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Justin Bieber’s New Album ‘Justice’ is Controversial

Justin Bieber for his new album 'Justice'

Canadian musician Justin Bieber has just released his latest album which goes by the name ‘Justice’. But it’s also just that at this time, his new work has a copyright issue. It is said to have stumbled on copyright with electronic duo Justice. This problem arose from a lawsuit by the French electronic duo who won the Grammy Awards, Justice. Justice itself is quite a popular duo in France. They have won in the category ‘Best Dance/Electronic Album. Woman Worldwide in 2018 and also Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical. Electric Feel (Justice Remix) in 2008.

They mentioned that Justice’s writing on the cover of Bieber’s latest album is similar to their band’s emblem. . They claim Justin’s album logo sign of the cross as a T” in Justice is illegal. Besides, they also explained that the letter ‘T’ in Justice was is changing into a catholic cross. Therefore, their legal team sent an official letter to Bieber.

French DJ band duo, Justice

“The use of the sign is illegal. You do not have permission from Justice to wear the sign. Furthermore, Bieber’s work is also not related to, endorsed or sponsored by Justice,” a letter from Justice’s legal team reported from Rolling Stone. Justice’s manager, Tyler Goldberg, received many messages from fans claiming to be confused when he saw the symbol on the cover of Bieber’s album. Fans are wondering if the duo Justice teamed up with Bieber on their latest album. This puzzles people even more. “Justice received many messages questioning the similarity of Justice Justin Bieber’s album. They were confused ‘Is this a collaboration with Justice?'” Goldberg said as quoted by The Guardian.

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Complicated copyright issues

Justin Bieber photographed by Roy Kramer

On the other hand, Bieber’s management team claims that the logo design does not infringe on the copyright of Justice’s cross sign.

Even so, Justice explained that Bieber’s management team had contacted them in April 2020, to ask for the designer who made their logo. But, suddenly Bieber’s management team disappeared.

Remembering that the cross is a distinctive sign in the word justice in France and the European Union. “You have not received permission from Justice to use the symbol,” they told Bieber in a letter. According to them, the use of the logo tends to deceive and confuse consumers.

Actually, since February 26, 2021, when Justin first announced his new album, Justice fans have claimed similarities. See Justin Bieber’s Logo Photo vs Justice’s Logo (Rolling Stone) They were confused and even suspected Justin was collaborating with Justice. Especially after it was officially released, it turned out that the symbol was not only on the album but also on the JUSTICE merchandise from Bieber.

The Designer of the logo is also involved

The cover of ‘Justice’ album

Meanwhile, the duo also included an email from Bieber’s team, sent April 29, 2020, in which they are trying to track down the designer who created the logo for Justice. The designer gave an answer and explanation. But what happens after that is confusing. On the part of Justin, it seemed as if he was no longer responding.

The letter stated, not only did Bieber’s team know about the true condition, but they were also trying to duplicate it using the same artist. “This is textbook bad faith and deliberate offense,” the duo said. Justice’s manager told Rolling Stone that Bieber’s team rejected the letter and claimed the ‘Justice’ album and merchandise wasn’t a violation.

Of course, with the release of this album, Justin made the problem even heavier because it became a legal problem. Neither members of Bieber’s legal team nor his representatives have commented on this.

“The responsibility lies with the trademark owner to protect against unlawful use by third parties, regardless of whether the third party is a billionaire manager or music superstar,” said Tyler Goldberg, Justice’s manager. “We will continue to protect the Justice logo – a trademark created 15 years ago – at all costs,” he added.

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