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What is Kendra Scott’s Net Worth, Is She Still Married?

Kendra Scott Net Worth
Kendra Scott as the Best CEO of Austin, Texas

We all know the notable fashion designer of America named Kendra Scott. Other than her skills in the field of fashion, she is also a businesswoman. Not only she handles one post but two. She handles the post of Executive Chairwoman well as is the lead designer of the Kendra Scott, LLC. Other than that, she is the former CEO of the esteemed company. Being such a great fashion designer and an established businesswoman, her name was counter under the list of Ernst & Young’s National Entrepreneur of the Year. She won the award in 2017. 

Kendra Scott Net Worth

Kendra Scott with her first baby

Born on the 27th of March in 1974, she was in the beautiful city of Kenosha, which is in Wisconsin. Being born and bought up there, she, along with her family, moved to the city of Houston, which is in Texas. They shifted there when she was 16years old. She completed her high school at the esteemed school of Texas named Klein High school. Like other teenage girls, she followed her high school love to college. With that, she got enrolled in the Texas A&M University. She studied there for years or so before she moved to the beautiful city of Austin, which is in Texas as well. Moving there, she dropped out of college at the age of 19. Like many other daughters, she also loved her father, which became the main reason for her moving to Austin, which is she moved there to help her stepfather, who was ill. 

With time she acquired more and more skills, and she opened up her first-ever business, which was named The Hat Box. In this company, she mainly focused on making hats that would give comfort to the woman who fought the deadly disease, cancer and is currently going through chemotherapy treatment.  Her company became more and more popular because everyone liked how comfortable and yet stylish the design of her hats was. Not only is she a good businesswoman, but she is also a sympathetic person. We can understand her kind-hearted and sympathetic nature with the donation that she made for helping the research going on for cancer with the money she earned by selling the hats for the women going through chemotherapy treatment. She used to make jewelry in her house, which is in Austin which is in Texas. She did her jewelry business before starting her own fashion brand.


Kendra Scott Net Worth

Kendra Scott, the former CEO of Kendra Scott LLC

After the success she received from her jewelry business, she established her own fashion company in 2002 named Kedra Scott LLC. Her office, or as we may say her place of starting the business, was the spare bedroom that she had in her home. The investment of her business was somewhere around $500. She started the business just after giving birth to her oldest son. Starting with a small place, she had to struggle a lot. She used to go from one store to the other in order to sell her the samples that she made. She was more eager to sell the sample so that she can have more funds to purchase more materials so that she can fulfill the orders she took on the first day. She went from one boutique to another and finally sold her samples to the last boutiques she went to. 

With time her skills and work improve. After a few years, that is, after a span of 3years, which was in 2005, her design got chosen to accessorize the models of the popular runway show named Oscar De la Renta’s Spring 2006 Runway Show. Other than that, in the following year, that is in 2007, she made her designs so good that her designs appeared in another popular runway show named Randolph Duke’s 2007 runway show. Her designs, as well as her business, was going pretty until the gloomy year came. After her success in the 2007 runway show, she faced a major financial crisis in 2009 which led to the closing of her own company. But as we know, there is always a silver lining to all the dark clouds. The silver lining of her business was the period when she received a somewhat huge amount of order from some of the stores which were in the popular city of Nordstrom. With this order, not only did she earned the exposure she needed, but the payment allowed her to expand her business.

With time she got more and more payments, from which she set up her first retail shop southern side of Congress Avenue in Austin itself. She set up her own store in 2010. Her business grew so much that in 2010 itself, she took her business to the internet and started an e-commerce business.  By the end of 2010, she also launched her Color Bar experience of her own brand. With all this, we can say that the year 2010 was the year of success for her. In that very year, she earned so much that she was capable of opening a second store. She established her second store on Rodeo Drive, which is in Beverly Hills. But as fate may happen, the situation forced her to close the shop. After some years, that is, after a period of 3years, which was in 2014, our favorite fashion designer that is Kendra Scott, opened some stores on the Southern and the Midwestern side of the country. While setting up the store on the other side, she became ignorant about the fact that the fashion elite lies mainly in New York and Los Angeles. Other than that, after a couple of years, that is in 2016, she sold a minority of her company’s stake to an esteemed private firm named Berkshire Partners. The valuation of the stake was $1billion. Later she valued her fashion jewelry, fine jewelry, home accessories, nail lacquer, and beauty product at a price of $1billion. 

With time her success remained on the positive side of the graph. By the end of 2019, she established a total of 102 retail stores where she sold her design. Other than that, she also grew her business in the field of e-commerce. Apart from that, her merchandise was also sold in the popular chain shop of London named Selfridges. Not only in one but her designs were sold in Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus Van Maur, as well as in Bloomingdale’s. Not only is branded shop and shop chains, but her designs were also sold in more than 1,000 specialized boutiques all around the world. Being a businesswoman, she also knows how to empire woman. So, in order to do that, she gives employment mostly to women. With that, her company has recruited more than 2000 woman staff which makes a total of 95%. Apart from that, she also made Tom Nolan the CEO of her company named Kendra Scott LLC. We can also see her helpful nature in her work, as she tries to help out the younger companies by investing in them. She mostly invested in the younger companies of Austin, Texas. The list of the younger companies where she invested and helped them grow includes Helm Boots and Darbie Angell dinnerware.

Net Worth

Kendra Scott Net Worth

Kendra Scott Net Worth

Not only is she one of the greatest businesswomen and fashion designers around the world, but also the most admired person for her kind and soft-hearted nature.  She owns more than 100 retailed shops only in Austin and Texas. With being such a great personality not only in her career field that is fashion designing but also for her works of charity, her net worth is somewhere estimated to be $500million. 


Kendra Scott working with the charity programs for children

Other than being such a great businesswoman, she is also a kind-hearted woman. She has a donation history of supporting women and children for many causes. For supporting people, she started a program with the name Kendra Cares Program in 2015. With the program, she was able to bring her company’s customizable Color Bar jewelry experience to pediatric hospitals all around the world. After a couple of years, that is, in 2017, her esteemed company reached out to help more than 10,000 persons by giving out things from her stores. The program was named Kendra Gives Back. Being such a kind-hearted person, she donated money to the locals for their causes. She also donated over 75,000 pieces of jewelry.

After a couple of years, that is in 2019; she decided to launch an entrepreneurship program for women named Kendra Scott Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute. In order to launch the program, she donated a total of $1million to the popular university named The University of Texas. Other than that, since the growth of her company is from 2010, her company has donated a total of $30million.

Awards and Recognition

Kendra Scott as the Best CEO of Austin, Texas

With being one of the greatest businesswomen, the list of her awards and recognition is never-ending. In 2017, she won not one but two awards that is the national Award of entrepreneurship named EY Entrepreneur of the Year. Other than that, she also won Breakthrough Award from the Accessories Council Excellence Awards. Apart from that, she has also made her way to the Forbes list. Her name is on the 40th position of the Forbes list named List of America’s Richest Self-Made Women in 2019. Other than that, she also had her position in the list of Outstanding Mother of the Year. She was given the position by the Mother’s Day Council. She was also regarded as the Texas Businesswoman of the Year. She was given the title by the Women’s Chamber of Commerce. Apart from that, she also earned her position in the Top 100 Entrepreneurs of the Year. She was given the title by the popular business journal named Upstart Bussiness Journal. In 2017, she was also regarded as the CEO of the Year. She was given the title by another popular business journal named Austin Bussiness Journal. 

Apart from that, she also earned her position in the fashion council of America named Council of Fashion Designers of America. After some years, that is, in 2019, she earned her position in the popular business name named Texas Bussiness Hall of Fame. With that, she became the 12th woman whose name was included in the list. After a couple of years is during the deadly pandemic year, which was 2020 in April, she was regarded as the Strike Force to Open Texas. This was basically a group that was given the tasks of ways which will be safe and yet efficient, which will lead to the reopening of the state. This was done during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Personal Life

Kendra Scott Net Worth

Kendra Scott with her family

Our very favorite fashion designer is married to John Scott. They tied the knot on the 24th of June in 2000. After some time, they became parents of two children. But for some reason or the other, they parted their ways legally on the 22nd of August in 2006. After some year, that is in 2014, on the 6th of June, Kendra Scott was found to be living with Austinite Matt Davis in their residence in Sedona, which is in Arizona. After some years, the couple became parents of one child. But for some reason or the other, that got legally separated in September 2020.

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