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Kageki Shojo

Two students recently met under the Cherry Blossom tree that is known for cursing people. Sarasa and Ai became best friends and worked hard to make a mark in their new academy. The two met new faces under the management of Sugimoto; let’s find more about Ai and Sarasa on Kageki Shojo. In the morning, Sarasa praises the dorm mother’s box lunches. She enjoys eating with her new friends, who said that the food is always the same. Sugimoto arrives and notices that Ai is not around. Sugimoto asks the girls about Ai.

Sarasa had no clues about the whereabouts of Ai. Ai is sitting alone outside enjoying her lunch. The episode title is ”The Teddy Bear.” Ken confronts Ai and asks her why she is sitting alone. Ken reminds Ai that if she eats alone, the second-years will get on her case. Ai replies that she doesn’t want to eat inside a tinny locker room and to make small talk with the other girls. Ken asks Ai about Sarasa Watanabe, and Ai replies that Sarasa is loud and always makes noise without listening to anyone.

Sarasa always rolls off the bed; she never gets up on time and never reads the room. Ai said that she thinks she should change a room. Ken realizes that Ai is worried about Sarasa, who is talkative and never worries about anything. Ken told Ai that she has changed and taken an interest in other people. Ai replies that Sarasa is forcing herself into her life. Ken notices that Ai won’t accept that she always keeps her eye on Sarasa. Ai responds that Sarasa is annoying, and Ken told her that he hopes they become better friends.

Previously on Kageki Shojo Episode 3

Ai told Ken that she needs no friends in her life, and if she wants to talk, she will only speak with him. Ai comments that there is no way she will befriend Sarasa. Sarasa arrived and told Ai that she was looking for her. The two head to the locker room together, and Sarasa wonders if Ai is okay. Ai told Sarasa that she is okay, and she ate lunch. Sarasa responds that she is worried that Ai is not getting a proper meal.

Ai told Sarasa not to worry about her, and Sarasa asks if they are not friends. Ai told Sarasa that she is not anyone’s friend. Meanwhile, a guy walks towards Hana no Michi: Flower Way after looking at the statue.  The guy comments that he wait here and maybe he will see Narachi. Sarasa gets shocked hearing that Ai is not her friend and remains her that they are roommates. Sarasa told Ai that she wants to be her friend.

Kageki Shojo
Kageki Shojo

Famous Movie Actress

Ai told Sarasa that she is not interested in making friends or befriending anyone. Ai reveals that dealing with annoying people is a waste of time. The president arrived and told the two to keep down since they are making noise.  Sarasa apologizes and saw Ai leaving with her caretaker. Ai told Sarasa that she doesn’t need friends and wants to be far away from the world of men.  She heads to her room and takes with a teddy bear.

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Ai recalls her past when she lost someone precious. She used to love carrying a teddy bear around her waist. On the day of the funerals, the family was supportive towards her, and they console her. The oldies comment that Ai is cute, and they can’t tell if she is a teddy bear or natural. They praise her giant teddy bear, and Ai said that her father bought it for her. Ai realizes that her mom told her to tell everyone that her father bought her things.

Ai told the oldies that her mother told her to say that, and they ask her about her father. She replies that she has never seen him and she doesn’t know who her father is. Ai’s mother is a famous movie actress Kimiko Narata and different men are always around her. Ai grew up hatting men since her mother keeps on hanging around with other men. Some men came and went after pretending to be like they care about Ai. The guy that was waiting for Ai met with her, and she told him to leave. Sarasa wonders why Ai run away after seeing that guy.

Kageki Shojo Episode 4 Release Date

Kageki Shojo Episode 4 release date is 25 July 2021. You can watch Kageki Shojo online on FunimationANIPLUS, and Wakanim; you can also look at Preview & Recap: Kageki Shojo Episode 3.


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