Karakuri Circus Gets New Ending Theme

Karakuri Circus has gathered more fanbase after launching the anime, and the franchise has been doing a stunning job thus far. Karakuri Circus anime was launched on Amazon in October 2018. The anime adaptation of Karakuri Circus manga is very well made and directed, and the story is very good as we already know.

The preview it of the upcoming episode was released on the official site of Karakuri Circus with which the new ending theme song was also teased. This song is a familiar one for the Karakuri Circus anime fans as it was previously used as the anime’s opening theme song as well. The song is Gekko by Bump of Chicken, Gekko means Moonlight Rainbow.

The new opening song was already teased last week when we shared the news with you. The opening for the third cour of anime is going to be “Over Me” by Lozareena. The director of Karakuri Circus anime is Satoshi Nishimura and chief animation director is Takahiro Yoshimatsu.

The scriptwriter is Kazuhiro Fujita who is the original writer of manga along with Toshiki Inoue. It is about time to share some synopsis of the series with you all and especially for those who haven’t watched this anime thus far:

The story is centred around the main character who is a kid named Masaru. He has inherited a tremendous amount of fortune which makes him public enemy number one and everyone wants to kill him and take his fortune.

Karakuri Circus new ending

The enemies include his relatives as well. He is saved by Narumi Kato and even after that both of them almost get killed but for the intervention of mysterious Shirogane having her own marionette.

Masaru is being attacked almost daily. Right now the anime has released around 24 episodes, and now there are just ten odd episodes. Right now in the anime, the story is in the thick of its ripe action as Narumi Kato, and others are battling various automata that are aiming to end their lives while Masaru is chasing the mysterious faceless assassin.

The more I watch this series, the more I’m falling in love with it. I’m sure after reading the plot you all might have also thought of giving this series a serious go. Believe me, once you watch a couple of episodes of this series you will get attached to it so bad that you’ll finish it in no time and crave for next episode.

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