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Will There Be Kathmandu Connection Season 2?

A Second Season For Kathmandu Connection, what are the chances?
Still From Kathmandu Connection Season 1 (Credits: Sony LIV)

Sony LIV has silently established itself as a game player in the OTT space. The enormous success of its original Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story has certainly led the platform to glories. Thus, letting the producers invest more in the originals to compete with the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and other big names in the OTT space. So continuing its ventures, Sony LIV went on with a number of unique shows, including JL50, Your Honor, and Avrodh. Plus, now the latest entry is Kathmandu Connection starring Amit Sial, Aksha Pardasany, and Anshumaan Pushkar.

As intriguing as it is, Kathmandu Connection is making quite a way of showcasing the nostalgia as well as the deadly aftermath of the 1993 bomb blasts. But, there are a number of loopholes as well when it comes to its storytelling methods. Anyway, as of now, the show is doing great so far, and here we are, breaking down if we should expect a Kathmandu Connection Season 2 or not.

Will There Be Kathamandu Connection 2?

As of now, Sony LIV has not announced any plans on continuing the story of Kathmandu Connection for a second installment. The show’s renewal completely depends on its review and people’s urge for more. But the story of the show hints at a few things that may lead to a second run as well. Of course, since the huge success of Sony LIV’s original series Scam 1992, Sony is definitely invested in the web series business. But they acknowledged the success first and took months before announcing a second season for that particular show. So let’s see what Kathamandu Connection tells us about a second-season run.

Should We Expect Kathmandu Connection Season 2?

Still From Kathmandu Connection Season 1 (Credits: Sony LIV)

So far, Kathmandu Connection has received decent reviews. Not that good or that bad from the audience. It’s a typical thriller with lots of suspense, turning points, and loopholes as well. These are only a few things that need an answer. So, this way, even if the show manages to continue its decent viewership, we are in for a second season where the show might improve further.

Coming to the storyline of the series, Kathmandu Connection ended its first season on quite a shocking note. For example, let’s start with Sunny, who left all his business in Hongkong and turned himself in. All that in the name of love for Shivani Bhatnagar. Quite confusing, isn’t it? The Big Don turning in. Until we realize it was all for framing officer Samarth Kaushik for being a bad cop and anti-national. Thus, leaving Samarth Kaushik, who is one of the characters carrying the show on his shoulders, in trouble and viewers answering. Plus, the motives of Sunny by turning Kaushik in instead. So, if there is a chance, the viewers want to know more about the aftermath of Kaushik’s guilt. We might still be in for a second season for Kathmandu Connection in the near future as well.

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What Should We Expect From Kathmandu Connection Season 2?

Kathmandu Connection takes us back to 1993 after the Bombay blasts. Telling us the story of how the investigation carried on to figure out the culprits. The show is based on the real-life don Babloo Srivastava. The investigation of the story dives deep into several aspects, including the murder of the investigation officer as well as the kidnapping of a hotelier and a stalking journalist. All these stories are linked with each other in the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu.

Plot For Kathmandu Connection Season 2

Still From Kathmandu Connection Season 1 (Credits: Sony LIV)

So, coming to the plot of Kathmandu Connection Season 2, there are a few things that need answers. Even though the show tried to twist the series a lot, it left a few things behind. For example, we might get answers on who is carrying out the big business Sunny owns in Hongkong. Apart from being in love with Shivani Bhatnagar, what is the other reason that might intrigue him to come to Bombay all to frame Officer Samarth Kaushik?

Furthermore, Samarth Kaushik is now on the job of proving innocence. He is blamed for helping Wajid in Dubai. What’s next? Will he be given a chance to prove his innocence. WIll there be a new investigating officer to investigate¬† Kaushik as well? Plus, what’s the next move for Sunny after returning to India. How long can he keep himself undercover? All in Kathmandu Connection Season 2, if it ever comes.

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