Kayla Itsines Net Worth: How Rich is The Fitness Trainer?

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Kayla Itsines Net Worth
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Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Kayla Itsines could be?  Kayla Itsines is a personal trainer, author, and entrepreneur. Interestingly, although she is an Australian, she is a Greek too as she has Greek heritage. She is known as an author because of the ebooks named Bikini Body Guides in which she plans a healthy diet and tells us how to keep ourselves fit.  Also, Kayla Itsinesis the owner of one of the most popular fitness apps, Sweat with Kayla. Moreover, she had proved herself to be amazing when Times included Kayla Itsines as one of the most 30 influential people in the world.  You go girl!

Also, Kayla Itsines is known to have a very fun and lovable personality. Plus, she loves her pet fogs and her family a lot. Almost every time you see her, she is mostly in her work uniform rather than wearing comfy clothes. It is mainly because she is very active and a workaholic. These are some of the reasons fans love her with all of their heart. In this article, we will be filling you in with the net worth of Kayla Itsines and what her early and private life is like.

The Net Worth Of Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines had given up on basic plans and had worked hard to become a beauty therapist. She is where she is now only because of her hard work and dedication. Kayla Itsines earns a lot, all thanks to the BBG program, her ebooks, and also because of her app Sweat With Kayla. Plus, she is also the CEO of the BBG company. With all of this, she has been able to earn and have a whopping net worth of $70 million.

Kayla Itsines Net Worth
Kayla Itsines cr: Getty Images

She likes to spend her riches on a lot like great working-out outfits. She had also said that she wouldn’t mind spending money on a good greek meal whenever she is in the company of her family. Also, she says that she spends a lot of cleaning equipment because she is a neat freak. And of course, she uses a good amount of money for the betterment of her company. Also, Kayla Itsines had used her wits to solve the problem of not being able to go to gyms in the pandemic. She had planned the BBG Zero Equipment plan so that we could work out in our home easily. So there may be no wonder of how she has earned so much.

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Kayla Itsines’ Early And Private Life

Kyla Itsines was born to her parents Anna and Jim Itsines, on the 21st of May in the year 1991. Her birthplace is known to be in the city of Adelaide, Australia. She had developed an interest in basketball at a very young age and was also interested in other sports too. Soon enough, she found out the thrill of working out and exercising. Kayla Intinsin, since then on had paid a lot of attention to her fitness chart. Also, she has revealed that she had given up on her plan to become a beauty therapist and replaced it with becoming a physical trainer.

Remember how we talked about Kayla’s love for Greek food. Well, her younger sister Leah is a specialist hen it some to cooking Greek dishes as she is a food stylist. Kayla Itsine had gushed over her little sister, saying that she has done a great job in representing the Greek style of food.

Kayla Itsines Net Worth
Kayla Itsines with her baby cr: Getty Images

She was previously engaged to her work partner Tobi Pearce. But sadly, the couple drifted apart after eight years of dating. Also, the ex-couple had even given birth to a baby girl named Arna Leia in the year 2019. Both Kayla Itsines and Tobi Pearce had posted a post about their breakup in the August of the year 2020. The letters in their posts had talked bout how they were grateful for the presence of each other throughout the years and how they will lovingly bring up their child Arana Leia into a great person one day.

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