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Spoilers and Preview: Kemono Jihen Episode 10

Kemono Jihen

Shiki and Aya have taken their mother to the hospital. Ohana-Obasa gives Kumi a special herb since she notices that Shiki is panicking. Akira wonders if the Ohana-Obasa is a human, and she replied that she is not a Kemono. Inugami reveals that she is a special doctor who treats Kemonos. She allows them to stay until Shiki’s mom recovers. In the evening, Shiki stayed where his mother is. Let’s find more about Kemono Jihen below.

Aya was standing near the door, thinking that she has no right to get inside the room. She recalls her past and how her healing silk work on her. Aya discovers that she had a brother when she was three years. Shiki calls Aya to get inside the room, and they both talked about their feelings towards their mom.

Kemono Jihen Episode 10 Release Date

Kemono Jihen Episode 10 will release on Sunday, 14 March 2021, at 10:00 on ANIPLUS, AnimeLab, Funimation, and Netflix. Let’s see the latest updates have for us below.

Previously on Kemono Jihen Episode 9

After hearing the two talking, Kumi wakes up and saw Shiki in front of her. Akira and Kabane wake up after hearing that Kumi has regained consciousness. It has been a week ever since Shiki’s mom has woke up. Shiki is staying with her and Aya at the inn near the town. Inugami and the others visited Shiki, who told them that he would be staying with his mom for a while. He told them that his mom has not fully recovered.

Shiki also told them that he has a family now and he has to rethink his future. Akira asks him if he is going to quit being a Kemonist. Shiki replies that he will come and visit, and they could also come. They talked, and the trio had back wondered if Shiki will return. Inugami said it is good for Shiki since he has spent a lot of time alone.

Kemono Jihen

Kemono Jihen


Later Shiki surprised them and visited them; Akira asks him he has come back. Shiki replies that things have not settled down yet. He told Kabane that he owes him, and until Kabane finds his parents, he will never quit being a Kemonist. Akira is glad that they still have to spend their last day with Shiki. Aya also joined them wearing new clothes. Kabane said he would be guarding Aya while she is doing her work.

Aya told Inugami that she is working at the clinic with Ohana. Shiki thinks she is too young to work. He asks Kabane to stop her, and Kabane replies that she uses her power to help patients. Aya told Inugami that her silk would be used to heal the patients. She started to do some investigation about the last fight that Kabane had.

Aya said she was impressed by Kabane’s skills and asked him if he has a girlfriend. Kabane agree to go out on a date with Aya. Akira and Shiki can’t believe it since Kabane doesn’t know what it means to go out on a date. Akira asks Kabane what it means to go out with someone. Kabane said it means doing something with someone.

Kon arrived and told Kabane that she had gotten stronger he can come and fight her. She notices that Aya is holding on to Kabane and goes near her, wondering why she is holding Kabane. Inugami comments that they can put the fun aside and get down to business. The news reporters reveal that there are women found being hurt and sustaining facial injuries in Harajuku. There are no leads of the assailant; polices are researching for the suspect.

Kemono named Katanashi

Kemono Jihen

Kemono Jihen

Kabane is worrying if the case has something to do with a Kemono. Kon decided to help, and she is sent out with Kabane and Aya. When they arrive at the scene, they met with a police officer. He told them that no kids are allowed here; it is dangerous. Kabane told the officer that Inugami sends them, and he allowed them to pass. Kabane told Aya and Kon to be careful since he can feel the Kemono scent.

Kon got left behind since she can’t bear to see Aya holding on to Kabane. When she is alone, she hears voices. The voices told her that they could help her. Aya got pulled by an invisible lady. Kabane landed a blow and saved Aya, and the invisible lady became visible. Kabane asks her why she is attacking women, and she replies that she wants to look like them.

The lady reveals that she is a Kemono named Katanashi. She reveals that she is taking the faces of all beautiful women. She is doing that because she is in love with a handsome boy and she is not beautiful. The beautiful woman always hangs around him, and she can’t bear to see them. Aya uses her silk and helps Katanashi to be a human gain.

Kemono Jihen Episode 10 Preview

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