Kefla Is In Trouble: Potara Fusion’s Biggest Disadvantage

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The Potara earrings are actually only for Supreme Kais, and Mortals like Goku and Vegeta should not even be allowed to use them. They used them in the Buu saga to defeat Super Buu because they weren’t also barely strong enough to beat him and also the Old Kai didn’t know any other way.

Before the start of the Tournament of Power, Champa gives a pair of Potara earrings to kale and caulifla as a last resort to use. Caulifla and Kale put them on in the tournament, after getting overwhelmed by Goku. They fuse and become Kefla (Kefura), who then proceeds to fight Goku.

So today I’m going to talk about Disadvantages of Potara Fusion.

Fused warrior cannot lower his power.

If a person is transformed while fusing, the fused being will not be able to power down from that transformation. As a result, more specific transformations, such as Super Saiyan, can put a significant loss of stamina on the user’s body and shorten his or her lifespan.Fused Zamasu is permanently in the state of SSJ Rose due to Goku Black using it when he fused.


Potara isn’t a technique it’s duration time can’t be improved.

If the warrior is Strong, it will defuse fast, as Goku and Vegeta defused within five mins.

In the series, it’s explained by Gowasu that the Potara earrings aren’t a permanent fusion if it involves two non-gods and that this was merely something that Kaioushin didn’t know about during the Buu saga. Potara got retconned so that the Fusion works only for about an hour on non-gods, and that time can be cut down by excessive power usage.

It decreases the lifespan of the warrior.

In the Series, if a fusion occurs between mortal and immortal, the resultant fusion will no longer be wholly indestructible and can be erased; also, he or she will become corrupt if injured, both physically and mentally.

During the Goku Black saga Future Trunk’s Slash was able to destroy Fused Zamasu. Because of this although Zamasu continued to exist without a body.

Not to mention one part of this Kefla fusion is Kale and her energy and rage can run wild most likely causing problems with the Fusion.

After fusion ends, both fused warriors stamina will lose.

 If the fusion were to be beaten the two will split with no stamina, It was already suggested by Goku when he wanted to go Super Saiyan 3 before fusing with Vegeta, but King Kai quickly informs him that fusing with this Method will cause extreme stress on the Fusion.

If you break one of the spheres in the earrings, then the fusion would become unstable, and the people would defuse.


4 ToP Warriors That Have A Chance Of Defeating Jiren

Jiren is a monstrous fighter from Universe 11, with power that even exceeds the God of Destruction of his own Universe, Belmod. We saw him in action against Goku, and he stomped on him. As of now, Jiren isn’t even fighting anymore. After Goku lost Ultra Instinct and was of no match, Jiren went to meditate, because there were no worthy opponents left that could fight him. But, will that be the case until the end? I don’t really think so. Rather, I believe Jiren will be called into action very soon. There are very few who could even hope to fight him, but here are few who i think have the best chance against Jiren right now.

4. Shantsa

Shantsa is a member of Universe 4’s team for the Tournament of Power. Being a member of the conspiracy Universe, I think he may just be a dark horse here. Shantsa’s powers have largely been unknown, but I think we can expect a surprise or two in the Tournament of Power, even now.

I’m not certain about his powers, but, I would like to believe that he has something up his sleeve, since he was unfazed with Jiren’s winds and when Jiren fought Goku, and looked pretty confident. So In my opinion, he may stand a chance.

3. Vegeta

Vegeta is a member of Universe 7, and he is one of the Saiyans. He is extremely powerful, and certainly one of the strongest in the Tournament of Power. He has managed the most eliminations in the Tournament of Power so far. Vegeta is very powerful, and being a Saiyan, he can still achieve new heights. I don’t think there are many who surpass his power level, and we are yet to see his full power.

2. Goku

Goku is yet another Saiyan from Universe 7, and he’s without a doubt, the strongest fighter from their Universe. He is also one of the strongest fighters in the Tournament of Power, and when using Ultra Instinct, he could even go toe to toe against Jiren.

dragon ball super episode 115 goku vs kafla kefla

With mastery over Ultra Instinct, I think Goku has a fair chance of winning against Jiren. As of now, I think Jiren is the only one who can beat him, but we don’t know what the limit of Ultra Instinct Goku is, so he may even surpass the power of Jiren.

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