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K-pop Songs That Went Viral On TikTok

k-pop songs that went viral on TikTok

The worldwide invasion of Kpop music has experienced nothing but a boost with the onset of micro-video platforms like TikTok and, more recently, Instagram reels. In recent years, there have been many K-pop Songs that went viral on TikTok. The catchy nature of K-pop songs makes it easy for users of the platforms to base their videos with these songs in the background. What’s more, the sometimes easy but always fun dance choreographies that almost always accompany these Korean pop bops are also fun to dance along and make videos to. The popularity of K-pop on TikTok and Instagram Reels has also made it a costless and thus a smart marketing strategy for K-pop companies.

The South Korean music chart show KBS Music Bank has introduced a new rule recently, where it has officially added TikTok views as a part of calculating social media engagement of a particular song. More popular songs on TikTok will thus have an added advantage in winning the weekly Music Bank Award from now on. Furthermore, since TikTok is a global social media platform, international fans will also be able to make more of an impact on their favorite groups by engaging with their TikTok content.

Since these awards are much coveted by K-pop groups and fans alike,  we know that a new pattern of Kpop songs and their signature dances becoming viral is about to become the norm. Before that happens, let us present a list of Kpop that went viral on TikTok organically. The very nature of trending songs is that they will stop being relevant after a while, but these are a few songs that are standing their ground.


Way back in 2019, when the Burning Sun Scandal was in full force, Zico’s comments about Jun Joonyoung’s “Golden Phone” started gaining traction again. As netizens started tarnishing his name and his reputation, it seemed like Zico’s career was over for good. Cut to January 2020, Zico released the single Any Song from his EP Random Box and simultaneously started doing the “Any Song Challenge” to promote the song.

k-pop songs that went viral on TikTok

Zico “Any Song Challenge” with CHungha and Hwasa (L to R) | Cr: TikTok

Zico doing the ‘Any Song Challenge’ along with his industry friends and seniors like MAMAMOO Hwasa, BoA, WINNER’s Mino, Chungha eventually grabbed the attention of the general public, and the song along with the dance became a hit, making it one of the k-pop songs that went viral on TikTok. This song also was very successful in itself in South Korea, being certified Platinum by the Korea Music Content Association (KMCA). It seems like a catchy hook is all it takes to erase controversies sometimes.


Anti-Romantic, a song from the 2021 studio album The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE by TOMORROW X TOGETHER (aka TXT), became viral on TikTok after content creator Zuki made up a dance on it. Soon enough, it achieved rapid viral fame on TikTok and Instagram Reels alike due to the English phrase “Sorry, I’m an anti-romantic” in videos where people used the song to convey stories about anti-sentimental nature. Simple enough cause to become viral, and it did! This k-pop song even crossed over to other fandoms like the Marvel Universe fandom, where they especially used the song over their edits on the God of Mischief Loki.


Ever since the release of their bop ‘Cheer Up’ in 2016, TWICE has been famous for their catchy tunes and easy-to-follow dance routines, which always included a “point move,” which is basically the signature dance of the choreography. Twice songs like ‘Cheer Up’, ‘TT’, ‘Knock Knock’, ‘Signal’, ‘Likey’, and ‘Heart Shaker’ all have point dances that have got their worldwide fandom singing and have solidified them as one of the most prominent K-pop girl groups in the recent eras. However, it is the easy-to-follow choreography to ‘What is Love’ and the universal song subject matter that has become the most viral on TikTok, with users from all the way from the Philippines to Japan making dance videos on the song.

DUMB DUMB, by Somi

Dumb Dumb by Somi was released by YG The Black Label almost after two years of her last single. Fans who were frustrated by this long wait, of course, gave DUMB DUMB a warm welcome, as it became Somi’s first song to break through many Korean top-ten single charts. Along with the song, Somi also released a music video, and the signature move from the dance choreography took no time to go viral on TikTok and Instagram Reels. Of course, Somi participated in the ‘Dumb Dumb Dance Challenge’ reunited along with her ex-IOI band-mates and also with other K-pop idols like (G) I-DLE’s Jeon Soyeon, and even made her staff members do the dance along with her!

k-pop songs that went viral on TikTok

Somi doing the ‘Dumb Dumb Dance Challenge’ with Yena, Nayoung, JooE (L to R) | cr: TikTok

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It seems like Zico has always had a knack for producing earworms, as the song ‘Nillili Mambo’ is from way back in 2012 from BLOCKB’s studio album ‘BLOCKBUSTER’. The k-pop group BLOCKB, of which Zico was an integral part, has since disbanded, but this song popped back into the social media feeds and thus the consciousness of present Kpop listeners when Soobin from TXT covered and jammed along to a little bit of the song in 2021. Soon enough, the song caught onto viral fame on TikTok worldwide due to the phrase “Bye guys, Hi ladies” and its hardcore rock leanings and hip-hop verses rife with braggadocio flavors which are rarely found in k-pop songs now.


In the crowd of mix-pop songs that are overcrowding the K-pop song market today, a catchy melodious tune following the normal progression of a song sounds like a refreshing change and thus is bound to gain some viral fame. Moreover, this song is from the long-awaited first mini-album by TREASURE, the boy band formed from survival show YG Treasure Box, produced by TREASURE member Bang Ye Dam. Hence it does hold special value to their fans (some might even say the album is highly treasured by their fans). The version of DARARI that is going viral on TikTok is a sped-up/Nightcore version of the song. Of course, in true TikTok fashion, a “DARARI Challenge” has also spawned over the social media site, and TREASURE’s labelmates Somi and WINNER have already put forth their participation on it. Other Kpop groups like NCT and ENHYPEN have also done the “DARARI Dance Challenge!

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Newer BTS songs like ‘Butter’ and ‘Permission to Dance’ are more than eligible for making the list for k-pop songs that went viral on TikTok, especially since those songs are their newest releases post their Western pop invasion. But to the pleasant surprise of many OG ARMYs, an old song from 2013 called ‘I Like It’ is making viral rounds on TikTok as a dance challenge nowadays. This song is from their single EP’ 2 Cool 4 Skool’, which is, in fact, their debut album! This, of course, goes to show that BTS songs have always been evergreen, and any song can jump into viral relevance at any given point of time.

Christmas EveL, by STRAY KIDS

Christmas EveL (pronounced Evil) was a song by Stray Kidz released in late 2021 that had become viral because of its funky hip-hop beat and also because of the legendary phrase “Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad, I can feel the evil coming, but Felix? Never bad!” by Stray Kidz rapper Felix. It became viral during Christmas time to such an extent that even non-Kpop listeners can recognize and sing along to the verse. Thus it is no surprise that this song makes the list of K-pop Songs that went viral on TikTok.


‘Way Back Home’ is a song by K-pop singer and producer Shaun that was released way back in 2015. Soon after its release, it became infamous for accusations of doing sajaegi or music chart manipulations so that it tops the chart. Whether the accusations were true or false was not exactly investigated, but this song recently became one of the K-pop Songs that went viral on TikTok due to its catchy tropical-pop nature. Hence the power of this song is undeniable, and it is completely possible that people really liked the song back in 2015, which pushed it up on the charts. Of course, the more popular version of the song is the English-language one sung by Conor Maynard and released in 2018. Still, Shaun’s producing prowess remained unquestioned.


Lisa made her much-awaited solo debut with the song ‘LALISA’ in 2021. But it is her b-side song Money that achieved viral fame as one of the K-pop Songs that went viral on TikTok due to it being used in many edits made by Tiktok and Instagram reel users of another viral South Korean product, the Netflix show Squid Game.


Momoland is a group whose whole career upswings have been based on their catchy earworms like ‘Bboom bboom’ and ‘Baam’ going viral. Being from a small company that has gotten into many controversies following their mistreatment of members, which have resulted in many members leaving the group, it is catchy songs like WRAP ME IN PLASTIC that have become so popular with the general public that has kept MOMOLAND relevant enough to continue activities in not only their homeland but also in many countries in South America, where their songs consistently hit the top positions in song-charts.


The song ‘After School’ by WEEEKLY, released in early 2021, became their fastest hit scoring them their first-ever 100 million views on a music video. Of course, k-pop listeners craving a sweet and cute girl-group concept after sitting through many hard-pop songs that are currently reigning the k-pop girl group discographies gave ‘After School’ the rightful appreciation. After becoming viral on TikTok, where users made videos following the song’s dance choreography, the song even ended up breaking through the Spotify Global Viral Chart, where it even held the number one spot for some time! Here’s to hoping girl-groups from smaller companies can achieve similar viral fame, which will showcase their talents to the world, and they can also get their deserved recognition from the masses.

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“Hello B*tches” is a solo song by CL, who was a member of the legendary YG Girl-group 2NE1 who paved the way for girl-groups like BLACKPINK. This 2015 song has CL assertively rapping about her achievements and also accompanied a famous dance video which was choreographed by Parris Goebel. However, in 2021 this song caught the attention of users in TikTok, and they used the song to make videos showing off various makeup looks and Anime cosplay.

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The 2021 song “Weekend” was a pre-single to the 2022 full-length Taeyeon album ‘INVU’. Soon after its release, it charted on the top of many Korean song charts and also debuted at position 7 in the Billboard World Digital Songs chart. This song became absolutely viral on TikTok and Instagram reels where users showed off their mini-vlogs, lifestyles, and even art projects and set ‘Weekend’ as the background song. With its breezy, upbeat, and chill song along with fun rap verses, it is easy to see why this particular Taeyeon song caught the attention of so many Gen-Z TikTok users.

ONLY, by Lee Hi

The song ‘Only’ was released in 2021 was Lee Hi and was produced by her YG-label mate and long-time friend B.I. The phrase “if only you knew what goes on in my mind” was the specific part that became viral on TikTok and Instagram Reels where users, of course, made specific edits showcasing to their followers the numerous things and hobbies that keep them occupied in their lives.

PSYCHO, by Red Velvet

One listen to the first few seconds of the song, and you know why this song is on the list of k-pop songs that went viral. The intro to PSYCHO is used in TikTok videos depicting situations that got progressively worse.

It all started with a TikTok challenge of singing the intro to the song PSYCHO, but one user butchering the challenge so bad and got viral because of it, and that is how the Red Velvet “Psycho Intro Gone Wrong” trend was born. But of course, this is just another day on TikTok, where weirder things have gone viral.

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