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K-Pop Songs With Most Wins In The Year 2021

K-pop Music Award Wins

It hasn’t been long since k-pop culture emerged. K-Pop music is now known worldwide and is the most popular among teenagers. Most of the K-pop idols have an incredibly massive fan following. I mean, if you don’t know who BTS, TXT, Red Velvet, and BLACKPINK are,  then you must have been living under a rock. Almost everyone dreams of becoming a K-pop idol nowadays, and most of the bop songs can be traced back to the K-pop Industry. Not only that, but K-pop music and their idols have the most fierce fans found. And in recent times, K-pop music has even reached the Billboard Music Awards and has many collaborations with Foreign pop music artists.

The year 2021 was filled with the most incredible songs. Even if the songs didn’t have a lot of wins, they were popular enough to be included in this list. There are many songs that haven’t been included in this list that may have had more wins from one another, such as Thunderous by SKZ or I Know I love you by TXT or Kang Daniel’s antidote, however, the songs mentioned here are equally impressive. So, here’s a list of the songs from the year 2021, ranked from having only one award show win to thirteen.

1. LALISA – Lisa

LALISA is a debut single by the BLACKPINK member Lisa. The song became popular as soon as it was released and had even entered the US Billboard hot 100 and had ranked at the number 84. The blinks received the song well, and it was famous on TikTok and reels for a long period of time for its amazing beats and the dance routine. However, The song altogether had only one win in the year 2021.

2. DUMB DUMB – Somi

Another song that was seen spreading throughout the social media was Dum dumb by Somi. With its incredible dance move and catchy tunes, almost everyone was busy doing the dance on TikTok and reels. The song reached the Gaon digital chart and kpop hot 100 and the position eighth and ninth, respectively. Though the song was extremely popular, it received one win at M! Countdown in the year 2021.

3. Black Mamba – Aespa

Black Mamba is an amazing debut song by Aespa. They have also released Next Level, which was an amazing hit song as well. The song was ranked number fifth on the US billboard world digital songs and was charted in five countries. The k-pop idol had their first win with this song on Gaon Chart music awards.

4. BAMBI – Baekhyun

It is the third EP by south Korean singer Baekhyun and had on him his first Music Bank trophy with the song ‘BAMBI’. The album also had its debut at number fifteen on Billboard’s World Albums chart in the United States, benefitting him in getting into the world ranks.

5. Sugar – Kim Wooseok

Also known by his stage name Wooshin, Kim Wooseok came out with his EP’ Desire: Tasty’ as a soloist, and the most popular song, “Sugar,” had two wins which he won on M! Countdown and Music Bank.

6. My Starry Love – Lim Youngwoong

Bagging the bestselling song “My starry love”, Lim Youngwoong had his single as the top-selling k-pop song. This single also won 2 award show wins in the year 2021.

7. Lover = Loser by TXT

TXT, also known as Tomorrow by Together, had everyone amazed by their song Lover = Loser as the song was not only catchy but had a deeper meaning. The song had a positive reaction from their fans and had won 2 music awards in the year 2021.

7. Scientist – Twice

The title track of TWICE’s third full album, Scientist, had two award show wins from Music Bank and Inkigayo. The song was so well received and is still extremely popular because of its sweet and smooth vocals. Fans just can’t get enough of the k-pop idols.

8. Tamed-Dashed – ENHYPEN

Tamed Dashed, a song by the new group ENHYPEN founded by Big Hit Entertainment, has seen a positive response, and the kpop idol group had gained a massive following in no time. With three wins on music and awards shows, ENHYPEN is only growing towards success.

9. Life Goes On – BTS

Life goes on is a slow-paced song by BTS. It has some great vocals because of the members’ amazing vocal ability. The being a light-hearted, playful song, had won three of its award during the year 2021. The song was extremely well received by the army.


Bagging its three wins, Loco had its fans going crazy over the song because of its sick beats and edginess. Not only the song was amazing, but the choreography had us going nuts. This song also had some great fashion as all the members of the group were looking amazing.

11. Rock with you – SEVENTEEN

The title track of SEVENTEEN’s mini-album ‘Attacca’, rock with you, had four of its award wins because of its amazing catchy melody and amazing dance routine. The song had won its awards on M Countdown, Show Champion, and two of its wins were on Music Bank.

12. Alcohol Free – Twice

Twice is now a household name in South Korea and is also famous worldwide. Alcohol free is the lead single in the girl groups tenth EP. The song has become extremely popular because of its light, playful melody. It had four wins in the year 2021, out of which two were on M countdown and other two on Inkigayo.

13. Dynamite – BTS

Dynamite is a song that has had the most wins all over South Korea. Not only that, it is the first song of BTS that was released in complete English. The song had won four of its awards in the year 2021, however, the song in total has thirty-two awards.

14. Rollin Rollin – Brave Girls

Brave Girls released this song as their lead single, and they did not disappoint. The song is not only amazing to dance too, but the girls really enhanced the song by their sweet vocals. The song received around seven total awards in the year 2021.

15. Queendom – Red Velvet

Red Velvet is a k-pop group that doesn’t need an introduction. The group has had many amazing songs and knows how to live up to our imagination. Queendom is the sixth EP of the group and is as chaotic as ever. Queendom has gathered itself around seven wins.

16. Savage – Aespa

Aespa is known for their bossy, bold and edgy aesthetic. They release songs which have all their qualities and are amazingly sung well. The fourth-generation k-pop group has obviously formed a name for itself. It must be because of their unique style and abilities that they had eight wins for their song Savage in the year 2021.

17. Lilac – IU

Lilac is a bright, comfy, and playful song with a great melody. IU couldn’t have sung the song in a better way. It is the fifth studio album released by IU and has won around eight awards for it received an incredibly amazing response from the audience.

18. Permission To Dance – BTS

This song had shaken up the world of social media as everyone joined the permission to dance challenge. This song could be seen on youtube, Instagram, TikTok. This wasn’t just because it was released by the BTS but because it’s such a light-hearted, fun, loving, and playful song. The song had won its eight awards in the year 2021.

 19. (G)I-DLE HWAA

The lead single of the groups fourth extended play, Hwaa, is a song that describes the pain of a burning love during the winter. The song was received extremely well by the audience as it has amazing vocals. It sure seems like a song that won ten awards.

20. Sticker – NCT 127

NCT 127 is the South Korean idol group that released ‘Sticker’, which had its ten award wins. Sticker became the best-selling album in 2021 and was charted number 3 on the Billboard 200.

21. Celebrity – IU

IU has released many great songs, however, one can’t deny the honey-like voice in Celebrity. Fans have extremely loved the song, which is probably why ‘Celebrity’ by IU had won eleven awards in the year 2021.

22. Butter – BTS

BTS has had many hits, and Butter is not any different from them. Butter is a song that got so popular that it had many different versions, from having different artists to having different MV’s. Butter became a song worthy of its thirteen award show wins.

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