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‘Sponsor’: Everything About The Upcoming K-Drama!

K-drama 'Sponsor'

With November almost ending, another k-drama is about to roll out. ‘iHQ’ is here to show the desperate sides of people with its upcoming k-drama “Sponsor”. Following the story of four people with different careers and different ambitions in the same industry. As they fight through the shortcomings and problems to achieve success. A look at all the teasers has given great insight into the k-drama. And fans are really excited after hearing the name of the cast members. With a trailer giving a really vague look of the drama. Here is everything you need to know about ‘Sponsor’ before its release!!

The news about the ‘Sponsor’ has been going around since the summer of 2021. With the cast being announced in July 2021. The story will have four characters in the lead. Lee Sun Woo, Han Chae Rin, Park Da Som, and Hyun Seung Hoon. Following through a dangerous romance between two men and two women as they go out of their ways to fulfill their desire and needs. Even if it is through a ‘sponsor’ who has the ability to control and destroy their lives. Throughout the production, the show has gone through various changes and controversies. The show was supposed to be released with the title ‘Yokmang,’ i.e. ‘Desire’, but the writers decided to go with the title ‘Sponsor’.

Sponsor kdrama

K-drama ‘Sponsor’: A still from the trailer.

‘Sponsor’ K-drama Release Date

‘Sponsor’ will be released on November 29, 2021, at 10:30 pm KST. The new episodes will be released Monday and Tuesday every week. ‘Sponsor’ will be available to watch on the ‘iHQ’ cable channel for now. While no online streaming service has announced the premiere of the show yet. Starting late November 2021, the show will be running till early January 2022. Having 12 episodes in total, each episode will have a runtime of around 60 minutes to 70 minutes. As of now, the drama has been rated 15+ in the content rating. After the production house released the character posters, showcasing the cast resembling their characters with charisma.

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Within the past week, a number of trailers have been released by the show, giving a web of relationships between the characters. The producers have asked the viewers to focus on the relationships of the characters. The relationships are going to be flipped upside down and inside out, giving rise to subtle and nuanced emotions. As the previous teaser revealed a small interaction between Chae Rin and Sun Woo. He greeted her with a warm and radiant smile. Shaking hands with her, as their faces showed the ambition, they have hidden in their eyes.

Sponsor kdrama

K-drama ‘Sponsor’ Poster

The Cast and The Characters are as follows:

Lee Sun Woo

‘School 2013’ and ‘Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung’ fame Lee Ji Hoon will be playing the role of Lee Sun Woo, a photographer. Working as a photographer and editor for a famous magazine, Sun Woo is the warmest person you can come across with. But with his painful past still haunting him and the fire of revenge still burning inside him. And with the right trigger or a ‘sponsor,’ the warmness can become fire, ready to burn and destroy anything. Being known for his work, he is looking to take revenge on the people who destroyed his family.

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Han Chae Rin

Known for her notable roles in various Korean and Chinese dramas, Han Chae Young plays the role of Han Chae Rin. The ambitious Chae Rin owns a renowned cosmetic company and is one of the top people in the industry. Being the CEO, she has everything from beauty and brains to a good amount of money. Filled with the power and the feeling of not having enough, she is someone who knows how to take the things she wants. Other than her brand being on top, she is on the run and looking for love.

K-drama 'Sponsor'

K-drama ‘Sponsor’: A still from the trailer

Hyun Seung Hoon and Ji Yi Soo

Known for his roles in ‘The Secret Life of My Secretary’ and ‘Was It Love’, Koo Jan Sung plays the role of Hyun Seung Hoon. While after a series of supporting roles, Ji Yi Soo has finally bagged her first lead role by playing Park Da Som. Hyun Seung Hoon and Park Da Som are a married couple and even have a son together. While Park Da Som is a rising actress and ready to do anything to make her dreams come true. Her husband, Hyun Seung Hoon, is an aspiring model but lacks in the financial sector. Having been through harsh conditions and poverty. All he wants to do is lead a successful life and overcome his failures.

He doesn’t want to be known to the world as Park Da Som’s husband. But with their suffering from a rare disease makes both Da Som and Seung Hoon go through various situations in life. Getting some help from a sponsor might not be a bad idea for them. The supporting cast includes Kim Yun Seo playing Hyun Seung Ji, Park Geun Hyung playing Chairman Kim, Kim Jeong Tae playing David Kim, and Lee Yoon Mi playing Joo Ah.

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‘Sponsor’: The Trailers For The K-drama Are Out!

The first teaser of ‘Sponsor’ introduced an angry Lee Sun Woo as he screamed at the ‘president’ that how great a person his father was. But trusting the president was his biggest mistake. While on the other side, we saw Han Chae Rin stroking someone’s who seemed to be the ‘president’s arm as she softly said that she could give him her life. With their son being sick, there is a great strain on Park Da Som and Hyun Seung Hoon’s relationship.

K-drama 'Sponsor'

K-drama ‘Sponsor’ Poster

With the new teaser, we saw the first interaction between Han Chae Rin and Hyun Seung Hoon. As Seung Hoon is seen taking part in a modeling contest and hoping to win the grand prize of 100 million won. While Han Chae Rin sits at the judge’s place. Giving him a ‘reality check’ and asking him if he already has a sense of whether his dreams will become a reality or continue to just be dreams. On the other side, Lee Sun Woo and Chairman Park were seen in the middle of a golf game when chairman Park told Sum Woo how it was the best thing for everyone involved when his father stepped down from his position.

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The Sponsors Are Here

Something that we can call the first ‘sponsorship’ as Chae Rin went on to sign a mysterious contract with Da Som. And even went on to ask Hyun Seung Hoon to sleep with her. But the dangerous contracts don’t end here as we also see Da Som meeting David Park. As she asked him if he can really save her child’s life. He tells her to be good for him as he is not going to be her sponsor for no reason. While Sun Woo’s hate for President Park is so obvious that he is planning to cut his hands off as it was the reason for his increasing greed. With Seung Hoon appearing at a shady place with a voiceover announcing that people are here for a ‘sponsor’. While Sun Woo is planning to get back at David Park for all the deeds he has done.

K-drama 'Sponsor'

Actor Lee Ji Hoon got into a misunderstanding with the former writer of the show.

Some Misunderstandings At The Set…

There have been some problems on the set of ‘Sponsor’ as one of the staff members complained about Lee Ji Hoon’s acquaintance. While the former writer of the show, Park Gye Hyung, was fired because Lee Ji Hoon complained about having less screen time. The production team and the actor went on to deny the claims, but with screenshots, Gye Hyung showed that he wasn’t lying. After all the discussions, it turned out to be a misunderstanding between the writer and actor. As of now, Lee Ji Hoon and writer Park Gye Hyung have both released a public apology, telling everybody that the issue has been resolved. And he and the writer have apologized to each other for all the problems caused.

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