolas was noble, kind, beautiful, and the protagonist of his world. The two had a fierce battle, and Jean won the battle by killing that guy. He reveals that he is the one who killed the protagonist. Jean wonders how Nicolas is dead since Nicolas was the center of the world. That day Jean say goodbye to himself and change his appearance to resemble Nicolas Le Banner. In the present, the battle continues, and he took off his glasses. He comments that Nicolas Le Banner was him all along.

The Grim’s Reaper

Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega


Jean is fighting as Nicolas Le Banner, who he killed during the soldier war. Akoya attacks and Nicolas kicks him back. He landed massive blows that knock out Akoya for the second time. The commentator shouts that Akoya is down again. It has not yet been revealed that Nicolas is Jean. Only Jean knows about that, but Teddy and Ren are suspicious of Nicolas. They are worried that they don’t have clues and prove that the one fighting is not the Grim’s Reaper Nicolas.

The Kengan Association fighters wonder why Akoya has knocked down again. CEO of Wakas Life Insurance, Hiyama Shunka, is worried about Akoya. She has noticed that the guy is receiving a massive blow. His body has been smashed, and he might end up being paralyzed if this battle doesn’t end soon. Ref Shin Alias counts down as Akoya is about to get up. Akoya told Nicolas not to lose sight of his justice. Akoya manages to get up in the count of 3.

But he received a powerful jab, and Ohma notice that Nicolas is recovering and punishing Akoya. Nicolas uses the Grim Reaper to finish Akoya, who is trembling. He opens his arms and Akoya falls on his chest. Nicolas comments that he won’t let this chance pass. He also comments ”It’s a good night for you to die, Monsieur.” Before the Grm’s Reaper is complete. Akoya bit Nicolas’s neck. The blood started pouring and Akoya told Nicolas to be gone since he is evil.

Kengan Omega Chapter 108 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 108 will release on Thursday, 7 MayApril 2021. Kenga Omega Chapters are released every Thursday. Try more updates here: Kengan Omega chapter 107

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