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Kelly Carlson’s Net Worth, Career, Personal Life & Earnings

Kelly Carlson feature image
Kelly Carlson feature image

We all are familiar with the popular personality of American television who is by profession not only an actress but also a model named Kelly Carlson. Though she started her career-long ago but came to the mainstream limelight after her notable role in the popular television drama series named Nip/ Tuck. The show was aired on the popular channel named FX. In the series, she portrayed the part of one of the major characters named Kimber Henry. Apart from that, she also started her career as a model.

She made her debut in the field of modeling by earning contracts for different advertising campaigns for popular brands, namely Miller Lite, Rembrandt as well as for Oliver Peoples. Most of the companies that she worked in in her initial days were accessory-based company mainly sunglasses. Having a growing fan base, she earned the opportunity to feature on the front of the page of not one but two popular magazines. She earned her first opportunity in the month of August in 2004. She featured on the front page of the magazine everyone loved, that is the Maxim Magazine. After a month or so, that is in the month of October in 2004, she got another opportunity to feature in the popular magazine named Stuff Magazine.

Childhood and Education

Born on the 17th of February in 1976 in the beautiful city of Minneapolis, which is in the states of Minnesota located in the United States, was the popular model named Kelly Lee Carlson. Gradually with time, as she grew up and became passionate about acting, she shortened her name and removed her middle name with which she became Kelly Carlson. After her birth, her parents shifted to Bloomington, which is in Minnesota. Moving there, she was enrolled in one of the most esteemed schools named the Academy of Holy Angles which is in the city of Richfield in the state of Minnesota itself. Being passionate about acting, she started taking her initial steps towards the field.


Kelly Carlson Net Worth

Kelly Carlson as Kimber Henry in the popular series Nip/Tuck

After starting her career in 2004, she never looked back, and the graph of her career always remained on the positive side. Apart from being a prominent model, with her personality, she earned the opportunity to be the prophet of the renowned international community named Smile Network International, which mainly focuses on providing health care services for the impoverished children as well as for the young adults of mainly the countries which was developing. Apart from that, she also took the initiative to ban the trade of horses that are bred in America but are exported to the Mexican slaughterhouses.

Apart from her works as a philanthropist, being passionate about acting, she made her way to the theatrical groups of some renowned productions. She played a major as well as a minor role in many theatrical shows, namely Vanities, Cheaters, Girls Guide to Chaos, Charlotte’s Web as well as Can’t Trust the Mate. After some time, she appeared as a minor supporting character in a 2001 released movie named 3000 Miles to Graceland. Being impressed with her work, after a couple of years, that is in 2003, she earned the opportunity to be in the guest role for the popular drama series named Nip/Tuck.

The series was aired on the popular channel named FX. She drew the role of the character named Kimber Henry. The way she pulled up the character impressed not only the audience but also caught the eye of the critics. Followed by the success of the character in the first episode, she started appearing in more and more episodes in the initial seasons. After some time, the fan of Kimber Henry increased which further lead to making her appearance in the third season more frequent. Her character was later continued till the end of the series. The last season was aired in the month of March 2010.

Apart from being a part of such a popular show Nip/Tunk, in those years, she earned more and more offers for not only some popular shows but also for some feature films of some renowned producers. She played major and minor roles in the movies, namely Paparazzi which was premiered in 2004. After a couple of years, that is in 2006, she played a major role in the hit feature film named The Marine. Apart from that, she played the role of one of the major characters in the popular movie, which was later made as sequels named Starship Troopers 2:Hero of the Federation. The first installment of the movie was premiered in 2004.

Apart from the major roles, she also played the roles of an antagonist character in the movie, which is under the comedy genre named Made of Honor. The movie was premiered in 2008. She played the role of her character along with the popular cast of Patrick Dempsey as well as Michelle Monaghan. Being impressed with her acting, she earned the opportunity to be a guest of the popular crime-based show named Everwood CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami. Apart from that, she also made her guest appearance in other popular shows and series such a Monk, The Finder, and so on. Gradually with time, she ventured out some new career fields in the industry itself. Currently, she is working as a producer.

She made her debut on the big screen with the hit movie of 2007 named Dead of Winter. The movie was later renamed Killer Movie. She played her part with the talented cast of Leighton Meester and Kaley Cuoco. But as fate may happen few days before the shoot started the role that was to be played by Carlson was given to some other actress named Cydia Batten. The reason stated for the sudden change was quite common in the sets of movies that are due to differences in opinions of the directors. After a couple of years, that is, in 2009 she earned a major role in the sequel drama named Melrose Place. In the series, she with her graceful acting, portrayed the role of a Hollywood Madam. Apart from that, in that very year which is in 2009 itself, she made a minor appearance in a popular television movie of Canada named Degrassi Goes Hollywood.

Net Worth

Kelly Carlson Net Worth

Kelly Carlson Net Worth

Being such a prominent star of not only American television but also on the big screen is Kelly Carlson. Other than that, she is also a great model. With all this, Kelly Carlson has a net worth of somewhere estimated to be $500 thousand.

Personal Life

Kelly Carlson Net Worth

Kelly Carlson with her husband

Kelly Carlson, the prominent personality in the field of acting who has her name and fame not only on the small screen but also on the big screen is, announced her retirement in the month of May in 2020. Other than that, she also declared that she is now married to her former security guard who is currently practicing his security training for the military. On the other hand, the couple is staying at their house, which is in San Diego.

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