Kemono Friends 2 Anime Reveals New Visual

The official website for Kemono Friends 2 revealed some news about the show. The site revealed a new visual for the anime. On the visual, we can see Serval with a new character in Caracal. The anime is going to premiere on January 8 at 2:05 a.m. It will premier on TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, TV Aichi, and AT-X.

The story of the new season kicks off with Serval and Caracal finding a “human” child in the forest. They travel with the child, and they meet new friends. Together they will uncover the secrets of Japari Park. They are involved in an event which will turn the entire world on its head.

Kemono Friends 2 Anime New Visual

The anime is being directed by Ryuichi Kimura (Aikatsu!) at Tomason. Tmtakuya Masumoro is writing ans supervising the scripts. Hideo Taniguchi (Folktales from Japan) is the CG director, and Nobuyuki Abe is reprising his role as the sound director. Yasuyuki Konno is credited for sound effects. Akiyuki Tateyama returns as the music composer. Shinnosuke Numata is credited as animation producer.

Kemono Friends 2

Here is the synopsis of the show—
The story is set in Japari Park, which is an enormous integrated zoo built somewhere in this world. A mysterious substance found there, called “Sand Star,” causes the animals to turn into humanoid beings called “Animal Girls”! These new creatures spend every day peacefully with the zoo’s visitors… but after some time, a lost child turns up in the park. The child’s attempt to find the way home turns into a great adventure with the Animal Girls!

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