Kaguya Sama: Love Is War Chapter 239 Delayed, New Release Date, Leaks, Spoilers, and Where to Read Manga Online?

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Kaguya Sama Love Is War Chapter 245
Kaguya Sama Love Is War

Kaguya Sama Love Is War Chapter 239 reveals Ishigami and Miko’s first conversation about their date. The chapter begins with Yui Ishigami wondering who to invite for a date. Kaguya Sama Love Is War had delayed the latest chapter. From the latest Kaguya Sama Love Is War Chapter, Maki confronts Yui and wonders what he thinks about sitting alone. Ishigami replies that loner does that all the time since they had no one to hang out with. He adds that the whole schoolyard is filled with students, and he has to sit and hide her since it is the perfect spot for that. Maki thinks that Ishigami is in the same boat as her.

The two decided to have a boy-girl talk, and he allowed her to talk first. Maki reveals that she was avoiding to see Nagisa and Tsubasa flirting. She wonders if Ishigami is doing the same by staying away from the student council room. Ishigami talked about the upcoming event, and the students’ council members had to participate byut as couples. He reveals that he can’t find a partner or someone to go out with. Ishigami wonders what the guy was thinking to come up with a plan like that.

He thinks that it is too much to handle for a loner like him. Maki comments that he can take it as a dress code “there is no place for a gentle who can’t send a lady in public.” Ishigami concluded that no girl would like to go out with him or be his partner. But it is a must for a student council member to attend the dance. Maki reminds him that there are many fish in the seas, and he can pick one. Ishigami has lost confidence, and Maki told him to try.

Kaguya Sama-Love-Is War Chapter 238 Updates

Ishigami asks Maki if she is sure, and Maki tells him about Koyasu, who would have accepted Ishigamoi’s proposal. Ishigami wonders about Tsumabe and thinks that it is the right one. Maki is surprised that he is into Tsubame and reminds him to get over it and find someone. Ishigami responds that his love was not a child’s play, and it might be easy for her to say that. He asks Maki if she has a partner who can participate with her. Maki replies that the boys had lined up to go out with her, and he must not take her for granted.

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Kaguya Sama Love Is War Chapter 239
Yu Ishigami

Maki realizes that Nagisa is going out with Tsubame, and she can’t talk about it with Ishigami. Ishigami suspects that Maki is keeping a secret and ask her to be his partner. Maki rejects him and adds that she is not a cheap girl to accept a date like that made out of convenience. Maki left the stairs, and Ishigami decided to visit the student council room. Ishigami wonder if he will ever love someone, but that feeling vanishes in his heart. Ishigami opens the door and sees Miko sitting alone. Miko realizes that it is Ishigami in the flesh.

Ishigami acts like he is busy with some work, gets closer to Miko, and wonders if he can start over. He asks her about the event and her plans. Miko reveals that she is alone; no one has asked her out. Ishigami asks her to gout with him, and Miko agrees. But she couldn’t hide her excitement. She leaves the room like a person going to the restroom. When she is outside, she realizes that the day she has been waiting for had finally arrived.

Kaguya Sama Love Is War Chapter 239
Kaguya Sama Love Is War

Kaguya Sama-Love-Is War Chapter 239 Release Date

Kaguya-Sama-Love Is War Chapter 239 will be released on 7 October 2021. The manga has delayed Kaguya Sama Love Is War Chapter 239, but it will return this coming week. Miko is glad that Ishigami did this out of his heart. The new love story is sparkling since Miko and Ishigami had time to spicy their new relationship. The students are getting ready for the dance festival.  Their love story will be revealed in the next chapter of Kaguya Sama Love Is War will release on Thursday again.

Read Kaguya Sama-Love-Is War Chapter 239 Online – Raw Details

You can read Kaguya Sama-Love-Is War Chapter 239  online on VIZ Media’s official website. The manga is only available at VIZ for now. This releases a new chapter every week, and the chapter arrives early every Thursday. The spoilers for Kaguya Sama-Love-Is War arrive a day before the latest release. Let’s meet when Kaguya Sama-Love-Is War Chapter 239 release.

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