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K-Drama Actresses That Are Real Estate Moguls

K-Drama Actresses That Are Real Estate Moguls
IU, Bae Suzy, Han So Hee, and Kim Tae Hee.

Your favorite K-Drama stars aren’t just performers anymore; they are also owners of some really good real estate. The actors have worked hard for long durations, and with the money accumulated over time, they invest it. Property is known as one of the best investments a person can make. Women are known as financially more intelligent than men. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise how many K-Drama actresses are real estate moguls.

Some of the actresses on this list have been in the show business for a long time and are known for their contribution to the drama industry. They are not just pretty faces but also possess great financial agility. It’s also important to note that South Korea is an expensive country to live in. So when these stars buy any property, an obvious curiosity runs through the fans. In this list, we will see who are some South Korean actresses who have gained the title of real estate queens.

K-Drama Actresses That Are Real Estate Moguls:

1. Kim Tae Hee

The veteran Korean actress, who is widely loved, is undoubtedly the first person on this list. With her husband, K-Pop idol Rain, they are known as Korea’s power couple. Kim Tae Hee’s successful career as an actress has played a lot of role in her net worth. The “Hi bye mama” actress and her husband have many properties in the poshest locations of Korea. The home in which they live is in Cheongdam dong, and it is estimated to be at $5.9 million. It is actually a mansion. They own $82 million estimated worth of properties jointly. The duo has reportedly bought a property in the US, too, worth $2 million.


Kim Tae Hee cr: Story J Company

Not just this, Kim Tae Hee was already the owner of 3 buildings in the hip area of Gangnam, worth $12 million even before she got married. We all love a powerful, financially independent queen! The actress is rightfully nicknamed the “Real Estate Goddess”.

2. Jun Ji Hyun

Another veteran and top actress is a part of this list. Since we are talking about K-drama actresses with impressive real estate, Ji Hyun needs to be mentioned. Jun Ji Hyun’s acting prowess is known worldwide. That is the reason the actress has been able to acquire so much wealth over the years. The Legend of the Blue Sea actor is said to have almost $66 million worth of real estate. Jun Ji Hyun is a torchbearer when it comes to actors who popularized Korea and its culture abroad. Her hit shows like My Love from the Star and Kingdom have made her a fan favorite among young and old alike. It makes a lot of sense why she is one of the most popular names in the industry. It also explains why she is the richest too.


Jun Ji Hyun at the premiere of Kingdom: Ashin of the North

In terms of real estate, she had bought a building worth $28.5 million in Gangnam way back in 2007. She truly has the foresight and a nice eye for properties. She is known to be the owner of a building in the Nonhyeon and Incheon areas of Seoul. Ji Hyun also earned big bucks for her episodes in “The Legend of the Blue Sea”.

3. Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo is one of the highest-paid actresses in South Korea. It’s not surprising she is considered a mogul of real estate among the K-Drama actresses. The Descendents of the Sun starlet has been in the industry for some time now, and she has made a separate fan base for herself. The actress owns three buildings in the Gangnam area. She sold one of them in 2020 at $7 million. Apart from this, she is also said to have bought a building in the Hannam area worth $18 million. Song Hye Kyo also endorses big brands like Fendi and MICHAA.

K-Drama actresses real estate

Song Hey Kyo in a still from “Now We Are Breaking Up” cr: SBS TV

On the personal side, the actress married the megastar Song Joong Ki in 2017, but they separated in 2019. This fact didn’t affect her popularity at all in a conservative country like South Korea. In fact, fans only had loving words for her.

4. Son Ye Jin

All the most powerful and experienced actors are a part of this list, and it can never be complete without mentioning Son Ye Jin. Her character of Yoon Se-Ri in the critically acclaimed drama “Crash Landing on You” isn’t much far from reality. The actress has a building worth $14 million in the Gangnam (Gangnam seems like a real estate favorite for celebrities). The commercial building is home to beauty-related companies. She earlier possessed a property in Mapo, which she sold off for a price of $12 million. Additionally, Ye Jin is also the ambassador of the Italian Luxury fashion house Valentino.


Son Ye Jin cr: @yejinhand/Instagram

On her personal front, she recently got married to her “Crash Landing On You” co-star Hyun Bin. The wedding was dreamy and broke all our uWu machines. Since she is married, we hope more fortune awaits Ye Jin in her new journey.

5. IU

The beloved “Korea’s Little Sister” IU’s story of success is truly a motivational one. Having spent most of her childhood in poverty, the wealth and popularity that IU has today is something she deserves and worked hard for. Born Lee Ji Eun, IU is not only a talented singer but also an impeccable actress. Unlike most idol-turned actors, IU has worked in mostly noir dramas and pulled off complex dark characters with so much ease. Much of IU’s wealth is from her career as an idol and, next, as an actress. Furthermore, the idol and actress is also well known for her philanthropist nature, as she gives back much of her wealth to good causes.

K-Drama actresses real estate

IU cr: @portallkgirls/Twitter

The idol lives in Raemian Caelitus apartment, which is in the Yongsan district. The location is much sought after by celebrities, and her apartment is said to be around $2-$3 million in value. More recently, Ji Eun bought a penthouse in Cheongdam, a very upscale area of Seoul. It is said to have been bought at a value of $11.7 million. IU is one of the K-Drama actresses to have proved herself as a real estate mogul.

6. Bae Suzy

Up next, we have our “Nation’s First Love,” aka Bae Suzy. Suzy is a former member of the girl group Miss A, and for the last ten years, she has flourished as an actress. She was last seen in the acclaimed drama “Start-Up”.

Suzy owns a luxury building in (guess where…yes) the Samseong area of Gangnam. The actress is also said to have been the female idol with the most expensive home, valued at $3 million. Apart from her career as an actress, Suzy is the ambassador of makeup brand “Lancome,” and French luxury fashion house “Dior” and the clothing brand “Guess”.

K-Drama actresses real estate moguls

Bae Suzy

Suzy is also known for her charitable nature. She has made donations for victims of the Sewol Ferry tragedy and the Hope Bridge Disaster Relief Association during times of need. She is the definition of being beautiful inside and out.

7. Han So Hee

Han So Hee is probably the newest entrant among all the esteemed names (and the one I personally look up to). So Hee has earned her place in the industry, and she has a long way to go yet. She’s just getting started, and we are all here for it. Han So Hee’s story is very inspirational as she didn’t have a great childhood and managed to survive in her young adult days by doing odd jobs. She later worked in side roles in popular dramas like “100 Day My Prince”. But the actress catapulted to much-deserved popularity after her role as the female antagonist in “The World of the Married”. Her first leading role came with the very popular JTBC drama “Nevertheless”. She was last seen in Disney plus original “Soundtrack #1” with Park Hyung Sik.

K-Drama actresses real estate

Han So Hee cr: @xeesoxee/Instagram

Han So Hee made her first real estate purchase more recently in the famous Achiwul Village area. The location is preferred by many stars because of the suburban vibes. She reportedly bought a villa for $1.64 million. So Hee was also lucky to find this villa at this bargain rate. Otherwise, the prices are usually skyrocketing in the area. Hence, it proved So Hee is establishing herself as a real estate mogul along with the veteran K-Drama actresses.

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