Kageki Shojo Episode 10: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

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Kageki Shojo

The journey of Idols at Kouka Academy begins with Kageki Shojo Episode 10, with Sarasa and Ai leading Kouka students to accomplish their dreams. This episode will be released this coming weekend. From the recent episode of Kageki Shojo, the students prepare for the new season after enjoying the summer vacation. Sugimoto gathers all the students at the hall and the hall and gives her speech. This year marks the “Kouka Acting Troupe’s” centennial anniversary; the Kouka Grand Sports Festival will begin this year. The festival is a massive fan event held once every ten years.

Sugimoto adds that the actress of the troupe is the main focus of the event. Their role is to assist with tasks and to set up props and equipment. She talked about the halftime that they will be performing. Her assistant adds that they have teamed up with the superiors, and the students must not insult them. Ai raises her hand asks what the superiors are. Sarasa replies that the seniors are the pros of the pros in the troupe. Sugimoto closes Sarasa’s mouth after realizing that she can’t let people talk and lots her not to mention the three-letter word that starts with O and ends in D.

Sarasa replies that she was about to say O-mazing, not what Sugimoto is thinking. Sugimoto reminds her about the secret code of Kouka. Ai realizes she knows nothing and asks about Kouka’s code. One of the girls said the Kouka code is an unspoken rule never to mention the actress’ real names or ages. Sarasa decided not to talk since she will end up breaking the code. The girls refer to the actress as the lovely fairies that transport them to fantastic worlds.

Previously on Kageki Shojo Episode 9

Sugimoto told the girls that the superiors are veteran performers that are not mixed with anyone troupe. They are well-known to be the unsung heroes of Kouka. They fall under ”The Kouka Hierarchy”, which is ranks high above everyone in Kouka, even top stars and troupe leads. Sugimoto also said that if they mess up, it will ruin the superiors’ name, and they must be careful. Shshwo the two the books that they have to study, and Sara is impressed. Sugimoto told Sarasa that not to be impressed since no one loves Kouka as they do.


Sarasa continues to act lively, and Sugimoto explains about the festival. Sugimoto shows them a book about Celebrating 90 Years Kouka: The Kouka Grand Sports Festival. She recommends them about the last Grand Sports Festival; Sarasa told Ai this she is hype. Later the students change their uniform and head to train on something. They met with Akiha Ichijou, who is one of the Superiors. Akiha told them to cooperate with her team and put on an excellent show for the Centennials’ Sports Festival. The first-year students agree with what she is telling them.

Sugimoto told Sarasa that Akiha is famous; even top stars regard her with the utmost respect. Sarasa realizes that Akiha is the real deal. Akiha told the students that will be forming a marching band during the cheerleading portion of the event. They will play their school anthem known as ”Amongst the Cherry Blossoms in the Winds. Sarasa comments that she wants to play the Grilled Potatoes song. Sarasa and the others witness two twins quarreling and wonder who is telling the truth. Akiha helps them resolve their matter. Sarasa is glad that she will be rooting for many people.


Kageki Shojo Episode 10 Release Date

Kageki Shojo Episode 10 will be released on Sunday, 5 September 2021, at 12:00 AM. This anime will be available online on Sunday; Kageki Shojo will conclude soon. Look at the Kageki Shojo recent details below.

Where To Watch Kageki Shojo Episode 10

You can watch Kageki Shojo Episode 10 online on Funimation. Kageki Shojo has an official Twitter, website, and other official platforms. The new episodes of Kageki Shojo are on Funimation and other streaming sites with English subtitles.

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