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Will There Be Kemono Jihen Season 2?

Kemono Jihen Season 2 Release Date

Kemono Jihen, another amazing adaptation of the manga, has concluded its first season with an announcement of the second season. The first season of Kemono Jihen had 12 episodes, and the last episode was released on 28th March 2021. It was called Kemono Incidents, and it talks about Akira trying to get off the nil calculus from Yui’s chest. While trying to get it off, he sees his brother’s thoughts during their time together at the snow village. In mindfulness, Yui and Akira are seen as young children. They are working around where Hisame confronted them and brought them back to a cabin. It assures them that if something were to happen to both of them, the snow community would perish. They are practiced care of by the women in the community.

It was announced that a male kimono is born only in 100 years until Yui and Akira are shown as twins. Through his memories, it is also reported that they didn’t know what their mother looks like, and their ancestor was kept isolated, and Yui vows to himself that he and Akira will never be like their father’s state.


While roaming outside, they find a magazine abandoned by a human. At bedtime, Akira tells Yui that he needs to go to Tokyo. Yui matches for them to go to Tokyo anytime and live their life modestly there. During their time of dreaming of moving to Tokyo, Yui is appointed as the snow village chief. Yui realizes the women of the village’s decision process on choosing him over Akira and the kind of approach he will be receiving from thereon.

One night, Hisame attempts to have sex with Yui, saying that it’s been over ten years since his forerunner become impotent, and she’s arranged for that moment. At bedtime, Yui is silent. Akira asks him if his services are tough since he comes home late and wants to help him. Instead of telling the truth, Yui informs him that it requires a lot of reading and thinking. Hearing this, Akira had second thoughts. Alternatively, he gives Yui an underdone flower he found on a tree and compliments him on becoming a chief.

Season 1 Conclusion

Yui then learned different brands of things as a snow village chief. He is brought to the nil calculus neighborhood and visits the place when he has nothing to do since it relaxes him. As the days have gone by, Yui conceives himself as filthy. When Akira and Yui were outside, Akira suddenly asks Yui if making babies is hard. Yui is astounded to hear this and closes Akira’s mouth and asks him where he hears it, to which Akira answers that he heard it from the women talking. Akira wants his brother to let him do something, too, since he can’t bear witnessing Yui fights all by himself. Yui protects Akira, stating that he doesn’t oblige to do anything since Akira is weak.

However, there are some elements that Akira is better at, his smile. Yui tells Akira that his laugh is his saving grace and tells him not to be filthy and defend him. Yui declares to brainwash all the women in the village. Akira announces to Yui that he wet the bed. After deliberate thinking, Yui realizes that if the women discovered that Akira had started ejaculating, the women might not support the chief’s rule being the only one transmitting his seed. He then decides to assume all the village women and claims that he will get pregnant in exchange for Akira leaving the village. Otherwise, he will kill himself. Hisamu answers, saying that if Yui kills himself, they’ll make Akira the head. Yui then asks Hisame if she had neglected his body.

Kemono Jihen Season 2 Release Date

The second season of Kemono Jihen would not be releasing anytime soon as the first season is concluded at the end of March and the production will at least take a year to release the next episode. Fans are looking forward to the next season.

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