Kefla’s Fusion to Run Out of Time, Universe 4′ Hidden Warrior’s with Special Abilities


Howdy, everyone, I’m here with another blog and this time I’ll be discussing the ongoing-viral-fusion, Kefla. More than half of the Tournament of Power is already over, the time left is 21 minutes; The last one standing will get his/her universe spared from being destroyed and get a chance to wish through the Super dragon balls. Most of the nuisance-causing warriors are already eliminated except for Rebrianne and few more warriors.

Last week, Dragon Ball Super aired its 114th episode, featuring the Potara fusion between one berserk super Saiyan and a normal Saiyan which resulted in Kefla; Despite the fact that it’s Kale and Caulifla’s fusion, Kefla resembles more of Caulifla’s personality and overconfidence. Kefla also retains Caulifla’s overweening attitude.

Episode 114 resulted in showing the true extent of Kefla’s power; According to Vados, Kefla’s power embraces of Kale and Caulifla’s power merged to their appropriate absolute peak and then multiplied tens of times over. Goku in his Super Saiyan Red/God form had no chance against her. And, in the next episode (episode 115) of Dragon Ball Super, we are going to see more of Goku vs Kefla.

We guys are talking about a potara-fusion and forgetting about the time limits and rules to potara, aren’t we ignoring things? Yep, I guess you get it till now. Kefla is a fusion between Kale and Caulifla; Caulifla is known for her cocky and overweening attitude and Kale is known for the unimaginable extent to her power also the RAGE that can run wild, most likely be causing problems with the Fusion as well.

Well, it will be an amazing demonstration of some power as she continues their battle against Goku. The reason for having Kefla fight Goku makes sense because we are familiar with his power and then with commentary from the stands (Team U7 did that) it will confirm how strong this new fusion is. This is to build up how strong they are only to have them be defeated suddenly by an unexpected opponent.

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They are just inexperienced fighters and careless as Caulifla was already saved from being eliminated once by Hit. Then both wanting to run in and help Hit without realizing and being able to understand what he was up too against Jiren.

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So with power going to their head in this fusion, they will be full of even more openings for an experienced fighter to strike. Of course, a prime candidate to do that would be Frieza with his hate for the Saiyans eliminating Cabba and saying that Caulifla and Kale were next.

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This is a likely scenario but the big mystery of the tournament still hasn’t been revealed on the stage yet in the 2 hidden fighters of Universe 4. They have to be revealed and have some grand entrance at some point. What better of a time then to eliminate this new powerful fusion of Kefla. Keep in mind when Whis was talking about them on the sidelines and stating how the Universe 4 fighters had many special abilities and they could strike at a pivotal time in the tournament.

I just don’t see this fusion lasting very long and while it will be entertaining to watch. It would be a great time for the hidden fighters to strike and surprise everyone by eliminating such a powerful enemy easily.

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I am not saying they will outright overpower Kefla but they will have an opening and it will be perfect for them to strike catching them off guard and throwing them off the arena edge to eliminate 2 warriors at one time.

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So, if someone asks you why Kefla is fighting Goku, it”s just because the creators wanted to demonstrate more of her powers, Goku will transform to Super Saiyan blue in next episode which made us think that her power level is around Super Saiyan Blue.

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Then, Goku said, “I’ll have to use king kai fist” which means she’s stronger than Goku Super Saiyan Blue. Well, this is how it works. And, it’s the best way to show her true power. I know she’s turned out to be a lot overpowered but watching her fight against Jiren won’t tell us about her power levels.

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Well, that’s all for today, Thanks for reading.


Dragon Ball Super Just Revealed A New Rule That Will Change ToP

In the most recent episode of Dragon Ball Super Episode 115, we saw an outstanding battle of Saiyans Goku Vs. Kefla. During the fight Goku Vs. Kefla Grand Priest stated that Potara Fusion is allowed.     

Why Zeno-Sama allowed Potara Earrings?

I think the best answer to this would be that anything that Zeno finds amusing or entertaining can be considered safe. Even though Roshi used the bottles and Krillin used the sunglasses and the shoe, Zeno was likely entertained by the same, and he didn’t have any issue with it.

Not once does he mention that Fusion is illegal but he does say items are not legal which puts the Potara earrings in this weird grey area of rules, however in one of the episodes of Dragon Ball Super where Master Roshi used the Mafuba Jar to seal Frost and Zeno is okay with it. It’s slowly mentioned that Zeno was okay with this because he only thought it looked cool.

Zeno’s enjoyment replaces the rules in place, Potara earrings will be okay since will only be assumed as “cool.”

However, items that are not harmful by

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