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Just So You Know: How To Watch, Streaming & Cast

Want to know about Just So You Know? We have got everything covered about it in this article. Amazon Prime Video has been doing wonders by coming up with really great content that is extremely worth watching. It has created an era of its own that has attracted millions of viewers to this platform. Every new day, Amazon Prime Video comes up with one and another good update for all its Prime members. The same is with “Just So You Know,” which is an amazing series created by Amazon Prime Video UK in collaboration with TikTok.

Just So You Know is Amazon Prime Video UK’s first-ever original series with TikTok that has left the fans completely stunned. You all might be aware of the fact that this series has already aired on August 26, 2021. It received a really great response, and Amazon Prime Video UK and TikTok’s first-ever collaboration proved to be really successful. They were never expecting such a great response as such collaboration and new concept series were happening for the first time, but it was completely worth it.

A head executive from Amazon mentioned in a recent interview that they are really happy with such a great response. They will continue to provide such great content in the future also. So, get ready as now, a big storm of great entertainment will keep coming back to back to entertain you all. We know many of you might have missed watching “Just So You Know” but, it’s still not very late. You can still enjoy the entire series, and we are damn sure that you will definitely like it. We have got all the details that you should know about this series.

Just So You Know

Just So You Know Poster And All The Cast Members

What Is This Series About?

Just So You Know is inspired by Amazon Prime’s Modern Love Programme. It basically revolves around six LGBTQ+ TikTok creators as each of them write-downs incredible love letters for the love of their lives. These letters were written by the creators themselves, and then the letters were adapted by the award-winning and legendary writer Keith Jarrett. They covered everything in six short confessional videos. The very talented artists Daniel Molyneux composed the soundtrack of all the episodes. These soundtracks are now available as TikTok sounds. So, basically, Amazon Prime Video UK and TikTok created this series to show their support towards the outlined communities of the society.

How You Can Watch Just So You Know?

Just So You Know is available to watch on TikTok. If you think that, it might be difficult or costly to watch this series. Then, you are completely wrong as this is a completely free to watch series. All the episodes of “Just So You Know” were released on the Amazon Prime Video UK account of TikTok. So, all the TikTok users can watch it online or on the app completely free. You also don’t need any type of Amazon Prime membership to stream this series. Also, if any other collaboration series of Amazon Prime Video and TikTok comes in the future, then it will also be available for free on the same platform.

Just So You Know

Just So You Know: Amazon Prime Video UK X TikTok Original Series

Who Is In It?

This series features six LGBTQ+ TikTok creators who shared their love lives. DJ Krystal Lake (@djkrystallak), Tyreece Nye (@tyreeceinheels), and Bailey Mills (@baileyjayemills) are the first three members of this series. The other TikTok creators are the cast members of this series includes TikTok star Elliot Douglas (@theevolutionofelliot), dancer and choreographer Tarek Khwiss (@tarekkhwiss), drill artist Mista Strange (@mistastrange1). They all are completely creators and have delivered a really great performance.

They have millions of fans on TikTok as well as globally. Also, we would like to share with you all that their fan following saw a massive increase after the release of this series, and their account numbers just multiplied gradually. These were some major updates about this Amazon Prime Video UK X TikTok original series. We will be back soon with more amazing updates like these. So, if you do not want to miss out on any major updates, then stay tuned to Otakukart.

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