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Karl Jacobs and Ice Poseidon: What’s Going On With Them?

Karl Jacobs
Karl Jacobs

All the people who have seen MrBeast must know one of his crew members, Karl Jacobs. Jacobs gained a lot of popularity after joining MrBeast crew. Later on, also started his own youtube channel named after his first name ‘Karl’. He has an amassed a huge amount of followers on his channel and is also and has come up as a very successful YouTuber. But recently, Jacobs is a center of a controversy involving him and another famous YouTuber named ‘Ice Poseidon’. After receiving some hate from his fans, he posted an apology video but somehow this, offended Ice Poseidon. And the whole thing escalated into a huge issue. Read more about this further in the article.

And for those who know who, Karl Jacobs is an American Minecraft streamer who has started his channel recently about five months ago. But prior to this, he first started his youtube career by appearing in MrBeast videos. His first appearance in the Mrbeast video, ‘I gave credit cards to random people’ gained over 75 million views and over 2 million likes. He first started out as the YouTubers cameraman. And later on, he graduated from being a cameraman to a crew member of MrBeast. Jacobs was born on the 19th of July 1998, which currently makes him 21 years old.

He also has a sister named Corny and a brother named Sean, who is also often called Jimmy Jacobs. He also owns a very cute cat whom he calls Grey. Jacobs came out about the fact that he is color blind in one of his Twitch streams. He is also on other media platforms like Instagram,  Twitch, TikTok, Discord Server, and Spotify. And has a huge following on these platforms too. And he recently got caught up in controversy with Ice Poseidon.

Ice Poseidon

Karl Jacobs

Ice Poseidon

For all those people who don’t know who, Ice Poseidon. His real name is Paul Denino. He is an American live streamer and also an Internet personality who majorly streams about video games RuneScape and IRL Genre. He is born on the 29th of September 1994, which makes him 26 years currently. Poseidon is originally from Florida. He first started as a partnered streamer on Twitch at the age of twelve in the year 2015. His streaming career was at its peak in the year 2017 when he used to stream IRL streams. He is also best known for them and also sometimes calls them Lifestreams. He also owns a website called Poseidon currently has 748,000 followers and has 83,523,202.

But he was initially a Twitch streamer but got banned multiple times from the platform. And now, after his youtube career, he has moved to Mixer, but the platform shut down the following July. In the year 2016, he was also affiliated with an esports organization named NRG Esports. Which was also a part of his RuneScape roaster and as a content creator. The sponsorship also got him management services via the NRG’s Brent Kaskel.

What happened between Karl Jacobs and Ice Poseidon?

Over the past few weeks, we have been watching and hearing hate messages about Karl Jacobs through means like TikTok and Youtube. This started because his community turned against him when they got to know a fan of youtube Ice Poseidon. He is known for having a very toxic fanbase. They accused Jacob of being racist as he was a fan of Ice Poseidon. Poseidon has had many instances for which he was called a racist. But this was almost two years ago, and now he changed his whole streaming and became a good boy streamer.

But due to this, Karl was also called racist by some of his fans. To this, he replied by posting an apology video on his YouTube account. Apologizing for some of the things that he did and also mentioning that he will distance himself from Poseidon from now on. This made Poseidon speak up for himself, saying that Jacobs and his fans were unnecessarily throwing him under the bus. And also accused him of causing a witch hunt and asked him to take accountability for his actions. Jacobs has not given any response to this so far.

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